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Janish Freed, Renteria Miscast

From yesterFay:

When Jocketty said Paul Janish is the starting shortstop Saturday at a Caravan stop, the crowd applauded loudly. Cincinnati fans appreciate effort. and persistence. Janish is being rewarded for both. Jocketty said Edgar Renteria will take ground balls at third and first base during spring.

That ought to end the shortstop speculation, at least until mid-March.  But Edger Renteria at first base?  Hopefully, Joey Votto will play 155 games there, but if you’re looking for a backup 1B, do you really turn to the guy with a 78 OPS+ over the past three seasons?  If you must mis-cast a backup 1B, what’s wrong with Ramon Hernandez?

For what it’s worth, our new utilityman has played 17,390 innings in the major leagues.  He’s played 17,389 at SS, and 1 at 1B.

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  1. I was there when WJ answered this question part of the loud applause. I was pleasantly surprised at how definitive Jocketty’s statement was. He was asked an open-ended question along the lines of “you signed Renteria this off-season, what are your plans for SS?” and WJ very succinctly said. “Paul Janish is our SS.”

    His complete answer, best as I can remember, was something like this:

    “Paul Janish is our shortstop. I called him after we signed Edgar and told him this. Edgar knows what his role is going to be for us. Janish can’t play 160 games, so Renteria will play some there. We are also going to have him take ground balls at 3B and 1B at spring training so he can help backup there.”

  2. I was just about to post this on the “I just don’t understand this…” thread. Horay for rational thinking!

  3. I’d imagine we see Cairo or Hernandez at 1B before Renteria, but having him take GB at other positions is exactly what ST is for, especially someone like Renteria who will be transitioning from a sole-SS role to a utility/backup role.

    Any lengthy time out for Votto, and we’ll see Alonso at 1B instead of a utility guy.

  4. Walt’s right. Soft-J can’t play 160 games, and we got the best available backup on the market, while at the same time denying St. Louis and Milwaukee a viable candidate for their problem spots. I’m gonna go on record and say third base is going to give us more headaches and heartaches than SS. If/when Rolen goes down, it will be a revolving door.

  5. I agree with Chad, but I also agree with SOS….3B will be an issue. I’m hoping that Frazier grabs ahold of it in ST, is doing well at AAA, and is called up if/when Rolen goes on the DL.

  6. Barring an Janish injury, I’d take the other side of that bet. Janish will be the primary starting SS on May 1.

    I agree that the weakness will be backup 3B, and I think there’s a greater chance we see Renteria getting a lot of time there instead of actually seeing any time at 1B.

    Cairo career OPS = 0.678 (.267/.317/.361 slash line)
    Renteria career OPS = .744
    Renteria past 3 years (1324 PA) = 0.676 (.264/.316/.360 slash line)

    Looking at that, my offensive expectation out of either Cairo or Renteria is about the same.

  7. nice of walt to say that but I will believe it when I see him in the lineup the day after he goes 0-4 or hits a slump of any kind. that will be the opening dusty needs to put his new s.s. in the lineup. as we have seen in the past once he gets his “veteran” in the lineup he is there to stay no matter how poorly he plays.

  8. I disagree with the notion of Baker looking for a reason to replace Janish. Dusty is a “he’s MY guy” guy and Renteria is not his guy. Once Soft J gets the job he will become Dusty’s guy and will probably not come out of the lineup enough. My guess is that ER gets as much or more time at 3rd as he does at SS. Unless Janish loses the job in S-T, he will 100% still be the starting SS on May 1.

  9. @Greg Dafler: I’m with you. Not saying Janish will definitely start all year, but I think he’ll be there in May regardless of performance. Also, I prefer Renteria to Cairo at SS.

    I’m not worried about ER playing even an inning at first base (third is another story).

    And even though I’m worried Francisco could be another Encarnacion at third, I’m comfortable with him backing up Rolen until he proves it. ➡

  10. “..He’s played 17,389 at SS, and 1 at 1B. …”

    So you are saying Renteria has some experience as first base. Thats a good thing, right? 😯

    • Has anyone told Renteria he’s not the starter?

      FWIW, Jocketty said directly this weekend that “Renteria knows what his role will be” after he had just said that Janish would be the starter.

  11. I went to the Dayton caravan stop. Dusty was also asked about this, and he also said that Janish was his guy, that he earned a chance. Relax. And what’s the big deal with Renteria taking some time at first during spring training? That’s what spring training is for!

  12. @JD: We have to overreact to every and anything that is announced or speculated upon at this time of year. It is as if we were a bunch of sugared up 10 year olds at a sleepover in a retirement home – looking for something, anything, to do.

    • @JD: We have to overreact to every and anything that is announced or speculated upon at this time of year. It is as if we were a bunch of sugared up 10 year olds at a sleepover in a retirement home – looking for something, anything, to do.

      Perfect way to describe it.

  13. you guys are putting alot of faith in a guy who has only played short to be a super utility player. I stand by my belief he will be the starting shortstop and leadoff hitter sooner than later with janis banished to being batboy once again. don’t want to dee it but it will happen you watch,dusty just can’t help himself.

  14. @metalhead65: A lot of utility guys were guys who only played 1 position in the past. Rich Aurilia made that transition with the Reds. Offense being equal, I’d rather have a former SS backup other positions than a non-SS who is also expected to backup SS.

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