Can someone explain this?

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    • Anna

      Harry Caray impersonation?


  1. Steve Price

    I can’t explain it, but Johnny was at the Reds Hall of Fame induction game and I did not think he looked very well at all. I don’t mean this disrepectfully, but his eyes looked very tired (and almost bug-eyed) and seeing this photo makes me wonder if something isn’t wrong with them.

    Also saw Pete Rose on TV the other night…and his hair sure seemed to be an odd color of black under a giant Reds hat he was wearing…

  2. Steve Price

    One of the funnier moments of the Hall of Fame night was when Borbon was throwing out the first pitch and they had Bench catching. Borbon threw a poor pitch to Bench and insisted on throwing another….which may have been worse than the first pitch he threw.

    Then somebody said something I didn’t anticipate…Bench was pretty much Borbon’s catcher his entire career. For all the player movements, Borbon included…

    Borbon pitched 22 games for Angels in 1969.
    Was with Reds from 1970-mid 1979–531 games
    Giants for 30 games
    Cardinals for 10 games

    Obviously, Bench didn’t catch every one of Borbon’s games, but Bench played more than most catchers do due to his bat.

  3. Y-City Jim

    It was a Harry Caray impersonation of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Reviews were mixed from funny to horrible.

  4. Brien Jackson

    @Y-City Jim:

    It was bad. I give him some credit for trying, but it was bad.

    I think if you’re going to do an impersonation of a well-liked person like that at in that sort of context, you should probably get a professional.

  5. ryseja

    Looks more like an impression of Charles Nelson Reilly to me.