Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 0
NY Mets 4
WP: Santana (10-7)
LP: Cueto (8-6)

–None. This game was a disaster in every way.


–Jay Bruce fractured his right wrist in the first inning, diving for a ball (that he actually caught; after the wrist was broken, he didn’t have the strength to keep the glove closed). This is bad. Very bad.

–Johnny Cueto loaded the bases before he recorded a single out, and it was looking like a replay of his last start. He ended up allowing three runs in that inning, and one in the second, before settling down. Still, terrible start for the young guy.

–The Reds, at 42-44, are now guaranteed to finish the first half with a losing record.

–This just in: Johan Santana is good.

Some quotes from Bruce and Dusty Baker after the game about Jay’s injury.

–I don’t have the first clue who the Reds might call up for tomorrow’s game (the club has confirmed that they will make a move for the Sunday game). There are no other outfielders on the 40-man roster. The logical move is to call up Drew Stubbs or Chris Heisey, but they’ve got to make another move first to remove someone from the 40-man.

My guess is that we’ll see Adam Rosales or Danny Richar or Drew Sutton again, with Jerry Hairston, Jr., playing much more outfield.

This also means that Willy Taveras will be in CF every single blessed night. Let us all rejoice.

*This Offense Stinks.

22 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    I’m holding out hope that it’ll be Stubbs since Jocke(r)tty told GG and Welsh Stubbs and Heisey will be the first choices the Reds look at. It’s probably much more like that, of the two, Stubbs will be the man since Heisey is in St. Louis. I just hope Dusty will be a front runner for once and give Stubbs consistent playing time. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

    If Rosales, Richar, or Sutton is recalled, my head might explode.

  2. David

    Personally, I think the Bruce injury may be a blessing in disguise. Bruce’s numbers are ridiculously awful – Willy Taveras kind of awful the last month. He can’t hit right now and the team wasn’t going to send him down. They couldn’t send him down. Maybe this gets Dickerson in the lineup everyday. Maybe this gets Stubbs or Heisey up and the ownership/management realizes these guys are twice the player Willy Taveras is. We were wondering where another bat would fit into the lineup, now it’s right field.

  3. pinson343

    As I said on the game thread, I listened to the first inning of the game on Mets’ radio. What a greuling experience, and I don’t mean that there was anything wrong with the broadcasters.

    Cueto wasn’t that bad in the first inning, only one hard hit ball. The broadcasters did feel that he was losing his cool over a small strike zone, he’s got to stop doing that.
    The good news there is that nothing appeared to be physically wrong with him.

    Santana was not sharp in the first inning, according to them: the Reds were “squaring up” on him. You can’t let a pitcher like that off the hook and find his rhythm. But there was little hope of a big first inning after the 1-2 hitters were retired. Dusty Baker does not understand about having good hitters at the top of the lineup, and it’s killing this team.

  4. pinson343

    If Jockety said that, my guess is that it will be Stubbs. Of course Heisey is in St. Louis, though they could bring up someone on the 40 man roster for tomorrow’s game and then bring up Heisey after the All Star break.

    Either way my expectation is that Baker will go with Nix/Gomes in LF, Taveras in CF, and Dickerson in RF nearly every day. This would retard Stubbs’ or Heisey’s development. If he goes that way, time for a WJ intervention or even a new manager.

  5. Chris Wilson

    My guess is, we play tomorrow’s game with 24 players, wait through the all-star break to continue evaluating Bruce’s wrist. Wait through the first part of the 2nd half thinking he can come back, but in reality, will be out nearly all season. At which point, we’ll call up Ronald McDonald who will play RF with Taveras in CF so that we can watch Wee Willie bat leadoff with the speedy McDonald batting 2. Meanwhile the LF platoon of Nix/Gomes/Dickerson will rotate and a 3-game basis. Meanwhile, Ryan Hanigan finally gets bored of sitting on the bench and takes a dump in Dick Pole’s hat, only Pole never realizes it!

    Sorry, I’m frustrated.

  6. JerBear

    Tough to lose Jay Bruce. I could see the blessing in disguise argument…but in the end I have to believe this team is better with Bruce playing everyday. At least in the long term. Just hope that wrist injury doesn’t give him longterm problems. That seems like a pretty serious injury for a baseball player.

    They could probably bring up someone like Sutton for a day if they plan on bringing up Heisey after the break. But I imagine it will be Stubbs.

    Oh well…kind of just a frustrating team to follow with all the injuries and the decisions made by Baker. Hard to really get excited about the team these days.

  7. AnnapolisRed

    Doc Rogers said on WLW that losing Bruce is an addition by subtraction, that there were already four OF’s on the team better than Bruce (Gomes, Nix, Dickerson and Taveras I guess). He said that Heisey and Stubbs should not be called up, that they need to play in AAA, that the Reds would probably call up a utility guy like Rosales and play Dickerson every day in right (which means Taveras every day still in CF).

  8. JerBear

    I would say there is a strong chance it’ll be Stubbs after the break.

    But man how can you ignore Heisey’s numbers? You have a weak outfield, and you have a guy who has just crushed the ball in Double A and Triple A.

    Rosales was crushin the ball for awhile in Triple and was brought up and couldn’t quite cut it. So it happens where I guy can kill the ball in the minors, and get to the majors and just be kind of a dud. But you have to at least find out.

    I don’t think it would mess Heisy up or anything if he did struggle a bit. I think a guy being good in the majors doesn’t depend on him being called up to early…maybe Willy Mo was the exception. They ruined his career by having to keep him in the majors in my opinion when he should have been in like Single A.

    With all that being said…Heisy strikes out a lot less then Stubbs and I believe plays pretty decent defense. He already has more HRs then Stubbs at AAA, and half as many RBIs as Stubbs does in 14 games there compared to 75 or so by Stubbs.

    There are other factors in the decision I’m sure…but on the surface it’s an easy decision who to bring up in my opinion.

    If Stubbs is striking out once every four at-bats at Triple A how much is he gonna strike out in the big leagues?

    Oh well…I’m feeling a little bit of Bengalness with the Reds these days, where I feel they’ll make the wrong decision whatever that decision may be.

    I still do have some trust in Jocketty. Not so much in Dusty.

  9. brublejr

    Losing Bruce is the worst thing that happened in the game. I don’t buy that the team is better without him…at all. A broken wrist on a play like that can be hard to come back from. I doubt we will see him again this year, and I hope he can come back strong when he does come back.

    It sickens me that now we will definately see Taveras every single game, ugh! They will bring up Sutton until the break and then bring up an OF after the break. My guess would be Darnell just because he has already been up and they won’t trust the young guys enough to play them. :-((

  10. Eddie

    I would love to see either of those guys up. That being said Drew Stubbs and his .280 average, no power, strike out once a game…bat isn’t going to help this offense.
    And do you call Heisey up to the majors after only 14 games at AAA?
    I see an infielder coming up and hairston playing the outfield when need. Otherwise I see Taveras in CF, Dickerson in RF and Gomes/Nix in LF.

  11. The Mad Hatter

    I wish Doc Rogers would break his tongue, that would be addition by subtraction. Short maybe the Reds are better, just because of the slump Jay was experiencing. Long term, this is one of the worst things that could have happened. I’m having flashbacks to Austin Kearns.

  12. Mike Martz

    My youngest daughter broke both bones in a V shape just above her right wrist in the same kind of play her freshman year. She wore a cast for 5 weeks and was out for the entire season.
    I know Bruce isn’t a 14 year old highschooler but this doesn’t look good.
    I sure hope he didn’t break anything and can come back before the end of the season!
    “Praying for Jay”! :emotion:

  13. Glenn

    I hope that WJ has realized by now that this team needs a bat, not a light hitting infielder back up from AAA.

  14. BigRedMike

    Yes, he is the Reds lead off hitter.


    1 Willy Taveras -21
    T2 Emilio Bonifacio -18
    T2 Jimmy Rollins -18
    4 Alex Gonzalez -17
    T5 Jason Kendall -16
    T5 Jeff Francoeur -16
    T7 Edgar Renteria -15
    T7 Eric Byrnes -15
    T7 Bill Hall -15
    T10 Emmanuel Burriss -14
    T10 Garrett Atkins -14
    T10 Brian Giles -14

  15. brublejr

    I don’t see Stubbs getting called up before September…unless he replaces Taveras which is not going to happen. Stubbs would benefit more playing in L’Ville than sitting on the bench in Cincy. He provides no power off the bench which is what the team needs, some more power. It’s just too bad there isn’t anyone to provide any power in the minors that can help right now. I would like to see Heisey but I’m afraid it would be too big a jump playing so few games in AAA.

  16. Tom Diesman

    Just to add a little perspective on Stubbs who isn’t getting much love because his K numbers and a lack of power. The following are career minor league numbers:

    Dickerson 2202 135 42 .260 .363 .415 778 3.2 6.7
    Stubbs 1460 108 34 .271 .369 .407 776 3.7 7.0
    Taveras 1718 232 55 .288 .370 .361 731 5.2 9.5

    Stubbs and Dickerson, who are very similar players, would have made a nice little CF platoon for a lot less than Taveras costs. Taveras was unable to translate his OBP from the minors to the majors as well as Dickerson, who has much better plate discipline. The two points here are, Stubbs is very similar to Dickerson and the Taveras signing was and still is a bad baseball decision.

  17. BigRedMike

    Sounds like it is Rosales. No reason to bring up Stubbs or Heisey since Dusty would not play them anyway.

    “Taveras signing was and still is a bad baseball decision.”

    That is putting it lightly, it was a horrible baseball decision.

  18. brublejr

    Totally agree Tom. A Stubbs/Dickerson platoon would work way better than running Taveras out there.

  19. JerBear

    I agree it was a bad decision, but at the time I remember being somewhat intrigued by it. I think the fact we gave him a 2 year deal is the worse part about it. There’s no way he is starting in centerfield next year.

    Could you imagine if Taveras starts most of the rest of the games this year and finishes with a .230 average and a .280 OBP? I also shutter to think of Alex Gonzalez coming back and playing every day for the rest of the year.

  20. doktor

    mad hatter @12 – I too thought the same thing. kearns never seemed the same hitter for several years after his injury his 2nd year. too bad for bruce. i also dont agree this is additon by subtraction.