Okay, we’ve discussed it a few times and many of you have given me preliminary notice that you’d like to attend. Time to make it official.

The first annual Redleg Nation Get-Together at GAB will take place on August 28, 2010. It’s a 7:10 game vs. the hated Chicago Cubs. I have reserved a block of tickets in the Moon Deck for that game. Each ticket is $20; the Reds cut the price of each individual ticket for us a bit. I hope we can plan a place to meet before the game, for those that wish to do that.

Everyone is welcome to join us, and I think it will be fun getting to know each other away from the computer. However, I need you to confirm your interest now by emailing me at dotsonc@gmail.com; use the subject line “RN Get-Together” or something similar to that. Tell me how many tickets you need, I will confirm, and we can then discuss how to make the exchange.

Also, we get a 45-character scoreboard message. I want you to help me figure out the best message to use.

If you email me, it’s going to be official this time. I need to know as soon as possible, so I will know if I need to try to get more tickets.

Looking forward to it!

7 Responses

  1. TC

    There is a parking garage three blocks up from the park. I don’t remember the name of the insurance company, but it is an insurance builing. Parking is 5 bucks for parking and it’s easy in and out. I always park there. It’s a great little secret. I’ll find out the name. Just for the family here.

  2. CincyGy

    Hey Judge 😉

    So I’ve got this Cubs fan calling from Indiana wanting to know if I still want 6 in left field: We want to sit with the Nation! but I need six, i understand its a tall order, can you accommodate?

    Steve S
    Navy Dude coming in from Wa State