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The Newest Member of RN!

I just wanted to announce that my wife gave birth to our third boy today.  Adam Joseph Wilson was born exactly at noon today.

Adam Joseph (care to guess where that name came from?) weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces and is 20 inches long.  With three boys, my future outfield is now set!

16 thoughts on “The Newest Member of RN!

  1. Congratulations, Chris. Born exactly at noon, remarkable.

    So how are you going to sort out who plays where in the OF ?

    • Congratulations, Chris. Born exactly at noon, remarkable.So how are you going to sort out who plays where in the OF ?

      My oldest (6) wants to be Jay Bruce for Halloween. So I guess my oldest gets RF. My middle one (2) is short and stocky. He’s more of a catcher type but I guess he’ll have to play LF. I better hope my 1 day old grows up to be the speedster and can cause HAVOC out in CF.

  2. Congrats to you and your wife! As a father of 5 sons, I know God will give you the ability to love and nuture each one. Take a few weeks off and get to work on that infield!

  3. Mucho congrats. Best of luck from someone who’s second daughter just hit two weeks old. Who needs sleep?

  4. Congrats on Adam Joseph. Having an MVP for a namesake, born in the middle of a playoff run, is a great start.

    Had you given any thought to Adam Baker Wilson?

  5. Congratulations. And great use of HAVOC. Haven’t thought of that in a while.

    As for the name, I assume you named him after Pac-Man Jones and Joe Girardi?

  6. Welcome to the Nation, Adam Joseph! Sounds like Daddy wants a Drew Stubbs theme for the nursery — is Mommy OK with that?

  7. …and Jay Bruce for Halloween? That’s the cutest thing I’ve read in quite a while. I’m a big Bruuuce fan, but I’m not going that far.

  8. Thanks to everyone for the congratulations.

    Mommy and baby are doing well. Everyone is trying to catch up on whatever sleep we can get!

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