MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Arthur Rhodes has reached an agreement with the Texas Rangers.

Rhodes had a great season with the Reds last year and will be missed. The Reds do, however, seem to be well equipped to absorb the loss. With the successful return of Bill Bray and the emergence of Aroldis Chapman, the late inning lefty role will be covered for next season. We also have Daniel Ray Herrera, Philippe Valiquette, and Matt Maloney waiting in the wings if needed.

We wish Arthur Rhodes the best.

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  1. Bill Lack

    Don’t forget Dontrelle Willis…

    John Fay confirms that Rhodes is gone. He does say this probably gives them $4M to spend.

    He talks about some other things also (Brandon Webb, long term deals with Cueto, Votto, and Podsednik).

  2. Steve

    Arthur Rhodes was an integral part of the 2010 Reds season, particularly the first half. That said, I’m not heartbroken about losing out on him.

    Middle relievers very rarely repeat outstanding seasons. Add the factor that Rhodes is 41 years old.

    The thought of counting on Dontrelle Willis as our second LHRP is terrifying.

    Choosing the stronger pitcher, whether RH or LH, is more important than giving Dusty Baker his second niche match-up guy.

    Given the names that are out there (Podsednik, Renteria) I’d rather see the Reds use the Rhodes cash to lock up Cueto or Votto’s long-term contracts.

    • Tom Diesman

      The thought of counting on Dontrelle Willis as our second LHRP is terrifying.

      Yeah, I’m with you there. Pitchers that can’t throw strikes drive me bat-sh#t crazy.

  3. Chad Dotson

    Fay says that the Rangers agreed to a second year on the Rhodes contract (based on some performance factors) and that the 2nd year was the deal breaker for the Reds. I think that’s probably a wise strategy, but it does beg the question:

    They were willing to give Miguel Cairo two years, but not Rhodes?

    • Tom Diesman

      If they sign the corpse of Edgar Renteria to play SS, I will vomit.

      I’d like to see them swing a buy low deal for Brandon Wood to see if he can rebound from a miserable year last year and maybe blossom into something resembling the SS prospect that put up .888 OPS in the minors. He could also help be Rolen’s caddy if he pans out and possibly turn into a full time SS that can actually hit.

      • Steve

        @Tom Diesman: Brandon Wood is an inspired, tremendous idea. He’s a great defensive player who has struggled a lot at the plate. His upside based on the minors is very high. The time is right, as the Angels have to be about ready to give up on him as a starter. He would fit the 3b/SS utility slot perfectly for the Reds. He’ll just be 26.

        And, I have a somewhat funny story to tell about him.

  4. Jason461

    Meh. Whatever. I like Arthur, but few relievers are worth $4M a year. I also doubt Willis will actually be a factor next year.

  5. Travis G.

    I’m actually sort of relieved. That’s an awful lot of money to spend on a relief pitcher who put up one of his best seasons at age 57.

    I like the Brandon Wood idea (or Alex Gordon, possibly), but I can’t really imagine how either team could set a proper value for someone like that.

  6. dn4192

    @Chad Dotson:

    Rhodes is how old compared to Cairo? How much is that second year for Rhodes compared to Cario? I really don’t think it is fair to try and compare the two.

  7. OhioJim

    @Bill Lack: They should use some of that $4M which was “saved” as an up front signing bonus to get Votto under contract for at least thru his arb years and hopefully a year or two of FA. A 5 year deal would run through age 32 for Joey. That should leave him in a positon to do one more big one to cement his after baseball future (as if 5 years at an average of say $12M a year wouldn’t already to so).

    @Chad Dotson: Given the apparent depth at starting pitching, Chapman would actually represent an upgrade over Rhodes in that bullpen spot without weakening them elsewhere. And before folsk start howling, like this guy Price down at Tampa, here with the Reds, the likes of Don Gullet and Mario Soto earned their MLB stripes in the pen and still found their way to the rotation when the time was right.

    • Bill Lack

      @Bill Lack: They should use some of that $4M which was “saved” as an up front signing bonus to get Votto under contract for at least thru his arb years and hopefully a year or two of FA. A 5 year deal would run through age 32 for Joey. That should leave him ina positon to do one more big one to cement his after baseball future (as if 5 years at an average of say $12Ma year wouldn’t already to so).

      Except that Joey has not shown any interest yet (other than his agents talking to the Reds) in giving up those years. For the Reds sake, I hope he does, but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. pinson343

    I loved having Arthur in the pen for two years, but the Reds did the right thing here. They offered one year for $4 million, which was a sensible offer.

    Bray quietly improved last year. For the first season in his ML career, he was tough on lefties. Chapman is slated for the pen in 2011, and had already taken Rhodes’ role late last season.

    I hope they take the money and use it to get another bat for LF. (Posednik is not a bat, he’s a pair of aging legs.) I liked Nix as a LHed bat off the bench and reserve OFer. But he was injury prone. So get a Nix upgrade.

  9. pinson343

    PS I mean “upgrade over Nix.”

  10. BJ Ruble

    I have no problem with the Rangers outbidding here. $4 mil for a 40+ yr old middle reliever is what makes small market teams end up like the Royals or Pirates. I love what Rhodes did the past two years, but Dusty rode him hard and he was breaking down toward the stretch run. That is what you do with guys like him, ride them hard and then let them go. Angels did the same with Scott Shields. I wouldn’t mind picking up a guy like Beimel, but doubtful that happens.

    I think Chapman will be in the pen this year, then next year will be the big call…either him as a starter or the closer. I am still not sold that he has the stamina to be a number 1 starter, but I am convinced that he could be one of if not the most dominate closer in the history of baseball. His stuff is not in question at all, just his stamina…

    Also, for those saying he is getting paid starters money…he makes $12 mil less over more years than Cordero.

  11. BJ Ruble

    Look at the depth of LHP ready to contribute at the ML level and it is pretty sad outside of Chapman:

    Bray – Can’t stay healthy, never been a LH specialist.
    DRH – Not very good, last year couldn’t get lefties out at all.
    Valiqutte – Throws hard, still not ready.
    Maloney – Viewed as a starter, might be given extended look as a reliever since he is blocked in the rotation.

    Unless someone really surprises and makes a big jump ala Jordan Smith (Jeremy Horst, maybe), the prospects for lefties in the pen (without Chapman) is pretty weak.

  12. dn4192


    I really don’t think joey is ready to ink a long term deal right now.

  13. Dave Lowenthal

    Frankly, I think Rhodes signing with Texas is good news. I just think Rhodes was very lucky in the first half (good, but luck made his numbers great), and he’s old and prone to physical breakdowns.

  14. dn4192

    @Bill Lack:

    It is an interesting dilima for joey. He could get set money now for the next 5-6 seasons and know what he is going to get and if hurt wouldn’t have to worry. however if he goes out and posts numbers like he did last year his asking price will only increase…to me sounds like Joey might have a bit of gambler in him…

  15. doctor

    Dont so readily dismiss the idea of Dontrelle Willis as LOOGY for the Reds, Doug Gray mentioned on his site how good DW was vs LH hitters.
    last year(2010), Willis K’d 30 in 85pa, held LH to .216 BA, 1 HR.
    its the RH hitters that really own Willis.

    Also, agree Reds made the smarter move in letting Rhodes walk.

    Go 2011 Reds! Defending NL Central Champs.

  16. earl

    Dontrelle Willis is a long shot, but the Reds have had some luck getting production out of some guys off of the scrap heap. From what I got from reading up on Dontrelle’s issues, it is more that with that funky delivery, he has completely lost the ability to throw strikes more than having bad physicial problems. Never know, maybe one of the Reds pitching coaches working with him will help Willis find the switch and the guy will find ‘it’ again. It seems like a win win situation for the Reds, as they don’t have much invested.

    Willis has been around a long time, but he is still only 28 turning 29 in January! Jamie Moyer looked washed up at 29 and the guy won 200+ games after finally figuring it out. Willis was fun to watch when he had it going, I hope the guy can figure it out.

    That said, I’m going to miss Sir Arthur, but I can’t blame the Reds for not wanting to go 2 years with a 41 year old pitcher. I think Rhodes arm is not 41 and he could be solid for a couple more years, but it just didn’t fit into the plans. Losing Jeremy Affeldt a couple of years ago seemed pretty down as he went for a big contract in SF, but hey the Reds got Rhodes and really didn’t miss anything.

  17. Kevin Mitchell is Batman

    Two words:

    Donnie Joseph.