Rob Neyer’s ESPN Sweetspot has some interesting comments today. One that really got my attention (found in the Wednesday Wangdoogles section) was referring to a joint story written by Joe Posnanski and Bill James for Sports Illustrated. Neyer refers to more batters being hit by pitches today than before; Posnanski and James discuss other things such as going the other way with the pitch, too. Excellent read.

Also, from yesterday’s “pay” portion of Baseball there’s a brief note on Justin Turner, whom the Reds traded along with Ryan Freel for catcher Ramon Hernandez. It seems that Turner, a second baseman, may soon be ready for the majors . There’s another middle infielder that could probably be helping us right now.

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  1. Over vacation last week, I was able to take in a Norfolk Tides game and saw our former prospect. He looked good. No one misses Ryan Freel though.

  2. I don’t miss Ryan Freel either…he didn’t bother me at second base; he was way overrated to be in the outfield.

  3. Brandon Waring (the other minor league in that deal) is having a pretty good season also (.280/.360/.528). I can’t figure out why he’s still in A ball.

  4. Well, at least we got veteran leadership in catcher Hernandez.

    Haven’t we traded for a lot of those guys.

    Reminds me of the Montreal Expos from the 1970’s

  5. Bill, probably the same thing that would have happened had they stayed in reds system. No place to move up because others are already there.

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