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I’m putting out a call for research help from you PitchF/X-savvy readers. Watching Homer’s start last night, I was struck by how little he threw inside. Ramon Hernandez was catching. I also noticed, and we’ve discussed, how Aaron Harang seemed to throw inside more in his last start, with Ryan Hanigan behind the plate.

What I’d like to know is if the Reds pitchers throw inside more when Hanigan’s pitching? I assume that could be determined using PitchF/X data, but that’s a project beyond my skills.

If anyone’s up for it, we’d love to publish your research — or link to it, if you’ve got your own blog. I’m just curious about the answer.

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  1. Great idea. I’d also like to know the lineup construction and pitch selection during Homer’s torrid August and September last year. I wonder how many of those starts had Hannigan and Janish up the middle with Stubbs and Phillips.

  2. Listening to radio at the beginning of the game. Cowboy and Marty made some comments making it sound as if they are beginning to climb on the Hanigan bandwagon.

  3. if nobody has stepped up I could try and dig through the PitchF/X data. I don’t think it would be that hard to total the inside pitches for each catcher from this season

    Bailey finished last season with 9 very solid starts
    He was 6-1 with a 1.70 ERA which is AMAZING.

    The who started during Bailey’s amazing string of starts is a bit shocking

    Janish and Phillips started every game but 1. Sutton started at SS one game

    But who caught is a bit surprising
    4 starts by Corky Miller (2 games Hanigan came in after a switch of some sort)
    2 starts by Hanigan
    1 start by Hernandez

  4. actually do you know where to get raw pitchfx data?
    the graphs on fangraphs are for velocity, release point and movement not pitch location.

  5. mike, try this–


    back to painting the walls, my break’s over!

  6. @Barnes: wow that looks great! Thanks Barnes. I still might grab the raw data and write some sql to make it easier to total and define inside.

    Just picking 1 game of Bailey’s from this year and it’s clear he pitched away a LOT of the time and rarely inside by looking at the graph. And Hernandez was catching. Now I’m curious.

    Just looking at pitch location for the 1 game and doing a quick by-eye count vs RH hitters Bailey threw over 40 pitches on the outer portion of plate and balls that were off the plate to the outside and less than 30 on the inside. Now the question, after getting true counts (not just by eye) is is this different when Hanigan catches. A quick glance at the game he pitched well vs Stl with Hanigan catching and a couple of things stood out but not that he was pitching more inside. Vs RH he still was clearly pitching away…..BUT he threw more strikes, the pitches were lower and very few up in the zone. Interesting.

    I don’t want to make any early conclusions. It’s an interesting project…maybe try and break the location results down by zones.

    What’s crazy is how obviously different the location charts are from the 1 Hernandez game vs the 1 Hanigan game with Bailey.

    the outside pitches off the plate are all low and away when Hanigan started but the outside pitches are all over the place with Hernandez.

    ok ok…..no conclusions on eying up 2 games…gonna try and look at the data

  7. one crazy thing I noticed looking at two different starts from Bailey. In the game vs Stl, not a SINGLE pitch that was a ball on the outside of the plate resulted in a hit. Most hits came from being up in the zone and he had many more pitches up in the zone when Hernandez started. Again…no conclusions…..this is all by eye

  8. if you haven’t seen it yet our friends over at Red Reporter has sifted through the PitchF/X data and posted some GREAT info on Reds pitching, catching and really what appears to be Reds management’s pitching philosophy


    my takeaways from this GREAT article were
    1. YES the Reds are pitching away away away
    2. Nope it doesn’t matter who’s catching they are pitching away away away
    3. This means it must be the pitching coach/managements philosophy.

  9. […] at RedReporter.com picked up my challenge, putting together a nice breakdown of inside/outside pitching, by Reds pitcher and […]

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