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PNC Advice

I mentioned this earlier in the week in one of the other threads but I wanted to bring it back to attention so that I do not miss out on anything.  Tomorrow I am taking my 6-year old son to PNC Park to watch the Reds-Pirates game in Pittsburgh.  It will obviously be our first ever trip to PNC Park.  It will also be the first time I have ever watched the Reds play on the road.  I’m hoping to make this an annual event of taking my son(s) to new ballparks each season. 

Thus, I am calling on the help of the Nation.  What are some of the key aspect of PNC Park that I need to make sure I take in?  Where is the best place to sit for the price?  Any particular food item I should be looking to eat?  Etc.

All help and advice is welcome.  Thank you Nation!

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  1. Walk over the Roberto Clemente Bridge. It peers right into the park off the river bank, just awesome. As for tickets, they are the cheapest in MLB for obvious reason, take advantage of the seats down the first base line. I believe they run about $20 bucks or so. Ive walked up to the 3 (2 of whick were this year for the sweep in April. Ugh.) games I’ve been to there and always got 5 rows or so back for that price. The chicken nachos are quite good and if your wanting “Pittsburgh” flavor try The Primanti Bros. sandwich.

    Enjoy your time at PnC and GO REDS!

  2. PNC is renowned for the views, especially the ones you get towards the city on the other side of the river. Get seats behind home plate or up the third-base line if you can, to take advantage. Don’t worry about what level the seats are at – it’s only 2 decks so nothing is very far away from the field, and higher up gives you a better panorama of the field and the skyline and the bridges. Food is good (though pricy), try the Primanti Bros. sandwich – it’s a special occasion, and just one won’t give you a heart attack. I’ve heard the pierogies are good too.

    Also, if you want to take a walk before or after the game, the Roberto Clemente bridge closest to the ballpark is pedestrian, and offers a nice view from the river.

  3. Jason and I think alike. 🙂

    Also needed to mention that the stadium building itself is impressive, inside and outside. The sandstone with black-steel-superstructure is superbly done.

  4. We took our kids to see the Reds play at PNC in April (ages 9 and 12). We sat field level on the 1st base side and I think it was around $100 for the 4 of us. There’s some kind of steak sandwich with fries (served on the sandwich). We didn’t try it but we’ve heard it’s good plus the line was very long. A word of warning…maybe we were there on a bad night but we had a couple of cases of fans saying not so nice things to us. It was nothing threatening just some sniping in passing but really uncalled for given we had kids with us and we were simply walking to our seats. The staff at PNC were great. Very friendly and helpful. We’ve also taken the kids to see the Reds play in Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, New York and Philadelphia and people have always been nice to us. Just a lot of good natured ribbing about being Reds fans in their ballparks. In case you run into something other than good natured ribbing please don’t be discouraged from taking your son on other road trips. We’ve had a blast going on the road with the Reds and seeing the sights all these cities have to offer. Other suggestions: save your ticket stubs, ask someone to take your picture in front of the park, buy an ice cream helmet sundae and later write the date/game score with a sharpie on the inside. Our kids have a nice collection of these items now and look forward to adding to them. Have a great trip and GO REDS!

  5. I’ve been to 17 parks and PNC is the best I’ve been to. It’s a beautiful park. Definitely get seats behind home plate to take in the views of the city. It’s a great view during a night game. It’s too bad the Pirates have been awful for years because that is a great park. Have fun!

  6. I went two years ago with some buddies and had a great time. The staff there was great and nobody gave us a second glance even decked out in our Reds gear. We sat in the outfied, in the front row right above Griffey. You miss the city views up there while watching the game, but otherwise it was great.

    An usher came down and told us that if you catch a home run ball, they will take it from you, get your address, and have the player who hit it sign it and get it back to you. I can’t recall if it was only for the Pburgh players or not, but with a team that hasn’t given them a winner in so long, I thought that was a great gesture to make the most of things for the fans that show up.

    Great experience all told. Have fun!

  7. It has been awhile but I remember parking on the other side of the river and taking a boat over. I would think the kids might like that.

    It’s a great yard. Take some time to walk around the entire structure. May the Reds make your night a great one!

  8. Not to hijack, but we’re going to be in Chicago for Lollapalooza next weekend and I want to make it to at least one game at Wrigley, either Friday or Saturday. Anyone else going to be there?

  9. Primanti Bros. sandwiches at the stadium only come in two varieties so if you are going to get them buy them somewhere other than the stadium.

    I personally love the chili cheese fries at the stadium.

  10. I live in Pittsburgh and am going to all the games this series. Go to Primanti’s and get wings, they’re very good, but overpriced.

  11. I hear they have windows in the bathrooms. Hence why it’s called P N C Park. 😆

    • I hear they have windows in the bathrooms. Hence why it’s called P N C Park.

      Nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I know, rather sophmoric, but very funny! 😆

  12. Be sure to walk down to right field and look through the holes in the fence. You should be able to talk/interact with Jay Bruce during the game.

    When we went I was able to talk to Matt Stairs over two innings of a horrible, one run game.

  13. I’m planning to go to tonight’s game too! Should be fun. It’ll be my first chance to see Wood pitch. -j

  14. Take him to the Negro Leagues Statues and tell him that Josh Gibson was the greatest player to ever play the game.

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