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How Valuable Is…Drew Stubbs?

Most would agree that Drew Stubbs had a fine 2010 season, in his first full year as a big leaguer. Stubbs put up a line of .255/.329/.444 with 22 HR, 77 RBI, and 91 runs scored. His wOBA was .345, and Stubbs put up a WAR of 3.2. Those numbers place Stubbs solidly in the middle of NL center fielders. Defensively, Stubbs rates as a plus-defender, with room for improvement.

Since he’ll be playing as a 26-year old next season, there is plenty of room for improvement. The future is bright.

Of course, there is a loud contingent that does not like Stubbs for the same reason they didn’t like Adam Dunn: he struck out 168 times, second-most among CFs.

So, let’s hear the Nation’s collective wisdom about Drew Stubbs. Is he overrated, underrated, or properly-rated? What is his future with the Mighty Redlegs?

20 thoughts on “How Valuable Is…Drew Stubbs?

  1. Very bullish on Stubbs. If he can bump his OBP up with just a few more walks, he’s a threat to score 100 runs.

    His defense sets him apart from Adam Dunn.

    He’s also fast.

  2. He is underrated amongst Reds fans.

    He may have the same strikeout issues as the Donkster, but he can run much better and is an asset in the field instead of the liability that Dunn was.

  3. stubbs is a good young player with a chance to be pretty special.I think he did great for his first year in the bigs.sure he struck out alot but he was a rookie trying to bat leadoff. it was not his fault dusty would not give him any time off and look what happened when he finaly did!people need to stop fixating on all these stupid new stats that somebody comes up with ever year and just let the kid play ball.time will tell if he can make it and so far to me anyway it looks like he will.the only way I would give up on him is if they had to include him to grienke from k.c.

    • people need to stop fixating on all these stupid new stats that somebody comes up with ever year and just let the kid play ball

      Strike outs is a new stat?

  4. He’s a perfect 6 hole hitter right now, and a possible 1 or 2 in a season. Young players, especially high energy ones, concern me on occasion because of the length of the season. As long as we have a quality 4th OF (cough Heisey)to give him a breather, I’m comfortable with him.

  5. His numbers seem to suggest he is a younger/better fielding version of Alex Rios.

    Rios: 21 HRs, 34 SB .284/.334/.456,
    Stubbs: 22 hrs, 30 sb, .255/.323/.439

    Seeing as how Stubbs is likely to improve, I’d say he’s worth somewhere north of 7 yrs, $69.84 million. The Reds are paying $400k…


  6. Assuming he gets his OBP up to where it was in the minors (.350-.360 range) in the next year or so, with his defense and power, he’s likely to be an outstanding CFer. The strikeouts don’t bother me.

  7. His numbers could’ve been a tick better. Dusty overused him and Bruce and they both hit the wall at the same time in July. Parcel out the rest and we’ll see better consistency.

  8. On a separate note, the D-backs are listening to offers for Upton and Drew.
    Yes, please.

    • On a separate note, the D-backs are listening to offers for Upton and Drew.Yes, please.

      Sultan – you still hold that opinion given that Upton still has 5 years and $50M left on his contract extention he signed prior to the season. Thats the drawback in my opinion for going after Justin.

  9. I would like a breakout of his Ks over the course of the season, but it seems to me that he improved greatly in the 2nd half. Especially with a young player it is important to not form judgments too quickly; I doubt you’d find many who anticipated JV’s development.

  10. i think is fairly rated with potential to grow. even if nothing else changes for him, his power numbers should get better.

  11. Stubbs will have all-star caliber numbers in two years, if not next year. He might not be an all-star because the voting is a popularity contest. He’ll have 35 steals and 30 HR next year.

    One of the top 3 CF in the NL defensively.

    Considering what he’s getting paid, there’s no one in the league I’d rather have in CF.

    Yeah, I have a mancrush. Stubbs and Peyton Hillis. What can I say? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. With Stubbs and Bruce side by side in the outfield, there are no gaps in left and right center except in the largest parks.

    I’d like to see Stubbs cut down on his K’s in a meaningful way; i.e. a polite fly ball or grounder just to avoid K’ing isn’t really meaningful. Putting the ball in play to move a runner over or in from 3rd with an out often is. So learn when to shorten up and put the ball in play for the sake of the team. However don’t sacrifice your power needlessly just to put the ball in play. I thought Stubbs took a big step on this front in the last couple of months when he seemed to learn how to spoil pitches and draw walks much more frequently.

    • Iโ€™d like to see Stubbs cut down on his Kโ€™s in a meaningful way; i.e. a polite fly ball or grounder just to avoid Kโ€™ing isnโ€™t really meaningful.

      Jim, I agree, even polite fly balls sometimes drive in runs or fall in for hits. With Stubbs’ speed, ground balls often become hits or errors from rushed throws.

  13. Drew Stubbs had a nice rookie year, especially considering how cold he turned in May and June. Hopefully he can continue to improve and stay healthy.

    I’m not sure he is a lead off hitter would be my only thing. If something went wrong with Rolen and unless another big right handed bat somehow ends up in Cincy, if it was me I’d be tempted to maybe put him in-between Votto and Bruce in the lineup to split up the two big lefty bats.

  14. I wonder if Dusty would ever hit Bruce in the two hole. I read somewhere (probably on another post in RLN) that the two hole sees the second most runners on base, just behind clean up. I just wish Bruce would change his swing, ever. He takes the same cut at every pitch. That might help him hit with runners on…but who knows.

    Sticking Stubbs in the three or six would be fine with me. He and B-Phil offer a lot of similar strengths at the plate, except Stubbs strikes out more and B-Phil likes to get thrown out when he steals. I like Stubbs more at the 6 for that reason.
    1. ??? (Mike Leake ๐Ÿ˜† )
    2. Bruce
    3. B-phil
    4. Votto
    5. Rolen
    6. Stubbs
    7. Hanigan/Hernandez
    8. Janish
    9. Pitcher

  15. @Sultan of Swaff: is this post facetious? stubbs had a bad 10-day stretch in July but otherwise played great ball from June through the end of the season. bruce had a rough july but was extremely productive from august on. their seasons hardly indicate being overused and hitting a wall.

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