Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Arizona 13

WP: Kennedy (1-0)
LP: Wood (1-1)

–Hmm…positives? Well, Paul Janish went 2-4 and scored a run, while displaying spectacular defense. Joey Votto went 2-4 with a homer in the ninth inning that cut Arizona’s lead to 11. That just about covers it.

–Everything else. Travis Wood was not good (5 IP, 6 ER, 7 H), and Matt Maloney was worse (1.2 IP, 7 ER, 6 H). No hitter other than Janish and Votto got more than one hit.

It was a bad, bad night.

–I hate the west coast.

–Let’s forget about that one, shall we? DO NOT PANIC. Go get ’em tomorrow, Redlegs.

9 Responses

  1. Dave Lowenthal

    There’s value in any day that Ryan Franklin blows a save after having no one on and two out.

    The Cards *are* panicking. It’s pretty early for panicking.

    Maybe this game got it out of their system?

  2. Python Curtus

    OK…I’ll take the heat for this. It’s my fault. We figured it would be a good season, so my family decided to spring for the cable baseball package so we could watch all the games we want to this year. We signed up for it just before Thursday’s game started. The Reds have been losing ever since.
    Mia culpa. My bad. 😕

  3. Furniture City Red

    @Python Curtus: Call the cable company immediately and cancel that package! 😉

    It’ no big deal…A loss like this happens to every team a few times a year. It’s good to go ahead and get one of them out of the way early…How’s that for optimism..pretty good right? 8)

  4. eric nyc

    I am starting to worry about thebrotation a bit. Arroyo seems to be the only reliable arm we have. It’s just one bad game from Wood, but it was pretty bad and against a really mediocre offense. I don’t have any faith in Volquez and LeCure isn’t going to intimidate anyone. If Volquez has another bad start and it looks like there’s any potential delay getting Cueto and Bailey back, we may have to think about speeding up the Chapman move,

    On other side of the ball, we have to start handling #1 pitchers better. Gallardo, Meyers, now Kennedy. I’m sick if the “Oh well, it’s their ace. What are you gonna do?” excuse. We heard it all last year too. If we don’t have a dominant ace to tro out every fifth day to compensate for the losses, it’s going to get ugly. Anyway, shake it off. We’re a better team than the last two days have shown.

  5. eric nyc

    Positive note, is there a batter shortstop in baseball than Paul Janish right now? I kniwbhis bat has to cool off at some point, but I said all offseason if he can hit .250 with his defense he’s an All Star. At this rate, I’m cautiously optimistic for .275+ with a Golden Glove and starting to work on his Cooperstown bust.

  6. Redlegs4ever

    After last night’s game, maybe we should leave the term Titanic out of the recaps.

  7. Dave Lowenthal

    @eric nyc: Last year Wood got battered around like a human pinball against the Giants, a terrible hitting team, at one of the better pitchers parks in the NL. In his next start, I believe, he won the game that essentially ended the Cards season.

  8. Mark T

    There are games when the other team is simply keyed in – Arroyo got shelled in Toronto, and said afterward that his stuff was as good as any other game – they were just hitting it. Maybe he was tipping his pitches.

    Arroyo also said during spring training that curve balls don’t break int eh dry air like they do in more humid places. While Wood was bringing heat last night, on TV it appeared that his balls were not moving much.

    We’ll see tonight if Arroyo gets shelled if there’s anything to the dry climate theory.