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A simple request about the second inning

I love Marty Brennaman — really, he’s the best in the business — but would it kill him to describe the action on the field while he’s chatting with one of the beat writers during the second inning?

It’s a simple request. Can someone forward it to the appropriate parties?

23 thoughts on “A simple request about the second inning

  1. Can I add one? Give the score from time to time. Red Barber used an egg timer (hourglass) to remind himself to give the score every few minutes. Marty and Jeff sometime forget to give it between innings sometimes.

  2. The next newsworthy thing said during their second inning “chat” will be the first…good idea in theory, but bad in implementation.

  3. The FoxSports interviews are even worse. For some reason they want to show us Chris and George and the person getting interviewed instead of the game while they talk. I remember a few big innings that occurred but we saw none of it because we were listening to starstruck Chris Welsh.

  4. Hey… easy on the guy. He said “strike three” and “ground ball to end the inning.”

  5. You know what was nice about the Federer-Roddick match Sunday morning, the announcers were saying very little, especially in that “extra innings” set. You could just watch the game with very little ear intrusion. I wish they (all baseball games, not singling out the Reds broadcasts) would do that a little more.

  6. If Marty broadcasted games 20 years ago the way he does today he would not be introduced as the “Hall of Fame Broadcaster”.

    The second inning thing was great the first year and a half and I would turn down the TV just to hear it, but it has grown tired and irrelevant.

  7. If it wasn’t for Brantley, Marty would completely devolve into nonsense far more often. It’s ironic that he makes fun of people twittering because who would want to know all those personal details – and then he spends a bunch of time in the broadcast (Ask Marty!) talking about where he golfs, where he eats etc.

    It’s also far worse when he’s calling the game with Thom. “You know Dad, you’re cynical.” “I am not, you’re more cynical.” “No sir, ask Mom, you’re the most cynical.”

    Etc. Seriously, I know Brantley needs work on his play by play (although it’s much improved) but if it wasn’t for him I might watch the games in silence.

    [The TV guys are completely out of the question, because if I hear CW says “you’re completely right about that, George” or “there’s no doubt about that, George” or “I couldn’t agree more, George” – which is the lead to every commnet – I’d probably throw something at the TV]

    Couldn’t agree more, Chad. πŸ˜‰

  8. I know Brantley needs work on his play by play (although it’s much improved) but if it wasn’t for him I might watch the games in silence.

    That might be the most recognition anyone has ever given Brantley on this blog. I got the other way… I’m inclined to turn it off when he’s talking. But you guys are right about Marty slipping. Seriously, “Ask Marty?”

  9. First post here, but I gotta say the ask Marty segment was cracking me up last nite.

    Cowboy: “What invention has most affected the way we live?”
    Marty: “Popped up to shallow center, centerfielder on to make the catch. One out. The automobile.”
    Cowboy: “Not clothes?”
    Marty: “Clothes are not an invention. The automobile.”
    And it devolved from there culminating with Marty saying that the train was a result of the invention of the car (???).

    Cowboy’s lascivious :-* “nas-tay” when Masset was pitching got a hearty chuckle too. They’re goofy, but they kill the TV guys.

    Score updates gotta be more frequent though. And Marty and Thom shouldn’t broadcast together.

  10. Thom is the worst. Or as Thom would say: I think he could be, and by could be I mean its possible, that he, I mean Thom, has got to be, and I mean that in no harmful manner, the worst, meaning far from the best, announcer of baseball, I mean the sport, of any of the others, and I don’t want to say terible, but of all of them, he could be one of the least best, and of course by that I mean in the lower section of the group, but then thats just my opinion.
    CW: blah blah blah
    Thom: really?

  11. I’m not sure if Brantley’s producers asked him to tone down his schtick a bit, but he doesn’t bother me nearly as much as he used to. He stays out of the way more than either Brennaman does, and I do sincerely enjoy his technical discourses on pitching; he genuinely seems to know his stuff, and it’s interesting.

    Chris Welch isn’t good, but he’s tolerable. George Grande irritates me more with every broadcast, though. That dude’s a serious piece of work, with all his verbal ticks and apparent obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  12. So Marty must think God laid out Adam and Eve’s clothes for them every day.

    I presume the automobile led to the train discourse was Marty’s attempt at humor. That’s one thing. The guy is not funny. It’s probably why he hated Dunn’s guts.

  13. BTW, no Hairston tonight. Bring binoculars and your rare bird book because there will be a sighting of the very rare Paul Janish bird in its natural habitat of SS. The predatory Gonzalez and Hairston birds, part of the Dusty Baker-adopted son genus, have led to its near extinction.

  14. On the other hand, no sightings of the Hanignan bird at all this series. I fear it has reached extinction.

  15. Brantley usually bugs the heck out of me. His stories seem so contrived and pre-packaged for every occasion. Comes off plastic to me.

  16. Love Marty, love the second inning, Brantley is OK, Thom is OK, Welsh is OK, hate Grande.

  17. Mark in CC .. I completely agaree with you on the ask Marty segment .. It is an insult . Are the Reds radio ratings based entirely on Marty ? .. Maybe so .. What a shame the game itself is not enough ..

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