2010 Reds / RN Get Together

RN Get-Together — Pregame Meetup

Okay, tomorrow is the big day: the first annual Redleg Nation Get-Together and Traveling Puppet Show. The specifics are here; if you have questions, well, ask them!

Since there are some Loyal Citizens at the game who won’t be sitting with us, I wanted to have a pre-game meetup. The location will be the Rock Bottom Brewery, on Fountain Square. What’s a good time? Five o’clock, or earlier?

What are your thoughts?

Also, feel free to email me (redlegnation AT verizon DOT net) or tweet at me (see links in left sidebar) during the game if you want to stop by and see us in the moon deck. Should be a fun evening.

4 thoughts on “RN Get-Together — Pregame Meetup

  1. Phew, I knew I’d be feeling mighty jealous about not being able to make it down for this, but not this much. Chad, as I conveyed to you I voted for Marlins series because I had plans for St. Louis series over Labor Day weekend and as you know I’ve been making the 4 hour drive from Toledo quite a bit this year and it just wasn’t in our budget. That said, have a great time and know I’ll be rocking my RN tee shirt in spirit from the friendly confines of my couch. Go Reds!

  2. Game time temps don’t look all that bad. In fact, it might cool down rather quickly once the sun disappears with the clear skies forecasted.

    Bringing a good friend of mine, who will be making his first visit to Great American Ballpark though he is a long time Reds fan. He’s originally from Brandon Webb’s neck of the woods, Ashland, KY (actually right next door in Russell, KY). He’s an Ohio high school football official so we will take off after he gets done with a morning of freshmen and JV football.

  3. BTW, we should have someone do a group pic of all of us at the ballpark to put up on the web site.

  4. Good beer and then a Reds game with the best Reds fans in the world. Quit twisting my arm guys! See you all at the Rock Bottom about 5:00. I can’t wait.

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