Who do you think should be in the Reds outfield for 2010? There are 9 outfielders in the Reds organization that are candidates for the 40-man roster this off-season.

The team has 6 outfielders currently on the 40-man roster (not counting Baker’s experiment with Drew Sutton): Balentien, Bruce, Dickerson, Gomes, Nix, and Taveras. All are under team control next year. Gomes and (I believe) Nix are arbitration eligible while Taveras is under contract for $4 million.

Plus, the Reds have 3 outfielders in AAA who must be placed on the 40-man roster in the offseason or exposed to the Rule V draft: Danny Dorn, Chris Heisey, and Drew Stubbs.

Is there enough talent from that pool of 9 outfielders to field an above average everyday outfield, or does this team need to look outside the organization for starting outfield help? You could look outside the organization at the free agent market or via trade.

For one of the bigger free agent names, initial estimates already have Jason Bay going for $60 million over 4 years. Jermaine Dye is another player that the Reds were interested in the past. He wouldn’t cost the team Homer Bailey, but he would likely be a Type A free agent and cost the team a draft pick. I don’t expect that the White Sox will pick up Dye’s option after claiming Alex Rios on waivers.

  • I think the first, obvious choice is to part ways with Willy Taveras. Consider him a sunk cost. The outfield offense and defense is immediately better.
  • I would look outside the organization for a starting left fielder. I like Dye on a short-term contract.
  • Drew Stubbs would be my opening day centerfielder.
  • Jay Bruce, though his offense the past two months has been down, should be with the team starting every day in right field.
  • I like the 4th and 5th outfielder to be guys who could start on other teams or start on this team if the starters are injured. I think Gomes and Dickerson are best suited in this role, and I would really work with Dickerson on his corner OF defense.
  • Dorn and Heisey start the year in AAA on the 40-man roster.

Who do you think should be in the Reds starting outfield for 2010? Who should be on the bench? The team’s typical 25-man roster composition has been 12 pitchers, 8 starters, a backup catcher and 4 bench players, which would normally allow no more than 5 total outfielders.

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  1. First thoughts:
    I’m right with you: I’d have five OFers. Stubbs, Gomes, Bruce, and Dickerson are four. The fifth is tougher and I’d look outside the organization and try to find someone like Dye. Perhaps EdE could start in LF?

    Oh, wait…

  2. I hope Gomes and Balentien get as much playing time as possible from here on out b/c we need to get as much of an idea as possible what we’ve got there. I think both are promising.

    Taveras obviously needs to be gone. (Brewers DFA’ed Bill Hall and he has better numbers than Taveras and is owed twice as much money. Strong move.)

    Dickerson and Stubbs are both best in CF… that’s a little tricky. Both have the defense to play CF and both would be below average hitters in LF or RF.

  3. I would love to go after a FA OF but there are other needs that will need a bigger upgrade (SS, C). I would LOVE to see Willy Taveras waived, never to wear a Reds uni again…but it ain’t going to happen.

    This is what I would do:
    LF: Gomes/Nix platoon
    CF: Stubbs
    RF: Bruce
    Backup: Dickerson
    Waive: Willy T
    AAA: Baletin, Heisey, Dorn

    I think you have to keep Gomes and Nix around unless you go get another power bat. This way whoever isn’t starting, you have a nice pinch hitter ready to go. I like Dickerson in CF but not at the corners so much. He is good insurance if Stubbs isn’t ready. I like Baletin and he may be in equation.

    As for what will really happen:
    LF: Baletin
    CF: Willy T
    RF: Bruce
    Bench: Dickerson
    Bench: Gomes
    Let Go: Nix
    AAA: Stubbs, Heisey
    Rule V: Dorn

    I don’t see them paying both Gomes and Nix arbitration or giving them much of raises when they have so many more options. They won’t make a splash in the FA market or trade market for an OF. I don’t see them carrying over 7 OF on the 40 man, so that would leave at least one of the currents off the roster, and I don’t see them protecting Dorn, who I think someone will take in a heartbeat in the rule V.

  4. I would say that the biggest difference that I have with you is that I don’t put Dorn on the 40 Man. I think that he should be safe without using up a spot on him, and if not, he isn’t one of those that will hurt too much to lose.

    I have Stubbs and Heisey playing everyday, if it is between the 9 you mentioned, they fill it out with Bruce and Dickerson, who would be the rover. If they sign a FA like Dye, I let Heisey and Stubbs fight for the third starting spot and option the other to Louisville. Based on past history, my guess would be that Heisey would outperform in ST. Along with those four, I would like to see Gomes back around, but everybody knows that BC is willing to commit to losers like Dusty and Corey Patterson, so unfortunately Taveras will be back next year

  5. I think automatically Bruce is the RF

    I would presume that Stubbs will be the centerfielder unless Heisey has an awesome spring training but as for right now I think Stubbs should have the edge

    I think you let go of Willy and Nix. Balentien and Gomes should be on the major league roster. Which leaves Heisey and Dickerson to fight it out for the last spot.

    unfortunately that will not happen. Willy will be back, Stubbs and Heisey won’t get a chance, and we’ll probably sign some other fast guy who can’t get on base but has had a fluke year or two somewhere, maybe a Gary Mathews Jr or a Scott Podsednik.

  6. Problem is, one of those 5 outfielders needs to be able to play infield once in a while. To that end, why not DFA Taveras and pick up Hall? Getting a guy for free will offset the sunk cost of Wee Willy. At least Hall still has some upside because of his versatility and pop.

  7. In general, I’d like to see any acquisitions we make — at any position — be of the “young and improving and not quite there yet” variety, NOT of the “old and on the downside of his career” variety.

    Free agents over 30 (which practically all of them are) almost always wind up overpaid.

    Young guys (in their first 6 years in the league) are underpaid. (See, e.g., Joey Votto! He’s making like $425K this year. Insane.)

    So to summarize…

    Young guys – underpaid, getting better.

    Old guys – overpaid, getting worse.

    I for one am willing to take some chances on guys who are young and promising and we may never have even heard of (like Balentien). I don’t need to be fed some veteran name just b/c I’ve heard of him (like possibly Rolen).

    Find who’s undervalued, who’s blocked, who’s coming off a bad year for some reason, and go for them.

  8. I’m with you, Matt. I’ll take a pass on Nix. Not range-y enough and he’s got a serious hole in his swing that gets exploited rather easily.

  9. By the way, re: 2010, there are players I want to know about, and NOW IS THE TIME!

    –What would happen if Sutton got a month of solid playing time at 2B or 3B?

    –Can Phillips play SS?

    –Can Dickerson hit LHP’s?

    –What if Balentien played every day?

    –What if Rosales played every day?

    –Can Gomes play 1B?

    I don’t know what the questions are, but there are tons of them, and the ONLY useful point of these games is to answer them!

    It is, yet again, stubborn and short-sighted to just keep doing the same thing every day and playing out the string.

    Sutton in particular is getting the shaft, I think. It seems that Dusty has already decided that he’s a utility guy. His minor league numbers are pretty good! I want to know if he could be more! A switch-hitting infielder who takes a walk and hits with pop? That’s cool! Let’s give him a chance!

  10. Here’s a thought…

    LF – Carl Crawford
    CF – Drew Stubbs
    RF – Jay Bruce

    Bench – Dickerson
    Bench – Gomes

    Crawford has an option, but the Rays are looking at trading him. What kind of package would it take? My guess is that Heisey, one of Maloney, Wood, or Thompson, and maybe a Francisco? Would that be worth one year of Crawford and the draft picks?

    Think of all that havoc those three would create.

  11. LF – outside organization signing
    CF – Dickerson
    RF – Bruce

    Bench – Stubbs (starts CF vs. some LHP)
    Bench – Balentien

  12. I like Nix and could live with a Gomes/Nix bench. I think Nix chances of staying increase if Dickerson is the starting CFer.

    The other thing working against Nix is that there are at least 5 minor leaguers who would need to be added to the 40-man roster or exposed to the Rule V draft. Valaika and Wood in addition to the outfielders mentioned above. Dorn may very well be the odd man out.

    I don’t think Balentien has options left. I also think he should start in LF every day the rest of this season. His play could potentially change my mind.

    I would play Sutton every day while Rolen is on the DL. How did he go from batting 1st or 2nd in the lineup to sitting behind Janish on the bench?

  13. I don’t think the bench OFers have to also play infield (unless that was a joke I missed.) If the bench included players like Sutton and Rosales, you’ve got two guys who can play every infield position.

    Another note on the 40-man – yes spaces would be cleared by not picking up options on Gonzalez and Hernandez, but unless you’re going with Janish and Tatum as everyday players, you will still need to find another SS and catcher for the 25man/40man roster.

    <a href=”http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=MLB&id=3410″Crawford would be an intriguing candidate. The Rays have a $10M option on him for next year with a $1.25M buyout.

  14. LF – Heisey/Dickerson (platoon)

    CF – Stubbs/Dickerson (platoon)

    RF – Bruce/Balentien (platoon)

    Give the young guys a chance to sink or swim. They have earned it. Platoon at EVERY spot. Bruce has NOT proved that he can be in there everyday. Obviously no Willy. OBVIOULSY! Put Dorn on the 40.

  15. But would you rather have Crawford in LF for $10 million, or Dickerson in LF for $430K?

    I know Crawford is better, but is he THAT much better? I don’t think so.

  16. Oh… or did you mean Crawford in LF and Dickerson in CF?

  17. If our lineup was

    LF – Crawford
    CF – Stubbs
    1b – Votto
    RF – Bruce
    3b – Rolen
    2b – Phillips
    C – Hanigan
    SS – anyone

    I think that would be a very good lineup to run out there and very competitive

  18. I don’t believe that will happen, but it’s nice to think about lol

  19. Crawford is the only one on the list of FA OFs that I would be interested in. And he may be too expensive. I definitely think we can field a formidable OF from within. But, Bruce has to be healthy and Willy T has to go. LF-Gomes or Balentein, CF-Bruce/Dickerson platoon, RF-Bruce. Let go WT and Nix, put Heisey on the 40 man and start in AAA and expose Dorn to Rule V. This would still give you some RH pop off the bench and a play anywhere, plus-defender on the bench.

  20. Depending on what Dye signs for, I think I’d rather sign Dye for 1 year than trade prospects for 1 year of Crawford.

    Brandon Wood (I can still dream, right?)
    Hanigan (they should have gotten Clement, too, in the Balentien deal)

    Bench: Catcher, Gomes, Dickerson/Stubbs, Sutton, Rosales

    That lineup could hit and play solid defense.

    If Escobar is truly on the outs in Atlanta, then I’d seriously consider a deal swapping Phillips with Escobar, batting Escobar 2nd.

    It just doesn’t seem that they are that many moves away from having a good offense next year.

  21. My only thought based on these comments is I think Dickerson is better than many of you seem to give him credit for IF he is playing CF. As a corner OFer, he’s adequate, but as a CFer, I think he can be an above-average regular. A .275/.375/.425 type player with speed and good defense is a lot better than many teams have in CF. Plus, he’s cheap. So, I don’t automatically relegate him to a platoon or “extra OF” status.

  22. As far as spots on the 40 man, I could clear that up real fast.

    1.) Waive Willy T
    2.) Say goodbye to Ramon and Agon
    3.) Take off Wells, Richar, and Fransisco. (Nobody wants the first two and I highly doubt Fransisco will stick on a ML roster for a full season…no way.)

    So there is 6 spots. Plus place Volquez on 60 day DL and that is another spot. So 7 spots on the 40 man…I wouldn’t just give Dorn away by not placing him on the 40 man…He has a much better shot at sticking that Fransisco.

    7 spots = Stubbs, Heisey, Dorn, Valiaka, Wood, and two FA signings. Then if you need to clear more deadweight, you can waive Lincoln as well, and take Tatum off the 40 man because it is unlikely he would get picked up also.

  23. CF-Dickerson


  24. Include Stubbs in a deal for an arm.

  25. As far as I’, concerned, what I would like to see happen doesn’t have a chance in hell of happening. It’s sad that I feel like the best chance for this club has no prayer of happening. First off, the Reds don’t have a prayer at Crawford. If the Rays don’t pick up the 10 mil option I’ll be shocked, because that’s a bargain for Crawford. If he is a FA, the Reds will be priced out, I’d rather spend the money on Crawford or Dye on an arm.
    As for my 2010 OF…
    Bruce is the RF automatically. Stubbs and Heisey both on the roster battling for CF starting spot, loser gets 5th OF position. Dickerson and Gomes platoon in left. Taveras DFA, Nix let go or traded for PTBNL, Dorn on 40 and in AAA unless he is on fire in spring training. The Reds do have some 40 man flex at the moment, so I don’t have a problem adding all three young guys. We need to save the money for an arm, there just aren’t many plus arms ready in the system right now.

  26. I just realized I left Balentin out of the equation. In that case, Stubbs, Heisey and Balentin battle for CF, loser goes to AAA, 2nd gets 5th OF spot and winner gets CF.

  27. I think people are underestimating Danny Dorn, I believe he’ll be a productive big league player at some point. Not a star, but a productive platoon player/sometimes starter. I wholeheartedly agree with burblejr in #23, he’s a much better prospect than Francisco. I’d be talking to every AL club in the world right now trying to unload him.

  28. Dan/GregD – Crawford is worth the money. His expected salary based on win value is 18.4 mil. Put him in GABP and his power numbers spike. Who wouldn’t want his 10 mil salary?

    Crawford is also worth the prospects. He will certainly be a type A FA. That will net you, at worst, a sandwich pick, and likely a mid to late first rounder. If the Reds lose out on Leake and pick up Crawford, then they receive three of the first 30 picks. That’s a steal.

    If, and this is a HUGE if, you can get away with a Heisey, Francisco, Thompson package, I say do it.

    The mutual option on Dye is probably going to be picked up by both team and player. The ChiSox, though they have Rios, have a decent chance of moving Dye if they pick up his option. They could also keep him and split his starts between RF and DH. Dye will most likely exercise the option because of the volatility of last year’s market on corner OFs.

    Preach – don’t know if I’d move Stubbs over Heisey. Stubbs’ defense is the real plus for me. He could be a gold glove leadoff hitter for years. His slugging percentage scares me away from him a bit, but do you think Heisey is that much better?

  29. I’m not saying that Crawford isn’t worth the money, but I am saying that Dickerson is a better deal.

    A BMW is better than a Honda, but if I can get a new BMW for $20,000 (good deal) or a new Honda for $500 (GREAT deal), give me the Honda!

  30. Because of the minor league guys who would be lost to the Rule V, I don’t see how there’s any way the Reds keep both Nix and Gomes. IMO its going to be one or the other. Belantin will be in camp and should make the team but I think promising anyone a starting job from this year’s roster would be foolish.

    Of course the Reds will bring back WT. Their not going to eat 4 Mil.

  31. Alright, the Reds starting outfield should be as such:

    LF- Jermaine Dye
    CF- Chris Dickerson
    RF- Jay Bruce

    They have to get rid of Willy Taveras, I think they should have Stubbs and Heisey there as backup, Dickerson is doing well in center and he has been hitting well, Dye would be a great pickup, he always performs, and Jay Bruce wont have as bad of a year as he had this year, Balentien has been a good pickup of late but they may have to keep him in AAA, because the Reds have enough depth

  32. I don’t think the Reds have the ammo to go after Crawford. He’s going to cost someone a premium prospect + two good ones, and he’ll be entirely too expensive if he hits the open market. There’s no sense even discussing Bay or Holliday.

    It’s hard to know what the Reds should do until we see more of Balentien, but I don’t think you can guarantee him a spot in the starting lineup. I’d like to see him take over Gomes’ role, because I’m pretty sure Gomes is going to cost more than he’s worth in arbitration. Balentien’s got a little more defensive value. Nix is just not a good player.

    Between Dickerson and Stubbs, you’ve got a starting CF who can provide plus defense and get on base a little. I wouldn’t expect much more than that, though. I guess if Bill Hall elects free agency and the Brewers are responsible for his remaining contract, then the Reds might as well offer him a veteran-minimum deal and see what he’s got left. Looking at his numbers, which fell off a cliff during his age 27 season (he’ll turn 30 in December), I suspect he’s done. Like, Ryan Freel done.

    Oh, and cut ties entirely with Taveras.

  33. Would someone, anyone, SOMEONE, please, PLEASE ask Jokertty or Castofthousands if there is anyone, Anyone, in or out of baseball, besides Dusty or Willy’s mother, who thinks WT should be leading off for a major league team? Please!

  34. I don’t like the idea of a Gomes/Nix platoon or Wee Willy playing center. Let Nix go, not enough upside to keep him around. So, Nix and Wee Willy are gone. Keep Balentien, looks like he might have some upside. If the Reds can move some salary (Harang, Arroyo, or Cordero) then go for Jason Bay. He is relatively young (He’ll be 31 to start 2010 compared to Dye at 36 to begin 2010).

    My 2010 outfield:
    RF: Bruce
    CF: Stubbs or Heisey (let them battle it out in the spring)
    LF: Jason Bay

    Bench: Gomes, Balentien, Dickerson

    If you can’t get Bay, Dye would be ok…but only with a 1 year deal.

  35. I don’t even think that Willy should be leading off for a major league team! So now we are down to just Dusty

  36. Nix is hitting .239. His career average is .236. It was a good experiment because he seemed to have some untapped potential. I had some hope. The potential, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have shown itself. He has to. Gomes is hitting .259 with 11 home runs. Not bad. He is a career .238 hitter with only one partial year above .244. And he is a bit of a butcher in the outfield. I think he can be in the mix but I say you have to give priority to Heisey and Stubbs and Balentien at this point. Dickerson and Bruce are givens. All these old guys some of you want to bring in, too expensive and for what? You are not going to the world series with them in ’10. If you have a chance at post season and really need someone in ’11 see who is out there then. And/or by that time some from the group of Heisey, Stubbs, Balentien, Dorn, Votto (Alonso at first), Frazier, etc. may have emerged and solidified.

  37. That was Nix has to GO.

  38. no way the reds get Bay

  39. If I’m GM, here are the constraints and dependencies that I’m operating under…
    The soonest that the Reds can compete as anything other than a fringe playoff pretender is 2011.
    Brandon Phillips is the best and cheapest option we have at short, period.
    Edinson Volquez will not pitch in 2010.
    Ramon Hernandez should be bought out.

    RF – Bruce
    CF – Stubbs / Dickerson straight platoon
    LF – Gomes / Dickerson

    Taveras – It’s not what will happen, but I release him outright. Yes, it’s an expensive move, but it’s the only way to keep Dusty from playing him.

    40 man – Heisey and Stubbs have to go on the 40 man roster. If I’m the Reds, I roll the dice and leave Dorn sitting out there for the Rule V draft. Even if he gets snagged by another team, he’s not likely to stick because he’s a brutal defender. I leave Heisey in AAA, but expect to recall him at the first injury of the year. Let Nix go.

    Fifth outfielder – Sign Xavier Nady and let him and Gomes duke it out for playing time.

    1B – Votto
    2B – Sutton / Rosales / Corpse of Bill Dorn
    SS – Phillips
    3B – Rolen

    C – Hanigan / Brian Schnider

    Rolen – At the first opportunity after the team falls out of the race, trade Rolen. Obviously, I feel that we shouldn’t have traded for him in the first place.

    Yonder – Leave him at AA until he shows he can hack it, literally.

    Frazier – Promote him to AAA as a 3B and recall him as soon as Rolen is traded.

    Rotation – Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Maloney
    Relievers – Rhodes, Burton, Masset, Hererra, Chad Bradford, Owings

    Cordero – Trade him NOW. He’s a great guy, entertaining to watch and overpriced for such a payroll strapped team.

    Goals for 2011 – Healthy Volquez, mature Bruce, trade Alonso for an established LF, trade Arroyo for a promising but flawed young arm, groom one of the myriad not-quite-shortstops in the minors to be ready to get 300 AB’s playing second.

  40. I make a run at Johnny Damon in LF. He’ll be 36, and there’s no way he’s still commanding $10M plus any more on the open market. I’d guess Abreu’s deal (I think around $5M) is probably more in line with his market value at this point. The guy continues to hit, he’s got playoff experience, and if you can get him for two years at $12M-$15M, he’s the option.

    That allows the team to let Dickerson and Stubbs man center. I think we all want Stubbs to win the spot next year, but Dickerson is a reliable second option in center. I think Bruce has too much raw talent not to play him every day in right.

  41. Keep CoCo.. he’s better than anything we have or could get.

  42. I think everyone who thinks that the Reds can just go out and sign people to play in the outfield should be reminded of the financial constraints that Jocketty has put himself into. There is so much wasted money on this team it is unreal. The team has around 70M in commitments already for the 2010 season. There is maybe 5M total to use on several key needs.

  43. I go after NO FA OF’s…& DFA Willy T($4M).

    CF: Stubbs
    RF: Bruce
    LF: Balentien

    Bench: Gomes / Dickerson

    3 RHB / 2 LHB – 3 w/ POP – 2 w/ quicks.

    Then ALL ATTENTION turns to SS (trade for Hardy!)

  44. RiverCity I agree we need to keep Cordero. I believe letting him go would be a huge mistake.

  45. A lot of questions to be answered:

    I don’t think Jay Bruce is a lock. Especially if he doesn’t get any better in September. He might benefit from some AAA time to start 2010. BA-.207 is not acceptible for a corner outfield spot if the team hopes to improve.

    Unless he improves I think Gomes is a stretch to make it. For July and August he has hit .213 and .167 respectively.
    If I am going to gamble on that type of production I am going with a less expensive Balentien.

    Nix has not set the world on fire after a fast start as well. He is a lefty which helps his cause.

    If I have to go with 6 today it would be:
    Heisey (his numbers are better than Stubbs even at AAA)
    Taveras (they aren’t going to pay him for nothing and no body will trade for him after this season)
    Free Agent- like one year of Magglio Ordonez on the cheap

    If by mid season Bruce has his act together he replaces Nix or they eat Taveras’s contract for half a year.

  46. If the Reds have any sense in the world, they wil DFA Taveras. If the Brewers can eat $11 million in salary owed to Hall, then the Reds can eat $4 million to improve as well. It may very well be that Taveras clears waivers and can accept an assignment to AAA. Maybe he gets right in AAA and can contribute as a defensive replacement/pinch runner in the playoffs (playoffs? who said anything about playoffs? playoffs?).

  47. You know a Mags for Taveras deal may work.

  48. It is interesting that they have about $70M already for the 2010 roster, yet they only two contracts currently on the books for 2011 are the $23M owed to Phillips and Cordero combined.

    For 2010, without an increase in payroll or a trade involving Harang, Arroyo, Cordero or Phillips, they don’t appear to have room to add anyone making more than $5-6M.

    I think acquiring Rolen means the Reds have to make a serious run next year. Otherwise, why trade the pitching prospects and take on the salary? Whether they plan to boost payroll or get some creative trades made, they have to do something.

    I don’t know what Nix or Gomes would make in arbitration. I would think as part-time, first year arb guys, they’d max out at $1 million? I do think Dorn could at least match what Nix would do next year, which is why I would protect him and start him in AAA next year.

    Re: Francisco – if they remove him from the 40-man, he’s not exposed to the rule V draft – he is exposed to waivers. Another team could claim him and put him in on one of their minor league affiliates since he stil has options.

    Honestly, after the past two seasons, I would be happy with any of Dickerson, Stubbs or Heisey in centerfield next year (or the rest of this season for that matter.)

  49. I’m with River City. If you get rid of CoCo, who do you replace him with? The point in the exercise is to keep your strong points and improve your weak ones.

  50. I’ve got a feeling the Reds will boost payroll next year. Not by a lot or anything, but enough to take on another big contract. It’s a good market to do that; teams are practically giving away players to clubs that can afford it.

  51. (#49) Honestly, after the past two seasons, I would be happy with any of Dickerson, Stubbs or Heisey in centerfield next year (or the rest of this season for that matter.)


  52. Is there a chance that the PTBNL for Weathers is going to be Hardy?

  53. Hardy in exchange for 2 months of a 40-year-old reliever? I wish…

  54. With Melvin’s love obsession for guys like Dave Bush, Doug Davis (claimed on waivers), Braden Looper, and Jeff Suppan, wouldn’t Bronson Arroyo fit in nicely in Milwaukee?!

  55. Who eats up all the innings when Arroyo leaves? Is there anyone in the system that is major league ready? IMO Homer’s not ready. Neither is Maloney. Lehr’s done ok but I wouldn’t bet next season on him taking over one of the starters slots. Maybe WJ has an answer to those questions but I haven’t seen anything that causes me to put any faith in it.

  56. I mostly agree with Greg.

    RF is easy, Jay Bruce almost every day. In CF, I’d like to see Stubbs and Dickerson compete, the “loser” should remain with the team as the 4th outfielder.

    WJ hopefully learned that we need a big time run producer in LF. Carl Crawford would top my wish list, but presumably the Rays hang on to him. It’s time for Castellini to open up his checkbook, Jason Bay would be a good place to start. That’s probably wishful thinking too, so go after Dye or Abreu with a generous 1 year offer.

    Balentien should get a good chance to make the club. If he flops, stick with Gomes.


    Hardy would be a major upgrade for us at SS, not sure what it would take to get him.

  57. I love how Dickerson gets no respect and everyone just puts Stubbs in CF. Stubbs is .273/.360 in AAA, Dickerson is .272/.368 at the major league level. Dickerson is a better hitter at the major league level, yes Stubbs is a better defender but how much better?

    2010 Outfield:
    Dickerson CF
    Heisey LF – Highly underrated, everyone raves about Francisco’s power (22HR this year) well Heisey has 19HR, He hits enough for LF and has CF defensive abilities.
    Bruce RF

    Bench: Balentein, Dorn
    That gives you 2 CF, with a left handed and right handed bat on the bench
    Stubbs on 40-man but in AAA (working on cutting down on his strikeouts)
    I know people love Gomes but he’s not any good, look at his stats ever since he started playing full time, .213 in July, .167 in August. Him, Nix and Willy should be gone.

  58. Dickerson’s made a believer out of me this year. He plays fine defense and is a genuine Major League hitter, although his age and skill set suggests he won’t be worth taking into arbitration more than once. Hopefully the Reds are smart enough not to sign him to a multiyear deal.

    I hope Stubbs is as good as everyone believes he’ll be, but I’m suspicious of his bat.

  59. Balentien (AAA), Bruce (RF), Dickerson (4th), Gomes (LF), Nix (5th), Taveras (Release), Danny Dorn (Rule V), Chris Heisey (AAA) and Drew Stubbs (CF). So, start with Gomes, Stubbs, Bruce, Dickerson and Nix up. Save money to sign a SS and a catcher. If Gomes fails, replace with Heisey. If Stubbs fails, continue with Dickerson. If Bruce fails again, replace with Balentien and keep Nix in the bench. Finally, please, GET RID OF TAVERAS!!!

  60. I don’t quite understand the Stubbs over Dickerson in CF posts. Stubbs’ strikeout rate in Triple A scares me away. I’m almost curious to see him called up to see what he can do, but I just doubt whether he’s an everday major leaguer. The book is still out on Dickerson, but he’s shown he’s decent at least at this level. After 2 years of supposably very good defensive outfielders with lots of speed but little ability to get on base, and striking out too much, I would question the wisdom of giving Drew Stubbs a starting position. Give him a chance to battle for a position on the team? sure, but he’d have to do something special in spring training to win a starting position.

    2 things that have very little chance of happening…signing Jason Bay, or trading for Crawford. I’d forget about those ideas!

    Heisey is interesting to me. He’s cooled off once he hit Triple A. But he’s had a great year overall.

    Gomes and Nix worry me. I wouldn’t put too much stock into those guys. 4th or 5th outfielder options…I think they may be alright…I may be totally off, but I think Nix might actually be the better fit as an extra outfielder. He plays better defense, and seemed to be decent pinch hitting earlier in the year.

    I think the best hope for the Reds is that a couple of our young guys bust out. I don’t see it happening sadly in 2010, but if Jay Bruce became just a decent hitter, and a guy like Todd Frazier rocketed up through the system, you’d have a real future. Right now it’s just a bunch “ifs”.

  61. My idea of 2010 Reds Starting Lineup
    1. Stubbs CF (could steal 30 bases)
    2. Rolen 3B (.280 would be good enough)
    3. Votto 1B (.300 and 30 bombs)
    4. Phillips 2B (.270 and 100 RBI)
    5. Bruce RF (.250 and 40 HR possible)
    6. Gomes LF (.275 and 30 HR)
    7. Janish/Rosales (they can hit after rest)
    8. Hanigan C (.250 and 15 HR would be nice)
    9. Pitcher

    Let Go: Nix, Taveras, Balentin, Hernandez
    Bench: Dorn, Heisey, Barker, Dickerson, Tatum
    Trade: Harang, Cordero

    Starting Pitching:
    1. E. Volquez (if healthy)
    2. B. Arroyo (if good all year)
    3. J. Cueto ( Healthy)
    4. H. Bailey (needs to be consistent)
    5. J. Lehr (Has average stuff that no one can figure out)

    Relief Pitching:
    D. Herrera
    N. Massett
    A. Rhodes
    J. Burton
    R. Ramirez
    CL: M. Owings(He has the stuff to be a top notch closer)

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