The new MLB video game titles are out this week.

MLB 10 The Show, which is my franchise of choice, is also updated. One of the cool features is old-time ballparks, including Crosley Field. PS3 users can get a free online avatar jersey (long story). Details here.

MLB 2K10 also has some interesting new features, including a $1,000,000 “Perfect Game” contest.

Played either one? Give us a review.

10 Responses

  1. Russ

    I got MLB 10 The Show for PS3 and it is fantastic! Thanks for the tip about the online jersey. I had not heard about that.

  2. Travis G.

    I don’t have a video game system anymore, but I’ve been playing Hardball Dynasty at for nearly four years now. Most fun game I’ve ever played. It’s $25 for each three-month season, and you control a franchise from the majors down to rookie league (arbitration, trades, draft, free agency, lineups, etc). Very realistic, and very challenging.

    • Chris Garber

      I’ve been playing Hardball Dynasty at for nearly four years now. Most fun game I’ve ever played.

      Whatifsports was founded by a good friend of mine, and was based in Cincinnati for a long time. It’s now a division of Fox Sports Interactive.

  3. Chris W

    I was going to purchase 2K10 since I’m an XBox owner, but it wasn’t given great reviews so I’ll hold off another year to purchase a baseball video game. I’ll just stick to the online Out of the Park 10 (OOTPX) for now.

  4. John

    I have ’09. The last version I bought was ’03 for the PS. When I bought my PS3 in November I got ’09. Holy crap that game got really hard. I mean really, really hard.

  5. Chad Dotson

    I haven’t played The Show yet, but I will. It’s great every year, and this year’s version looks better than ever.

    I guess Garber is our resident gamer around here.

  6. Steve Price

    I’ve played several strategic computerized baseball games, but very few video. My kids play them on the the Wii or DSis, or PSPs. I don’t play the graphic games; probably because I’m not very good at them.

    I play Out of the Park Baseball and Baseball Mogul at this time, and I’ve played Puresim Baseball extensively in the past. I’ve also played Strat-o-Matic (computerized version). As a kid, I had Strat-0-Matic, Statis-Pro, and Sports Illustrated board/card game versions.

    Diamond Mind Baseball gets a lot of play with many of the stats sites, and Diamond Mind seems to be involved with the new Red Sox defensive metric system the Red Sox are currently using.

    My review of the games I’ve played the most:

    Out of the Park…very detailed and can be very time consuming. You can give the game as many directions as you want…however, I end up running the entire Reds organization from the big league team down to Rookie League. I could turnover the minor leagues to the computer…may be I’ll try that….but, I’ve been saying that for years. It’s hard to walk away and come back to it a few weeks later because I’ve been developing so many players I can’t remember them all.

    Baseball Mogul…not as detailed as Out of the Park and simpler to play. If you want to be a GM and be able to walk away this game and come back to it, this is a better fit. It’s very easy to be any team you want to be throughout history.

    Puresim Baseball…I’ve played this one from scratch…I set up my team, my league, create the players, and everything is from day one…I’m drafting against other fictional teams. Hardest part is not knowing who the players are…but, it does take away biases.

    Strat-0-Matic…great for recreating seasons, and I had every team that ever played and every player that ever played…I set up multiple all-star teams for each major league organization.

    Most, if not all, these games have similar abilities to adapt rosters (most use Sean Lahman’s player database)…hours and hours of fun, or wasted time, depending on your perspective.

  7. MLH

    I don’t play too many video games, but MLB 2k10 is a vast improvement over last year’s version. Also features a “my player” mode which is like MLBs The Show where you work your way into the league. My guy is on AA Carolina right now. I’m playing it on xbox 360. I’d avoid the PC version, though.

  8. Jello

    I bought MLB2K09 last year. Wasn’t impressed. Decided to not buy 2K sports anymore. Hopefully The Show comes to Xbox soon.

  9. Phill

    I bought MLB2k10 this year. It’s allright. The game play seems better than the other ones. I really like the pitching and batting controls. There’s a game mode where you play as a player coming up in the minors. You play your AB’s and you field your position which is pretty cool.