The answer: very, very good.*

Over his last five starts, Johnny Cueto has given up just three earned runs on 28 hits, with a 0.83 ERA. More of that, please.

*Yes, this is a blatant attempt to roll back the clock and pretend that yesterday never happened. You’re welcome.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    One of those “Men in Black” flash devices would have come in handy yesterday after that game.

  2. Kurt Frost

    I was in the garage detailing my sister-in-law’s car listening to the game on XM. I wanted to beat my head off the wall.

  3. preach

    Baseball wise, that Men in Black thing could take me back to 1990.

    Funny you should bring the flash thing up, I thought about needing it the other day: I have been married long enough to be fairly adept at avoiding the ‘landmine’ conversations, but when my wife started asking things along the line of “Do we look anything like we do when we got married?” or some such thing (I don’t always pay attention to those conversations), I really, really, REALLY wished I could have ‘flashed’ my responses out of existence…… It was like spinning on ice and being able to turn the wheel, but not controlling where you are going.

    In response to the bullpen use (or lack therof), I’m sure glad Dusty is letting our guys go on a three day break well rested.

    As far as getting bullpen help, we could have guys down there named Goose Gossage, Trevor Hoffman, Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Sutter in addition to our current ensemble and I am convinced Dusty would misuse them to the point of still claiming he’s short on arms.

  4. wanderinredsfan

    Thought this would be appropriate:

    I posted this at the onset of the season, but I think we can all agree that Cueto is on his way to being paid handsomly.

    I’d like Walt to get Votto’s contract out of the way first, but I’d like to see Cueto get a 4-5 year contract for around $20-25 mil., perhaps an option year or two added on beyond that.

    How much do you think Cueto is worth to this team going forward?

  5. mike

    only 20 starters in the NL have a higher WAR

    there is the super elite group: J Johnson and Halladay

    then the elite group: Jimenez, Wainwright, Lincecum, Gallardo, Kershaw, Oswalt and Haren

    Cueto is in the next group that includes Garcia, Santana, Latos, Cain, Billingsly, Jackson, Zito etc

    This is based on WAR…which for pitchers is based on xFIP which I’m not 100% sold on

    SERA shows only 59 starters in all of baseball better than Cueto.

    He’s 17th in the NL in ERA+ among starters, which interestingly enough is right around were he is looking at WAR

    but this is what has helped me forget yesterday. I am absolutely blown away by these #s.

    168 OPS+ .315/.421/.593 Votto!!!!!!
    163 OPS+ .301/.396/.538 Gonzalez
    162 OPS+ .305/.411/.571 Pujols
    155 OPS+ .285/.370/.593 Dunn

    all 4 players are having MONSTER seasons. Other than Wright those are 4 out of the 5 most productive hitters in the NL. P Fielder has been starting to catch up which should make for an exciting 2nd half in a race to MVP!

    Right now, if I was voting for MVP i’d vote for Votto! Yeah with Wright a close 2nd.

  6. Furniture City Red

    @wanderinredsfan: Am I the only one that thinks Cueto *MAY* be the kinda guy that would get lazy after signing a huge contract? I don’t even know why I think that…just a vibe I get + I heard Welch talking earlier in the season about Cueto’s work ethic(lack of) in previous years….Just a thought – whadya think?

  7. Bill Lack

    Funniest thing to me about Cueto is remembering Marty talking during Cueto’s rookie year about how bad he was, how he needed to be sent back down, yadda, yadda, yadda….you know, his typical rant on young players going through a struggle..

  8. wanderinredsfan

    @Furniture City Red: I know absolutely nothing about his work ethic, but he seems to have the talent to be a top-tier starter. Perhaps his contract should be loaded with performance-based incentives.

  9. Furniture City Red

    @wanderinredsfan: Definately has the talent. As for work ethic…I just remember that comment from Welsh…maybe it’s nothing. Perhaps ALL contracts should be more loaded with performance-based incentives ; instead of guaranteed money.