Redleg Nation Radio returns from hiatus after an exciting week of Reds news. Chad and Bill are back to discuss the multi-year signing of Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman and Barry Larkin’s Hall of Fame snub. We’re back!

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7 Responses

  1. Justin Anderson

    The biggest plus to me regarding Chapman is the fact that he is a LEFT HANDER! That is something that has been lacking in the Reds rotation (other than the occasional late-season appearance by someone who was throwing the ball okay in AAA). This will add some variety and force oppossing clubs to mix up their lineups as opposed to going in knowing they will face nothing but right handed starters in Cincy. It also helps that he throws FIREBALLS!!!

  2. Justin Anderson

    I’m very surprised no one has stressed that aspect of the signing. I’m so freaking excited about the next few years of Reds baseball it’s not even funny! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a feeling we will find someone in need of pitching (I know the LA deal didn’t happen) to take Harang for a good prospect or 2 in return for us picking up most of his salary. If only we could get a BIG right handed bat. ๐Ÿ™„ Although, if we can just get a REALLY nice Shortstop prospect for a year or two down the road, that’d be nice as well. GO REDS โ—

  3. preach

    Yeah, I love having a hard throwing southpaw in the rotation. I was hoping that affeldt could make that transition, we would still have him perhaps long term and he could have been shifted to the back end of the pen when the kids matured. This sure changes the complexion of the offseason. If chapman does come to cincinnati early then, imo, we look good having coco as the closer. It would immediately elevate the whole staff.

  4. JustTheFacts

    @Chad and Bill: You guys do a great job! I got so much more out of this podcast than Reds Hotstove League tonight. Actual quote from caller on the show… “Do you think we can trade this new guy… uh, uh Arolnis Chatman to the Mariners for either Ichiro or Junior to get a bat?” WTF!!! I actually heard Marty or Thom snicker in the background.

    What a waste of time! I had to get back to The Redlegs Nation for some sanity. I am a transplant from Virginia and the only two teams we followed were the Redskins and Virginia Tech. People from my home town are diehard fans who are always possitive and optimistic. Cincinnati area fans are HORRIBLE. Hell freezes and the Bengals make the playoffs. Is Cincinnati happy? Nope. Brian Kelly gets the Bearcats to the Sugarbowl. What do they do when he goes to Notre Dame, they vandalize this house. The Reds make a hugh deal and people ask questions like that. Geesh.

    I’m not sure if you guys far away from Cincinnati get Lance McAlister. I’m hoping he can chance the fan culture in this town. I love this town, but I really don’t understand the fans.

  5. Chad Dotson

    @JustTheFacts: Thanks for the kind words. Well, thanks for all of it other than the mention of Virginia Tech. I’m a UVa grad. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Where did you live in Virginia?

  6. JustTheFacts

    It really bugs me when I reread my own typos.

    @Chad Dotson: I grew up in Winchester in the 70s during the Big Red Machine. We had a few UVA fans scattered about which is strange since Charlottesville was only an hour away while Blacksburg was four. My family is now all in Williamsburg.

    @preach: Brilliant