Chris posted this brilliant video last night:

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  1. pinson343

    It’s kind of short. It’s not really that bad. The thing is, he’s not really dancing, just moving his feet. But he’s doing that OK, he’s in rhythm. (I’ve done a lot of competitive ballroom and Latin dancing, a very expensive hobby.)

  2. nvilleredsfan

    I saw this last night on the telecast before the game. I was cracking up then and it’s twice as funny today. I still like Dusty but he’s not much of a manager in my book…

  3. renbutler

    I want that eight seconds back. 😆

  4. pinson343

    @renbutler: Right. As a dance critic, i said it was short. But watching it for 8 or so seconds was too long.

  5. Steve

    Last night was Irish Celebration night at GABP. Before (and after) the game there were extensive performances of Irish dancers. One of the groups was right in front of the Reds dugout. Dusty was imitating their dance style (pretty well, actually).

  6. pinson343

    In Irish dancing you just move your feet.
    It’s not easy to do it well, because you’re supposed to achieve “separation” between your feet and the rest of your body, which should be perfectly upright and appear to be still.

    Dusty’s footwork was good.

  7. pinson343

    PS I meant in Irish “step” dancing.

  8. Python Curtus

    Stop dancing and start managing