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Clearing my desk

Just some stray bits of Reds info that have been piling up on my desk:

The Reds announced their major and minor league awards for the 2010 season at Redsfest. To no one’s surprise, the Ernie Lombardi Award (for team MVP) went to NL MVP Joey Votto. Bronson Arroyo won the Johnny Vander Meer Award as the team’s best pitcher. Scott Rolen won the Joe Nuxhall “Good Guy” Award.

On the Minor League side, friend of Redleg Nation, Devin Mesoraco, won the team’s Chief Bender Award as the Minor League Player of the Year. Reliever Donnie Joseph won the Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award and Jeremy Horst won the Minor League Community Service Award.

Congratulations to all from Redleg Nation.

If you didn’t catch the Bob Costas “interview” Studio 42 show with Bench, Perez, and Morgan you missed a real treat. I put interview in ” ” because I think Costas only asked 3-5 questions in the entire hour. Poor Tony Perez could barely get a word in edgewise between Bench and Morgan. The camaraderie was very apparent. I really wish that Pete had been there also, but it might have made the show more tense. If you didn’t see it, try to catch it if they show it again.

The Reds minor league coaching staffs are taking shape. The same staff will return at Louisville and Carolina.

The new high A squad, the Bakersfield Blaze, will be led by Ken Griffey Sr. His pitching coach will be Rigo Beltran, who was pitching coach for this team in Lynchburg last year, hitting coach will be Tony Jaramillo, who held the same position with the Dayton Dragons last year.

The Dayton Dragons have a new manager in Delino DeShields. He managed the Billings Mustangs in 2010. Tony Fossas returns for his 3rd season as Dragon’s pitching coach and Alex Pelaez will serve as hitting coach (he was hitting coach in Billings last year).

As a partial season ticket holder in Dayton, I’m hoping that DeShields brings some fundamentals and fire that have been missing from their squads for the last two years.

The Billings staff has also been announced. Pat Kelly, who managed the Reds Lynchburg Hillcats last year, takes over the Mustangs. Bob Forsch returns for his third year as pitching coach and Eli Marrero will be spending his first season with the Mustangs. announced their “organizational All Stars” for the Reds minor league system. C: Devin Mesoraco (Lynchburg, Carolina, Louisville); 1B: Nefi Soto (Lynchburg); 2B: Henry Rodriguez (Dayton); SS: Billy Hamilton (Billings); 3B: Juan Francisco (Louisville); OF: Dave Sappelt (Lynchburg, Carolina, Louisville); OF: Yorman Rodriguez (Billings); OF: Wladimir Balentien (Louisville); Utility/DH: Luis Terrero (Carolina, Louisville) LH Starting pitcher: Tom Cochran (Carolina, Louisville); RH Starting pitcher: Jordan Hotchkiss (Lynchburg, Carolina) Bullpen: Donnie Joseph (Dayton, Lynchburg, Carolina)

This Thursday is the Major League Rule 5 Draft. With the depth of this organization, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t lose a player or two. Off the top of my head, Danny Dorn and Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Matt Klinker are two that I think might be taken. Who do you think?

11 thoughts on “Clearing my desk

  1. I think the Reds should have protected Klinker and they should have gave Dorn a shot.

  2. I can’t believe the Reds decided to protect Daryl Thompson over Klinker. Thompson hasn’t been nearly as good as Klinker, but he did have that outing against the Yankees. Which has to be the only reason he’s still here.

    Might be interesting having Delino DeShields in the organization when the Astros just drafted his son, Delino DeShields Jr.

  3. I have the Costas show on my DVR. Looking forward to watching it.

    I hate to say this, but I kinda hope Klinker is taken in the draft by an organization that will give him a shot. He’s a great kid, and I don’t want to see his window of opportunity closed shut.

  4. while i will defer to the reds front office for the time being, ti does seem like they have a penchant for getting the right man for the wrong years. rolen: what a pickup! but are we going to want him in three years? arroyo: sure, pick up that option, he’s earned it. wait, three years?

    cairo for two probably isn’t that bad, because in the end, it’s probably for less than a million per, and if need be, that’s the kind of money the reds can still afford to eat. that said, one has to wonder: why?

    all in all, i was excited for the reds to take some steps forward this offseason, and it’s been pretty disappointing. the budget is the budget, and i get that, but it doesn’t seem like the front office is really committed to winning the world series right now. i like the team we have too, i think we can get back to the playoffs if things go right. but if the playoffs started today, wouldn’t we have all the same questions we did last year?

    what i’m hoping for now is that if the team stands pat in the offseason, that we’ll be willing to use some of the chips we have before the trade deadline to get an impact rental or better.

  5. Miguel Cairo is 104 years old! What are we doing? First Gomes, now Cairo? Hello, Walt? This is your farm system calling, we’re stocked and ready to move up! save that money and go out and get a slugging left fielder or something. Craaaaaap.

  6. So is Billy Hamilton still even a SS? His games played at Billings this season was 2B-55, SS-13. Brandon Phillips played SS a heck of lot more in the minors that that. 🙂

  7. Well with the signing of Cairo, I guess Rolen’s caddy is some combination of Cairo and Francisco whihc isn’t exactly what I had hoped for. This likely means Rolen will end up playing too much too soon in the season again. I see where Fay thinks Valaika has a good shot at making the club if there isn’t a market crash and following late signing of an infielder. Maybe he can help out some at 3rd.

  8. Ten bucks says Griffey quits before the season’s over. I simply cannot see him spending five months in Bakersfield, riding buses to Stockton, Rancho Cucamonga, and Modesto. I give that zero chance.

  9. Well if Francisco makes the roster, I don’t see why he wouldn’t get a decent amount of playing time, particularly if they think is going to be a potential starter some day. He’s pretty useless otherwise tbh. I guess PH but I’d rather get someone up to the MLB roster that they’re not particularly high on like Dorn that could be the LH bat.

    • Well if Francisco makes the roster, I don’t see why he wouldn’t get a decent amount of playing time, particularly if they think is going to be a potential starter some day.He’s pretty useless otherwise tbh.I guess PH but I’d rather get someone up to the MLB roster that they’re not particularly high on like Dorn that could be the LH bat.

      Because his defense makes Edwin Encarnacion look like Brooks Robinson.

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