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A Fun Season

The Nation really needs to send our thanks and appreciation for a fun season to the Cincinnati Reds. It all ended more suddenly than we had hoped, but I have no complaints. I got more enjoyment out of this baseball season than I’ve experienced in at least a decade.

Also, I wanted to thank all of you who make Redleg Nation so much fun each and every day. We have the greatest group of readers/commenters that you’ll find anywhere on the interwebs. I’m also quite proud of my fellow editors, who are a pretty darn good crew of thoughtful, passionate Reds fans.

Now…when do pitchers and catchers report to spring training?

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  1. It was fun and I feel like there is some potential for improvement. I thought at the beginning of the season that either Votto or Bruce would have to step up and Joey V. has probably gone out and won an MVP. Jay Bruce fought through a bad slump and some nagging injuries to put up a solid year and good second half. Those two are the bedrock of the lineup.

    I think you also have to feel really good about the work the Reds got out of all of those rookies. Drew Stubbs kept working it through some tough times and ended up having a respectable rookie season. Stubbs has some talent and hopefully he can keep working on his hitting during the off season. You can see a spark there that could turn into a big talent and baseball star. Logan Ondrusek also put in some great work after a tough start in the bullpen. He will be an arm counted on for middle relief next year. The Reds also got a good first half from Mike Leake and a little over a good second half from Travis Wood. You have to think there are more starts and games to come from both of those guys. Chris Heisey had a few huge hits and plays this year showing a spark of what could be, hopefully he can work out some of his issues at the plate and continue to improve. Then you have the other rookies that were around for parts of the season and helped the Reds win a handful of games like Sam LeCure, Chris Valaika, Matt Maloney and ‘the Cuban Missile’ Aroldis Chapman.

    That is an impressive haul of rookies for a single year, especially one where your club wins it’s first division in a long time. Add those into the young talent on the club, I think this Reds club has a very high ceiling on where they could go.

  2. It was a fun year, and there is reason to believe that their are even more fun years to come. Thank you Reds!

    And thank you Chad and the other RN editors. For years this site has been the best place for a displaced Reds fan to come for interesting news and discussion, and it continues to get better. Keep up the good work.

  3. Huge props to you guys for all the work you put in. This is a pretty dedicated bunch of editors and commenters.
    Question is, what does everyone plan on doing with all this free time we now have??? For me, I like winter—playing basketball, skiing, shoveling the driveway. Let it snow!!

  4. Yes they are great! And so are you Chad. This site has made the loss a little easier. I am truly grateful to have found you guys. Thank you

  5. This site definitely helped me get through my deployment to Iraq. Thank you so much for all your efforts, and I can’t wait for next season!

    • This site definitely helped me get through my deployment to Iraq.Thank you so much for all your efforts, and I can’t wait for next season!

      We appreciate that, but it’s we (all of us here at RN) that thank YOU…for your sacrifices and your willingness to defend our great country.

  6. You guys I have no idea how much I am itching to be at GABP for game 4 tonight. Too bad there is no game 4.

  7. Thanks, Chad and everyone else for a great balance of serious baseball and good, clean fun. I was whining on facebook about my team being out of the playoffs, until a friend pointed out that pitchers and catchers report in 128 days. Man, that’s good medicine for self-pity.

  8. Had I been told at the start of Spring Training that the Reds would be swept in the NLDS I would have been delighted. This is a pretty good young team and looking likely to get better. Votto may fall back a little but looks likely to be a premier player for several years to come. Bruce and Stubbs seem likely to settle into their abilities and develop into significant players in the NL. Phillips & Gomes seem likely to maintain their levels of performance and Janish should get a chance to make SS his next year. The catching tandem is solid, Rolen will probably get more days off while the team grooms his replacement.

    Arroyo, Bailey, Chapman, Cueto, Leake, Volquez, Wood — there’s been many a year in the past few decades when the rotation would be pleased to have two, three of those guys and open call for the rest; the Reds have a chance to have a stellar rotation for several years to come, something I’ve not been able to say in my fifty years of following this team. I mean, there’s probably five of those guys who could be a legitimate #1 or #2 starter.

    The bullpen? It is what it is. There are plenty of good arms just looking to gain some consistency. I doubt they’ll be blowing any six run leads next season. Of course, nobody expected them to blow any this season.

    Still, all in all, the Reds’ future is so bright they’ve gotta wear shades.

    I expect in coming days RN will address some of the question this year leaves us with: what’s brewing in the minor leagues, what weaknesses want addressing, Who’s on First, What’s on Second …

  9. I personally need some time to decompress and not think about Jonny Gomes.

    But stay tuned for some in-depth hot stove league coverage.

  10. @Sultan of Swaff: What to do with tbe “free” time…. Where I live (Dayton area) it is pretty seemless. The Reds go away on FSN-OH and the Columbus BlueJackets appear (and vice versa in the spring). Up until last year, Jim Day even worked the pregame/ post game for both teams. The first couple of years, I was a bit irregular at watching CBJ and probably did not really consider myself a hockey fan. Then came the night I caught my self standing up and screaming profanities at the TV in response to a soft last second goal which sent CBJ down to defeat yet again to the Red Wings. Yeah, I am somewhat hooked, at least from the end od the reds season till the start of the next one.

  11. OK, so what do we talk about for the next 4 months or so?


    For the last decade, I often said I was a Reds fan and a Democrat and life just wasn’t much fun.
    Slight uptick the last couple years 😕

  12. Thanks for this post, Chad. This is a great site for all Reds fans, but as BenL says above, for a displaced Reds fan this is THE place to go. As a Reds fan who lives in NY and travels a lot, this is the only place I can talk Reds baseball.

    And I can’t think of a better group of people to talk Reds baseball with.

    2010 was exciting but just the beginning, I think, of a stretch for the Reds that will include bigger and better things. Kind of like 1970 maybe.

    Oh well, guess I’ll go root for the Giants (my football team) for a while.
    For me, that’s a distant second to rooting for the Reds.

  13. Just wanted to say thanks particularly to you Chad, and to the rest of Redleg Nation. I finally discovered this site at the beginning of the season and can honestly say I know much more about the game of baseball now thanks to this site.

    It’s made watching the Reds that much more enjoyable, and I can honestly say I’m gonna miss talking baseball nearly every night on here with you guys.

    It was a great season, the most enjoyable one I’ve had in years, and I look forward to many nights on here again next season.

    Thanks again guys, and go Redlegs!!!

  14. This was certainly the most fun Reds season since 1999. Like many others, I believe that 2010 was just the start of something really special with the Reds. Redleg Nation is a first class site for fans to talk about their favorite team.

  15. This is as good a spot as any to say Thank You, Chad and the rest of Redleg Nation. This has become my first and only stop for Redleg happenings. I don’t think I could have enjoyed this season anymore than I did.

  16. Thanks to Chad and everyone else who puts this blog together. I just discovered it earlier this year, but I have a great time reading/discussing with everyone on here. Makes baseball a lot more fun, especially for an out-of-towner without many fellow Reds fans. I had a great time this season, both watching the Reds and reading this site, and I can’t wait for all thats to come in 2011.

  17. Thanks to all who make RN available. I have been following RN since midpoint of the season and have enjoyed it immensely. What a great season the Reds had. I live in southern Indiana and was able to take my mother who is 72 years-old over to GABP three times this year (three wins), so it was all the more special because of that. Thanks again RN and especially thanks to the great play of the Cincinnati Reds. Hopefully this is the start of a great decade of Reds baseball.

  18. @OhioJim:
    Ohio Jim and I are on the same page. Go CBJ! Maybe we can get to the playoffs for the second time ever…makes me thankful the Reds are as good as they are now, cause the Jackets give me headaches. I hope this site keeps going through the off season. I am a Reds fan 365…not just during the season. Gotta catch a Dragons game with you one of these days Jim!

  19. I love this team/town so freaking much, I could never see myself leaving a great place that has such a rich tradition in sports(only if the Bengals can figure it out.)

    Thanks to Chad and the entire Redleg Nation.

    For what we do now….I thought the boys were in the works of making a Bengal blog like this one but combining the two?

    I would love for the Reds to at least make a run at Crawford, even tho he wants money and rightfully so he deserves it…It would solidify the entire outfield and at this point, SS would be their only weakness, maybe Coco but that is a given!

    Janish is good, but not the future/answer for Short. How is Cozart looking for the future, I know he worked on his swing a lot this season…What are the chances we see him next year?

  20. Just wanted to say thanks to Chad, Bill, Chris G, Chris W, Tom, Steve and Greg. I tended not to post that much(had login issues) but I still check the site daily to read everything.

  21. @Red Leg Bill: Bill, the Reds need to take the CBJ 2009-2010 season to heart and make sure they don’t pull a similar number in 2011.

    Also did you ever hear two professional athletes who sound as much alike as JoeyV and Rick Nash? Take the sport specific references out of what they say and they sound like the same person talking about team, personal responsibility, and personal accountability. Must be something in the water up Toronto way. I believe they were both actually born in Brampton (and not that far apart in time) though the Votto family subsequently moved to a different area of town.

  22. I’ve only posted a couple of times and was reluctant to do so during the season due to superstitious beliefs. That said, my first memory of the Reds was the 1970 World Series and thought the days of seeing any type of “championship” again was minimal. This site is terrific and a valuable source of information especially for those of us who live out of the market. Here’s to reliving past glories and making future fortunes.

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