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Chapmania: The Day After

Have you recovered from the excitement of Aroldis Chapman’s debut last night? Wasn’t that the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? Combined with two great defensive plays in the ninth, and the St. Louis loss, those last couple of innings have put the Nation into a permanent frenzy, it seems. Fun, fun, fun.

Our intrepid manager summed up what we all were feeling:

“A lot of times, you hear hype and you’re disappointed,” Dusty Baker said. “We weren’t disappointed.

No, we weren’t disappointed. I loved this quote from Ryan Hanigan (via C. Trent’s story):

“That thing … that pitch … that’s a whole different ballgame,” Hanigan said. “His breaking ball is what people should be talking about. His slider is absolutely ridiculous. He’s got to be able to throw it for a strike and he’s got to get into counts where we can call it. So getting ahead is big, but if he can throw that breaking ball for a strike … good luck. It’s a hammer. I saw it in Triple-A. It’s 88-to-93. It’s moving about a foot and a half. That’s not something that anyone wants to hit. I don’t care how good you are.”

Francisco Cordero didn’t think it was any big deal. In fact, CoCo said he’d gotten up to 102 before…in his Ferrari.

Best take on Chapman, however, came from Big League Stew:

His stuff is real … and it’s spectacular.

Indeed. The Phenom has arrived.

12 thoughts on “Chapmania: The Day After

  1. Hanigan is right, without that ridiculous slider he would just be a circus freak……well, he kinda is I guess. Arroyo’s quote was great too, that there’s maybe been 10 guys who’ve ever walked the Earth who’ve thrown this hard. I saw something truly amazing last night.
    Of all the playoff bound teams, our starting pitching is probably the weakest, yet this team is giving me the same team of destiny vibe as the 2005 White Sox.

  2. Speaking of callups, I don’t get why Frazier wasn’t called up. In Alonso you have a better bat than Francisco, and in Frazier you have a better defender who can play multiple positions. Given our lack of outfielders at the moment, it’s a move that makes sense to me……and he’s been as hot as anyone at AAA for over a month. Still, I’ll trust our scouts. They’ve been right on every callup this season.

  3. Curse MLB blackouts (and the 6 markets I’m “local” to). Watching the replays was fine, but I sooo wanted to see it live. I tried all the ESPN channels hoping they’d cut to it. If they’d known how it would go down, I’m sure they would have.

    I still can’t believe the Reds even signed Chapman. There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t want him, and that’s not a good sign with an FA. And then it happens to be the same year the Reds are make a playoff run? Wake me up.

  4. I’m still amazed the Reds were able to sign him in the first place. You have to give the whole management/scouting staff a ton of credit for getting the deal done with him.

  5. That’s a classic Seinfeld quote there on the real/spectacular. I like it!

    MLBnet broke down his delivery. Mitch Williams commented about how compact
    it is. I like the slow start, then the heat is coming!

  6. @dn4192: Yonder really played well the last couple of months and he doesn’t play, except as a PH, backup 1B and emergencty OF.

  7. With Chapman finding success after being moved to the ‘pen is there a chance he could end up having a career as a closer, or do the Reds still see him as a starter? I’m guesing he’ll eventually be a starter…What do ya’ll think?

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