Dontrelle Willis is now confirmed for Redsfest!

All joking aside, Redsfest is a great event, the best of its kind. Are you going? When will you be there?

UPDATE: And so will RN’s Matt Klinker!!

3 Responses

  1. lookatthathat

    I read that the Dodgers were looking to add Juan Uribe. The author of that post also thought that that might mean Ryan Theriot being non-tendered. He’s a veteran shortstop, not any more expensive than Cabrera was this year, and has played third and second at the major league level. He’s also hit lead off before and hit well, in a limited number of opportunities.

    I’ve heard some unfavorable things about him, like he’s a terrible base runner, not much range, etc. What are the odds that the Reds end up with him next year? And does RLN like it?

  2. CP

    The odds has to be < 10%. His offensive numbers are just terrible and he doesn't play good defense. He's basically 2/3 years away from being a decent leadoff hitter. Jockerty is on record as saying that Janish is gonna be the starting SS as of right now. If they signed him, he'd be coming in as a backup/utility guy in case Janish struggles and they don't want Cozart or Valaika on the MLB roster.

  3. RedinTenn

    Will I be at RedsFest?
    For the first time in 27 years, we live close enough to actually make the trip feasible!
    ……but we have prior commitments. Darn!
    I’m hoping the Winter Caravan brings promising news.