Take this for what it’s worth:

“It was a really tough start,” Baker said. “There was information we received that probably wasn’t the information they received. We probably wouldn’t have started Volquez in the first place. We were told there was going to be a window. That window lasted about three minutes.”

I’m not sure whether Volquez will be available to pitch tomorrow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds made a move to add a bullpen arm. The pen is pretty taxed right now. I’d say Matt Maloney’s days in the majors are numbered at this point.

UPDATE: That was quick. Evidently, Maloney has been demoted to AAA. Carlos Fisher was recalled.

4 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    My question is this…. does the same person give each team the information? If so, something absolutely should be done about it. If not, is the guy that gave us our information fired yet?

  2. Dave Lowenthal

    Good or bad, Maloney was going down for a fresh arm—but he’s not coming back, IMO.

  3. Python Curtus

    I was reading the note on John Fay’s blog about Maloney getting sent down for Fisher and reading the comments and I suddenly remembered why I don’t read Fay’s blog much anymore. The people there just don’t seem to like ANY of the Reds players! People here are much more fair and logical