Guess we need a 2011 version, huh?

And so it begins.

Baseball is back, and the defending National League Central champion Cincinnati Reds begin their spring training games today with a tilt versus the Cleveland Indians. Marty Brennaman will broadcast the game over 700 WLW, and you should be able to access it through as well.

Matt Maloney will start on the mound, since Edinson Volquez hasn’t gotten his work visa issue straightened out. The rest of the lineup is below. With the exception of the designated hitter, I expect that today’s lineup is the one we’ll see more often than any other in 2011.

Discuss the game here!

Stubbs CF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Rolen 3B
Bruce RF
Gomes LF
Renteria SS
Hernandez C
Lewis DH
Maloney P

26 Responses

  1. Ethan D

    I get too into ST games. When Jay grounded out into the double play I thought “COME ON MAN!”

  2. al

    anyone know who else is scheduled to pitch after maloney?

  3. al

    orlando cabrera pops up to the infield on the first pitch. for another team!

  4. shifty

    @Ethan D:

    I was thinking: “here we go again Jay.”

    I guess I should give him a break because, you know, it is just spring training.

  5. al

    what do you think lecure could do, best case scenario, if given the opportunity to be an everyday big leaguer?

    • AndyS

      what do you think lecure could do, best case scenario, if given the opportunity to be an everyday big leaguer?

      He could afford some really top shelf weed.

  6. al

    @AndyS: how much do you think weed costs? any big leaguer could sleep on a mattress of top shelf weed if they so desired, and several probably do (manny, i’m looking at you).

    i was thinking more like could he ever be a decent set up guy, or have en era under 4.8 as a starter? or is he the type of guy who’s sort of destined to be an injury replacement?

  7. Steve

    Nice outing by Maloney. I can’t remember a time when the Reds were so deep in SP (knocking on wood). Great problem to have. If everything holds to form, I see Mike Leake being the odd guy out of the rotation. I wonder if he would go to the bullpen or Louisville. I guess I favor AAA given his age. I’d like to see him get more experience.

  8. Jason in Toronto

    Renteria? Really? Poor Soft-J!

  9. hoosierdad

    Oh, Jonny! Good job by JB and JG to get a run in with no hits! Like the aggressiveness by JB!

  10. Furniture City Red

    Where is Janish? Is he hurt? Or did Dusty tip his hand by penciling Renteria in in the first line-up of 2011?

  11. elyk

    Anybody know how those of us living out of cinch can listen to the preseason games? I’ve got for just this reason but still can’t get marty’s call of the opening game!

    Go red legs!

  12. shifty

    @elyk: They have gameday audio if you are listening on your computer, or the at bat 11 app for smartphones.

  13. hoosierdad

    Understatement of the day: Donnie Joseph just didn’t have it today. ERA of 135.00! The 8 straight balls sure didn’t help.

  14. Tom Diesman

    Ouchie…. Donnie Joseph’s 135 ERA looks like a one way ticket back to Louisville. 🙂 Poor guy.

  15. Greg Dafler

    According to Mark Sheldon, Arroyo, Chapman, Willis, Arrendondo, Cordero, Bray and Masset are all scheduled for innings on Monday’s game against Cleveland.

  16. Greg Dafler

    So those of you with smart phones – do you use MLB at-bat?

    Once the MLB season begins, you’ll be able to watch one free televised game per day and listen to as many games on Internet radio as you’d like, but there’s no way to purchase a package to watch all games for a specific team in the app or beam the games to an Apple TV via AirPlay.

    The “one free game per day” – is that a team of your choosing each day? Otherwise, I don’t get the comment about not being able to watch the all games for a specific team…

  17. Chris Garber

    I’m a little confused – so if I buy the At Bat app for my phone or iPad ($14.99 or whatever), I get all the games on radio and one a day on video. But if I also subscribe to ($99), I can watch and listen to everything, on my phone (and at home)?

    Is that right?

  18. The Mad Hatter

    Pretty sure the one free game a day, is MLB’s choosing not yours. Or at least that’s the way I remember it from last year.