2010 Reds / RN Get Together

RN Get-Together — Specifics

Redleg Nation is getting together at Great American Ballpark this Saturday for the game against the stupid Cubs. We have a pretty big group, and all the tickets I procured are taken, but I still hope that more of you will decide to come to the game and hang out with us.

We need to decide now if you want to meet up somewhere before the game. Bill and I will be coming from a fantasy football draft, but we’re pretty hopeful that we’ll be finished in time to meet up before the game. Any suggested locales? Let’s decide today.

Our seats are in the moon deck, Section 142. If you are going to be at the game, let us know below, and be sure to show up wherever we decide to meet. If you aren’t seated with the group and can’t make it to the pregame meetup, tweet me or email me during the game if you want to come over and put some faces to usernames. I wanted to get seats close to the stacks, as that is a pretty good place to hang out and talk, if people wanted to do that.

I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope to make it an annual event. We have people coming from as far west as Washington and as far north as New York, plus some nuts are coming from Virginia (but you probably want to avoid talking to them). It should be a lot of fun.

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  1. 3 of my boys (one of which is inexpicably a Cubs fan)will be with me. I will be breaking out my Pokey Reese jersey, not worn since the last Reds Listserv get-together.

    We could do a meetup before hand, I am not familiar with downtown anymore, not sure whats good.

  2. You guys could always come to fat cats parking lot. There is always a TON of food. We get there about 1. It has been a lot of fun the last 2 times we have done it. you can message me on twitter if you like @amyperry04.. 😀

  3. Hey Chad .. I’ll be there with 8 friends on Saturday. We will be in section 524 a long way from 142. Which rows in 142? I’ll try to make it down there or for any pre-game meeting venue. Its too bad the “Banks” won’t be open till next season. I am not familiar with any places downtown.. But we have often gone to Restaurant Row along the river in Newport or Newport on the Levie across the river in the past

  4. Also, fellow editor Chris Wilson and I will be at the Sunday game, if anyone wants to say hello. I’m going to meet a couple of Red Reporter guys that day.

  5. Don’t forget to open a game thread for us dorks who couldn’t make the trip. And, we expect immediate, on the spot reporting from those of you there. Have fun everyone.

  6. The Rock Bottom Brewery at the fountain square is a great place. The beer sampler and big garlic pretzels with queso are my favorite menu items. Fountain square is just a cool place to hang out anyways with the jumbotron on top of the building.

  7. Nuts from Virginia? The true nut is the guy that offered to drive you up there and then have to WATCH you and Bill in a fantasy draft. I don’t even like watching the actual NFL draft, let alone a fantasy draft!

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  10. Rock Bottom works. We’ll be there by 4:30. Hard to reserve tables since we don’t know how many of us will be there. Also they get crowded so I doubt that they would hold tables in any event. As each of us arrive, tell the hostess or servers at the bar to point you to the Redleg Nation group. We’ll hang out at the bar until tables open up. Kind of chaotic but it will be a good time.

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