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Look! It’s a whole mess o’ links, direct from the home office in Cincinnati, Iowa (population 428):

–C. Trent interviewed Bill James, and part one of that interview is here. It’s great stuff, particularly when James talked about how much he loves…wait for it…Paul Janish!

–Jonny Gomes has had a great spring, but Dusty Baker urges caution about his performance because of the Arizona air, or something. Dusty also uses that as a pretext for heaping even more praise on last year’s first-round pick, Mike Leake.

Matt Maloney to the bullpen? I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but it is interesting that Travis Wood and Mike Leake are scheduled to get starts in the next week, while Maloney is only scheduled for two innings in his next outing.

–Did you know that Reds Minor Leagues has a YouTube channel with all sorts of great videos? Now you know.

–Dusty seems to be leaning toward Chris Dickerson as the starting center fielder. Of course, since the kerfuffle about Drew Stubbs’ spring performance, he’s gone 6-9 with 4 extra-base hits. Last night, he went 3-3, with an inside-the-park homer. Once again, my friends, this is why we don’t base decisions on small sample sizes.

Good outing for Aaron Harang. He seems to be rounding into form, and he partially credits Reds pitching coach Bryan Price. Price has been a big hit in this, his first camp with the Reds.

–Our old buddy Dmitri Young has retired. Just as exciting, however, is the Tim Birtsas sighting in that article!

–Opening Day is just around the corner. Johnny Bench will be the grand marshal of the parade, and George Grande will throw out the first pitch. I hope Grande says something goofy.

15 thoughts on “Redleg Roundup

  1. Leaning towards Dickerson? If he’s going to use spring training stats, let’s at least wait until they’re hitting off the pitchers who are going North/East with their respective teams.

  2. Spring Training allows Dusty to get his stupid comments machine warmed up quite well.

  3. I’m headed to the game tomorrow. Lucky me, I get Justin Lehr, Kip Wells (he’s still here), Cordero, and Big Arthur.

  4. I don’t have a problem with Maloney in the bullpen.

    In terms of lefties in the bullpen, this reminds me of a comment made the other day: “Arthur Rhodes rarely ever pitches a full inning… Because of this, I would not be surprised to see Chapman start the season in the bullpen…”

    Arthur Rhodes pitched a full inning in 42 of his 66 games in 2009.

    Regardless, Chapman will not start the season in the bullpen. Wherever he is, he’ll be starting on a regular basis. WJ has said this repeatedly, and it makes sense, why doubt him ?

  5. Nice interview with Bill James. He’s high on Paul Janish, but is open about bringing in Cabrera. I feel the same way.

    The only thing i didn’t like was the reference to Jimmy Piersall as the “crazy OFer for the Red Sox.” Unfortunate that Piersall, an outstanding defensive OFer, is remembered that way. Maybe for the movie “Fear Strikes Out” they should have found someone other than Anthony Perkins to play him.

  6. James is dead on the money about both Larkin and Trammell. How the sportswriters can overlook those two guys is beyond me.

  7. Nice one, Y-City Jim. And then Jack could have axed Mrs. Piersall’s door down, crying “Darling, I’m home !”

  8. Quick (random) question – if Dorn was reassigned to minor league camp, how come he was playing in today’s game?

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  10. Matt as far as I can tell there are no rules in spring training…at least none that are enforced.

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