In another sign that the Reds’ budget is stretched to the limit, Bronson Arroyo’s recent contract extension calls for some of the money to be made in deferred payments:

A good portion of Bronson Arroyo’s salary for 2011 is deferred.

Arroyo was set to make $13 million under the option that the club picked up.

However, his new 3-year, $35 million contract has deferred money and will pay him to 2021.

But don’t expect the Reds to go on a spending spree with the money saved.

“It helps us maintain what we have,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “If he hadn’t done that, we’d be way, way over budget.”

The Reds are operating with a payroll right around $80 million.

In other words, the Reds aren’t signing Cliff Lee. Quit being silly.

I still think Walt Jocketty is going to engineer some kind of trade (hopefully for a left fielder) before Opening Day, but I’d be surprised if it happened in the near future.

4 Responses

  1. elkmgr

    I think Bronson is a valuable guy on this team and pitching is worth a ton on the open market, but this shows why a contract of this size to a guy that may only be the 4th best pitcher on the team by year end is a questionable strategy. tying up over $20mill beyond his option year on a mid 30’s pitcher with a team full of good pitching prospects is very debatable. At most we should have added one year onto his option for a total of $24mil and even that may have been a reach. He’s good, but not 1 or 2 material.

  2. lookatthathat

    Meanwhile, the Red Sox just dropped 50 mil on two players for next season. What a crock. I hate large market teams, and I hate the Red Sox more than the rest because they constantly hate on the Yankees for overspending. Gross. GGGGGROOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    I’m glad the Reds don’t make me feel oily when I read about their offseason moves (welcome back Mr. Cairo! I don’t love the move, but I’ll sleep at night). I also love the vindicated feeling I get when any, and I mean ANY, team beats the big guys. Jun 20-22nd! Reds vs. Yanks!

  3. Doug Dennis

    Honestly, I think Arroyo’s deal is ok value in a vacuum with the deferred money, but there is no way he will be as good in 2011 or any other year as he was in 2010. Just not going to happen. So the question becomes whether the Reds will really be happy to have kept the depth here or will the other starters pass Arroyo such that the end of that deal ties their hands and prevents them from addressing other needs down the road.

  4. LVW

    It all has to be paid though if he’s traded.