The Cincinnati Reds got off to a winning April for the second year in a row. They finished the month one game over .500 in April with league average offensive production and near league-worst pitching.

12-11 overall
7-6 against the NL Central
3 games back in the division
1.5 games back in the wildcard race

Runs scored: 106, 8th in the NL
Runs allowed: 126, 12th in the NL

Hitting stats
.246/.323/.392 (AVG/OBP/SLG)
12th/14th/10th in the NL

With runners in scoring position
3rd/4th/8th in the NL

Power leader
Scott Rolen leads the team with 5 homeruns.

At the end of the bench
Ryan Hanigan and Paul Janish hit a combined .417/.509/.667 in 57 plate appearances

Best hitting pitchers
Homer Bailey (2-5) and Mike Leake (4-10) both hit .400, and Bailey walked once.

Pitching stats
(This has to get better, right?)

5.79era (15th in NL), 1.53whip (14th in NL)

Biggest (pleasant) surprise
Mike Leake, 2-0 with 3.25 ERA. He has three quality starts and worked into the 7th inning in all 4 starts.

Starters not named Leake
6.45era, 1.57whip

4.71era (11th in NL); 1.40whip (8th in NL)

What a left-handed relief
Rhodes and Herrera have combined for
22 relief appearances, 17.2ip, 9h, 2 er, 3bb, 16k, 1.02era, and 0.68 whip
Right-handed relievers: 6.15era; 1.61 whip

11 Responses

  1. pinson343

    It doesn’t say anything about the NL Central that the Reds were only 3 behind at the end of April. The Cards were 15-8, best record in the NL.

    It does say something about the NL Central that the Reds 13-12 was good enough for sole possession of 2nd place.

  2. pinson343

    Thanks, Greg. The pythag projection for the Reds would look pretty bad right now. But recent indications are that the starting pitching is improving. The Rhed relief pitching has been so bad it has to get better, but will remain a weakness. Even if Masset gets his act together, there’s a lack of depth in that area without a healthy Burton. (I hope he’ll be OK, my concern about him is beyond a baseball concern at this point.)

    As for the hitting, Bruce has stepped it up, Philipps will do better, but CF looks like it will remain a big hole. It would help if Hanigan were played more, but that won’t happen. The OBP is terrible and won’t get much better.

  3. BJ Ruble

    It is amazing that this team was one game above .500 with those stats. Most of those numbers have got to improve at some point.

  4. mike

    may I add

    MVP Votto (Hanigan runner up)
    MVP Pitcher: Leake and Arroyo

    Offense: 20th in baseball
    Starters: 28th in baseball
    Relievers: 10th in baseball (is that a misprint?) looking at WXRL

    fielding 25th in baseball (UZR), 23rd (defensive efficiency) – personally the biggest disappointment with how great they were on defense last year.

    The Reds have played bad baseball but their record doesn’t show it. I swear…Janish and Hanigan start most games and a good lineup is created in the 1st month and they have the 2nd best record in baseball

  5. Furniture City Red

    Still plenty of reason to be optimistic about this team…I mean at times they have played some really bad baseball, and yet they are a game over .500.

    The starting pitchers have looked much better the last week. I guess, like every other team in the league, it comes down to the pitching. We can (and will) complain about Dusty’s line-ups and who is playing at SS and catcher, but it doesn’t really matter if your starting pitcher doesn’t keep you in the game and at least give you a chance to win.

  6. Furniture City Red

    @mike: I agree…’MVP Votto (Hanigan runner up)’ I would only add…with Bruce closing fast. Man I would love to see him continue to hit like he has recently. I know I’ve said it before – Bruce has the most up-side than anyone on the roster, plus he just seems like a good kid – easy guy to pull for.

  7. pinson343


    Relievers: 10th in baseball (is that a misprint?) looking at WXRL


    I don’t think it’s a misprint, the ranking of the bullpen depends on what numbers are used. Greg showed the numbers for ERA and WHIP, but those are inflated by some terrible outings from Masset and Ondrusek.
    I haven’t looked it up, but I would imagine that our saves/blown saves numbers are good.

    Our actual record is better than our Pythag record, an indication that we’re winning most of our close games, which is an indication that the bullpen is performing well in crunch time. This would mainly be due of course to Rhodes and Cordero, the (lack of) depth of our bullpen is an issue.

  8. mike

    for fun (and not all positive) here are some of the odd numbers after a month of playing ball

    #1 .393 Hernandez’s OBP!? this despite hitting .244 with no power.

    #2 .271 Cabrera’s OBP. Wow

    #3 .287 & .244 Stubbs and Dickerson’s OBP. Surprisingly there are 3 teams in baseball with a leadoff OBP worse than the Reds

    #4 .858 Bruce’s OPS. This after a horrendous 1st week of the season. Last 17 games OPS 1.039, 1st 6 games .153 OPS.

    #5 .620 OPS for Gomes. What has happened to him?

    #6 7 The # of players the Reds have had on the roster this year with sub-.300 OBP

    #7 14.8 Masset’s SO/9 IP. Yet he’s been awful

    #8 15. The # of BB issues by Leake in 4 games. Yet he’s been our best starter

    #9 4 The # of starters with ERA over 5.

    #10 190 Hanigan’s OPS+