The Reds have traded Chris Dickerson to the Brewers for Jim Edmonds.  If this was the year 2001, I would be happy with this.  In 2010, not so much.

According to ESPN:

Jim Edmonds has been traded from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for outfielder Chris Dickerson.

The trade was first reported by ESPN’s Eduardo Perez, who received a text message from Edmonds saying that he had been traded.

The Reds host one of Edmonds’ former teams, the St. Louis Cardinals, in a key three-game series starting Monday night (ESPN, 7 ET). The Reds led the Cardinals by two games in the NL Central entering Monday’s games.

The veteran outfielder was batting .286 with 6 home runs and 20 RBIs in 73 games entering Monday’s games. In 17 seasons with the Angels, Cardinals, Padres, Cubs and Brewers he has a .285 career batting average with 1,245 runs scored, 1,943 hits, 390 home runs and 1,196 RBIs.

Dickerson has played in 20 games for the Reds this season. He has been on the 60-day disabled list since April 30 to rehab from surgery on his right hand and wrist.


A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I just said the same thing on Twitter. The 2 moves are not in sync.

    I absolutely despise Jim Edmonds (as a public persona – I don’t know the guy). I have since he was on the Angels. He’s literally my least favorite ballplayer of the last 20 years. So I’m utterly incapable of analyzing this trade objectively.

    Feels like we gave up a useful asset for a washed-up, injury-prone guy who can’t play the field.

  2. @Chris Garber: I despise Edmonds as well but that’s never colored my opinion of how good of a player he’s been. Same goes for Rolen/Phillips. I might not like them as people or their general attitude but that is separate from their skills on the field.
    Sort of the opposite with someone like Gomes. I love the guy and love his attitude. But that doesn’t make him a better player. He’s got serious limitations as a player but I like many others on this list have a man crush on him.

    for kicks….compare 3 players production on the field
    Edmonds, Cameron and Jr

    78.4 Jr (21 years now retired)
    68.4 Edmonds (17 years, still playing at an OK level)
    (skip A Jones, Beltran and Damon)
    47.4 Cameron (15 years, starting to decline)

    Edmonds, like his new teammates Votto and Rolen are on their way to the HOF

    still doesn’t mean I like Edmonds or Rolen


  3. @mike:
    One more fascinating thing about Edmonds career and where he sits

    Only 13 players in the history of baseball have more WAR and are NOT in the HOF

    Active: ARod, Pujols, Chipper, Jeter and Thome
    Retired: Bonds, Bagwell, Thomas, Dahlen, Rose, Whitaker, Jr and Larkin

  4. DO NOT DFA Nix! losing Sutton is one thing. Nix is something altogether different.

  5. I like it….people complained when Walt made the Rolen deal last season…and we all now how that has turned out…I WALT I TRUST !!!!

  6. @Glenn: why not DFA Nix?

  7. Dickerson is a 28 year old 4th OFer type. Those kinds of players are easy to find. Jocketty is especially good at it- Ludwick, John Rodriguez, Chris Duncan, Skip Schumaker, etc and usually finds a way to make it work at least short term and sometimes they turn into productive starters ala Ludwick. AND doesn’t pick up players like Corey Patterson

  8. @LVW: Dickerson is a starting CF but maybe a 5th OFer if he’s playing the corner positions. He plays superb defense in CF and hits well enough for that weak hitting position but RF/LF are for mashers, which he is not. I also really get the feeling that Heisey made Dickerson expendable because he can do what Dickerson can and probably more. On the flip side there has been all this talk of Dickerson but what about the fact that Heisey is probably going back to the bench in favor of an ancient CF and a 4th OF in Gomes

  9. Definitely a rental as Edmunds announced his retirement at the end of the season back in June.

    The thing about Walt picking up all the ex-Cards. It is a step up from acquiring the ex-Stupid Cubs as has been the case in past years.

  10. So much for whoever said Edmunds wasn’t going to play CF…

  11. I hated the move at first thought, but if they can catch lightning in a bottle for two months, it could work out. I just hate it is inter-divisional, and that Dickerson was one of the few guys with on base skills. Of course he is also the worst baserunner I have ever seen.

  12. @Steve: “The reason I don’t buy the “Wood was sent down because of the off days and he’s the fifth guy” is that I don’t think he’s the fifth guy and I don’t think he’s the one that needs the innings off.”

    I agree but Dusty’s statement to Fay was that it had already been decided (before the Edmonds trade) that Wood would miss a start.
    WJ says he’ll definitely only miss one start.

  13. My main concern, and that of many others, is that Dusty will play Edmonds every day. According to what Dusty said to Fay today, he won’t.

    We’ll have to see.

  14. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I’m very surprised to be saying that.

    the trade makes sense to me. Dickerson is not fundamentally sound, and as fast as he is, he always seemed confused on the bases to me and had trouble fielding the corner outfield spots.

    As a prospect, his claim to fame was a good one, and that was for his outfield arm…but it’s something I remember him for in the majors. His OBP was always good, but he and Stubbs are quite similar players, but Stubbs is younger, has more power, and runs the bases better. I’m not convinced either one of them take good routes to the ball as of yet in CF.

    For Edmonds…this is a typical contender move and not a bad choice. he’s useful, old or not. I don’t think Heisey will outplay Edmonds even for the remainder of this year. I like Heisey, and I like the story of him making it, but he’s unlikely to be a long term solution in CF for a contending team.

    As for sending Wood down….should’ve sent down Fisher and moved Leake to the bullpen.

    And Dusty will play Edmonds a can count on that.

  15. @Steve Price: I didn’t like Dickerson that much, for the reasons you give. Add to it that he strikes out a lot without hitting for power.

    Getting rid of him clears things up for 2011. Gomes will be DHing somewhere. Opportunity is wide open for Stubbs and Heisey, which is a good thing.

    The most common complaint was not getting Edmonds or letting Dickerson go, but overpaying for Edmonds with Dickerson. I don’t know enough about the market for players like Dickerson and a 40 year old Edmonds to know whether that complaint is valid.

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