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An Open Letter to Walt Jocketty

Dear Mr. Jocketty,

As you begin the annual Winter Meetings, there is only one request that we, the Nation, have for you, the General Manager of our beloved Cincinnati Reds. Please acquire a hard-hitting left fielder.

I know you’ve said that it wouldn’t break your heart if you didn’t do anything big at the Winter Meetings. Further, I know you said that our present LF, Jonny Gomes, “did a great job last year.” Yes, we understand that you can’t put all your cards on the table; you have to say certain things publicly while you keep some cards close to the vest.

In fact, despite our abiding love for all things Gomes-esque (primarily the mohawk and the all-out Sabo-tastic intensity), Jonny was one of the two worst starting left fielders in the league last year. From my vantage point, the easiest way to improve this ballclub is to obtain a LF who can mash the baseball.

Best of all, Mr. Jocketty, you have plenty of trade chips with which to entice other teams. We know you are taking calls about Yonder Alonso. You also have a surplus of pitching, and every team is interested in acquiring pitching. Why not use some of those assets to fill this team’s single most important need?

It may take some creativity to get a deal done, but we have faith in you. You’ve been around this block before (no, I’m not going to mention the Mark Mulder trade), and you know what it takes to put together a package that will improve this team.

Please, just get it done. Return to Cincinnati with a left field upgrade, and you’ll earn our enduring gratitude.

Thank you, Mr. Jocketty. Good luck.

Redleg Nation

59 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Walt Jocketty

  1. @pinson343: He’s an average to slightly below average fielder and was the 14th best offensive OF in baseball last year. Even with Crawford, the Yankees wouldn’t be scratching to move him, since he only makes $6.75 million. We’d have to have something they need/want, which for the Yankees usually means young pitching.

  2. Eh don’t know how I forgot he was a switch hitter. I agree $6 million is a value (actually its closer to $5 million!). Who knows what the Yankees would want for him…he was extremely productive last year and is cheap.

    I know the Yankees want to get younger but Swisher is only 30 and any trade involving Gardner will probably have prospects involved who are close to MLB-ready.

  3. @CP and Natural:

    Swisher made $6.75 in 2010, in 2011 his salary goes to $9M, with club option in 2012 for $10.25M/$1M buyout. So his price is a little steeper than you thought.

    However, given a reasonable trade(hopefully including Gomes 😈 ), I would go for having Swisher be the guy in LF, batting in between Votto/Bruce with rolen at #6. His splits vs RHP/LHP are solid, plus he has put in 255 games at 1B, thus provide a true thumper backup for Votto when he needs a break, instead of Cairo or Ramon (bleh) . And i would think his D would look gold glove compared to Gomes. That would seem to really strengthen the lineup, both offensively and defensively.

    Go 2011 Reds!

  4. I don’t see NYY parting with either Gardner or Swisher, even if they get Crawford, plus Swisher makes too much$$. A player I think could help is Angel Pagan. He’s pretty cheap, has speed with decent OBP, switch hits and has a decent glove. Can also play CF and could leadoff. I also agree with the thought above on Keppinger. he may not be full time SS material, but could be a valuable mid IF sub/PT SS with Janish, and is likely to hit more than Cairo. He’s also cheap. Not sure why Reds and many fans are so hot for Cairo? He was a pleasant surprise LY but a poor bet to repeat, plus he can’t help at short and doesn’t provide the type of bat we’d prefer at 1B/3B. Another guy that could help in the mid IF is Mike Aviles.

  5. Yeah forgot we were dealing with an A’s contract…three years at $400k or less and then jumps to $3, 5, 6, 9, and a club option. Still a decent value but it definitely makes a deal for him less likely.

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