2009 Reds / Titanic Struggle Recap

Titanic Struggle Recap

Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Los Angeles 11
Cincinnati 4
WP: Weaver (6-4)
LP: Maloney (0-3)

–Paul Janish pulled out the big bat today, with his second major league homer to go with a double.

–Brandon Phillips was 3-4 with a double and a leg cramp; Joey Votto was 2-4 with a double.

–Craig Tatum hit the first homer of his career.

–The game was tight until Carlos Fisher imploded. In the seventh inning, with the Reds down by just one, Fisher came on and gave up five runs without recording an out. He gave up four hits and a walk, and committed an error to boot.

–Matt Maloney settled down nicely after giving up two runs in each of the first two innings, but giving up five runs in six innings isn’t the way to get another start in the big leagues.

–Why not just start Micah Owings today? I don’t have a problem with giving Maloney a chance to show what he can do, but if Owings was available — he pitched two scoreless, hitless innings to finish the game — why not just start him instead of making a roster move?

–Oh well, the winning streak was nice while it lasted. Let’s see the Reds start a new one tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Titanic Struggle Recap

  1. Disagree whole-heartedly with starting Owings over Maloney. Owings has had quite a lengthy audition to prove himself this season, while Maloney performed near the top of the International League. Maloney needs to be in the rotation the rest of this season, if for no other reason to determine whether he is a legitimate option in the rotation. There is no need to keep running Owings out there this season, but there are plenty of reasons to give Maloney his opportunity to ‘sink or swim’.
    If you need any further evidence, just compare the early innings of today’s performance, with the last 4. Maloney settled down and started retiring one of the best offenses in baseball. He, along with Stubbs and Janish, need the repetitions to work out the jitters of playing in the bigs. This last point cannot be taken too lightly. Could you imagine the nerves needed to pitch to Manny, Pujols, etc., as a young rookie who likely followed their careers as a fan? It takes time to adjust.

  2. Go Janish! A double and a round tripper! You know, my budy Larry Bowa averaged one homerun a year, actually less than that, as he had 15 dingers in 16 years. Janish has his fielding skills- almost- he’s on pace with his home run pace, and I bet he can hit .250 (almost) if he gets the chance. It’s very hard to hit when you’re sitting on the pine.

    Anyway, haven’t heard much bitching about the SS play since AG left town.

    Root for the underdog. The bloggers here always spouts that the Reds need a SS, right? Maybe they’ve already got the one they need.

    Maybe. Time will tell.

  3. I agree with you wanderinredsfan. The Reds aren’t going anywhere this year, so just play the guys that have been brought up. Owings has had all season to prove himself, and has failed time and time again. Granted, Maloney has been really unimpressive during his stints up, but he deserves the right to maintain a spot in the rotation for a month or so because of his progress through Triple-A.

  4. Agreed, Chris. I am in the minority here, but I think Owings has more upside than what he is given credit for. What better time to find out for sure than to pith both him and Maloney on the regular?

  5. i haven’t seen owings do anything of note on the mound this year. his stuff is the definition of marginal. he projects as a 5th starter.

    i like the idea of using him as a mop up guy/pinch hitter. if the starter makes it through the 5th, then he’s a bat off the bench. if the starter gets hammered, you bring him in and save the bullpen.

    if we’d had a mop up guy this year, we would have saved a lot of mileage on the pen, and wouldn’t have had to pitch our shortstop twice.

    in that role, owings has value. as a starter, i’d rather pitch a guy with a higher ceiling and hope he pans out.

  6. I’m fine with shutting Cueto down the rest of the year if he’s having arm woes. But you do it in favor of starting Arroyo, Owings, Bailey, Maloney, and then maybe Ramirez or LeCure. You don’t banish Owings to the pen for the likes of Lehr and Wells.

    As for Janish as our SS. I’d be fine with it if they’d park him in the 8th hole and leave there. But we all know that we need to find a SS who can carry a .350 OBP since Baker won’t bat the SS anywhere else but 2nd. Paul Janish put up a career minor league line of .261 .351 .382 733. Those numbers are padded by his Rookie and A ball numbers. It’s very, very, very, unlikely that he’s going to learn to hit in the majors. He’s a defensive player, let him field and bat him 8th until you find a better hitting SS.

  7. Bullpen has not looked so good lately.

    Do guys think the pen will be solid next year? I am not so sure. Especially if they move Cordero.

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