Yes, I meant to post this the other day. I’ve been distracted, what with the holidays and all. Sue me.

So…I wanna hear all about the Reds-related swag you received for Christmas or, in the alternative, what cool Reds gifts did you give to others?

I’m not really into memorabilia, but last year, I received an autographed Barry Larkin jersey. Nothing so cool this year, unfortunately. What about you?

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  1. Jello

    Got a Reds itouch cover, The comeback Kids book, and 2 Reds t-shirts (Arroyo shirt and a Big Red Machine shirt) and 2 Redleg Nation shirts (helping out the cause)

    I also bought my dad a RN shirt

  2. lookatthathat

    A set of Reds Holographic Tumblers

    A division champs shirt

    An official MLB Jay Bruce jersey, which I will get to wear for at least 7 more years :mrgreen:

  3. David Wietlisbach

    i got a signed George Foster 77 MVP ball. I already had a Barry Larkin 95 MVP ball. Ive decided i will go for the whole Reds MVP collection. Anyone know where I could find a 38 Lombardi ball. Figured Id start with the hard ones. Thanks guys.

  4. JD

    Cool topic.

    I got a Joe Morgan Cooperstown Collection T-shirt. I also received a sweet red Nike Reds shirt. My grandfather bought me a seat back from Riverfront Stadium. Seat #16 from the red section. Finally, I got a Reds hoodie.

  5. Joestn

    mine has a story to it:
    in 2009 the rookwood pottery made a set of tiles for a special bathroom in one of the premium boxes in gabp. one had mr. redlegs and the other had the wishbone “c” on it. the extras that they made that weren’t put into the bathroom were mostly given to season ticket holders, but the rest the pottery displayed in their store without advertising them.

    i’m told that i got the last two left.

  6. ARFoskey

    Got The Comeback Kids Book, A banner with all of the reds logos from the original one in the redstocking era all the way to now, a bottle opener made with part of one of the Reds Playoff Bats and an autographed cover of Sports Illustrated Votto issue from Mr. Votto himself! My Grandpa got an actual Reds 2011 team jacket that only the players can wear!!

  7. strunkdafied

    My family does a gift exchange called white elephant. Everyone gives away junk that they don’t want anymore. My gift i gave away was an Aaron Harang figurine that i got a couple of years ago at the reds game.

  8. Travis G.

    Those tiles sound awesome, Joestn. I got Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman rookie cards from my mom, but my brother picked them out for her.

  9. BJ Ruble

    Unfortunately I didn’t get much Reds stuff this year. My aunt gave me the book Game Six and I bought myself a picture at Redsfest of the celebration as Bruce is getting ready to touch home. I love that picture because you can see the pure excitement on their faces.

  10. nick in va

    I’m calling my attorney at the law firm of Howard, Fine, and Howard to begin a lawsuit.

    I got two Reds t-shirts. Beats the heck out of getting two Bengals shirts, that’s for sure. I hope one year my wife signs me up for the fantasy camp. I have a feeling I’ll be too old to play by then though.

  11. littleleo1

    got me two fatheads for my basement Joey Votto and Jay Bruce ! My man cave is complete!

  12. Will in NY

    Gave my eight year old son a Votto jersey. I couldn’t wait for him to open it!

  13. lukeukcrazy

    I got a Barry Larkin card and a baseball signed by him.