Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Chicago 3
Cincinnati 2

WP: Wells (6-12)
LP: Arroyo (14-8)
SV: Marmol (24)
Box Score

–MVP Joey Votto belted his 32nd homerun of the year.

–Ryan Hanigan went 2-for-4 and drove in the other Cincinnati run.

–Nick Masset has only allowed 1 run since the all-star break and continued to impress tonight with 2 innings of shutout relief. He threw first-pitch strikes to 6 of the 7 batters he faced tonight and surrendered just 1 hit while striking out three Cubs.

–The Redleg Nation collective was not strong enough to break the spell that Randy Wells holds over this team. Even though Wells was 0-5 with a 6.23 ERA in his last 6 starts, Wells improved his career record against the Reds tonight to 4-1 with a 2.64 ERA in 7 starts.

–Outside of Hanigan, no other Reds collected more than 1 hit.

–A “quality start” from Bronson Arroyo. Two balls left the yard, though, and it appeared that he got lucky that a couple of other hanging breaking balls stayed in the ballpark.

–The Cardinals also lost tonight in a MUCH uglier game, 14-5 to the Nationals. The WLB’s are 5-9 since sweeping the Reds earlier this month.

–The Reds are 10-4 since the last Cardinals series and remain 4 games up on the WLB’s.

–Travis Wood was moved up a day to pitch on normal rest Sunday against the Cubs Casey Coleman (1-1, 5.68 ERA.) It’s a great opportunity for the Reds to pick up another series win.

–The Reds already know who is pitching the Cardinals series, but they aren’t announcing it publicly. Arroyo, Wood, and Homer Bailey would be the three starters in line to take those three starts.


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  1. So, it’s Arroyo vs Garcia, Wood vs Carpenter, and Bailey vs Wainwright.

    The Cards have announced that Suppan is being activated to pitch Sep. 1 as Greg’s been suggesting.

  2. Great time at the RN Get-Together. 4 editor were present. Well, they lost, but the stands were still full until the end. Everyone believed the good guys would pull it out. That’s the difference between other years. People are starting to believe.

  3. I guess the only solace is that Randy Wells also seems to be able to beat the Cardinals when he pitches against him. He can’t beat anyone else pretty much, but baseball is a weird game when it comes to these things.

  4. How many redlegnation people were there?

  5. Yeah, us Redleg Nation regulars who live out of town want to know all the juicy details!

  6. Is Votto going to hit 40 this year? That would be something else.

  7. @Ethan D: Yes.

  8. The old Reds list was 1-0 when I went. That was, I think, 10-15 years ago. Bill was there, Drew was there, not sure who else.

    So what’s wrong with you RLN guys…aren’t you supposed to bring home a win?

  9. Here’s a game quiz where you name all single season HR leaders with 49 or more. Look at which one was guessed correctly the least by the 105,572 people that have tried it.


  10. It would have been nice to have this one tonight; but, the Cards loss takes a lot of the sting out of it since we are getting to that point where the climb gets really steep for them to make up the current nargin without help from the Reds. And every time they lose it gets steep regardless of what the Reds do.

    With the two games in hand which are already wins on the Reds ledger plus the 3 more losses than the Reds, the Cards have to win 5 more than the Reds the rest of the way just to tie and 6 more to beat the Reds out for the division. If the Reds go 17-16, the Cards have to finish 23-12 to get past the Reds. That is one game short of winning two of every three games the rest of the way; and the Birds haven’t played well enough over a similar span all year to match that.

    The glow from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is starting to spill over the horizon for the Reds; but, they have to keep their focus and grind it out a day at a time to get there.

  11. It was great to get to the parking lot and turn on the XM Radio to hear the post game wrap-up of the Nats butt whipping of the Redbirds. Thank you Adam Dunn for your contributions.

    Wish I had the chance to mingle among the Redleg Nation brethren. I think I was the only Redleg Nation person in my row. At least those I spoke to said they weren’t though they were great fans and had a fun time talking to them. Next time I won’t screw around until the last minute to order my tickets.

    Thanks for organizing this, Chad! I owe you additional $20 for Expressing those tickets to me. Check your mail for reimbursement. I certainly do not expect you to subsidize ventures such as these.

  12. So who was the life of the RLN party ? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. I thought the Reds were going to win tonite, until I saw that Marmol was throwing strikes. He’s tough when he does that.

  14. This was probably mentioned on the game thread, but tonite Nix and Cairo could not play, and BP could only pinch run.

    I can’t complain about Cairo and BP (yet), but why wasn’t Nix put on the DL ? Seems like we’re forever asking this question. Dusty even complained about it in one case, letting the world know it wasn’t his decision.

  15. I hate they play short handed all the time. Makes no sense to me.

  16. I’m guessing they don’t want to DL players when 15 days would make them unavailable for the Cardinals series and rosters expand 6 days into the 15 day DL stint.

  17. Blames the loss on two different factors…1) TERRIBLE pitch discipline all night long…way too many swings at bad pitches 2) Malott not going to concession stand/bathroom when the Reds were hitting…as he was instructed.

  18. @Bill Lack: First inning prime example. 12 pitches throw by West and only three were strikes.

    • @Bill Lack: First inning prime example. 12 pitches throw by West and only three were strikes.

      And he didn’t get much better after that..way too aggressive at the plate.

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