The holiday weekend begins with a transaction. Danny Richar has been placed on the 15-day DL, and Edwin Encarnacion has been reinstated to the active roster. Welcome back, Edwin!

Well, we can’t welcome EE back to the lineup, because Jerry Hairston is starting at third. Of course. Full lineup below the fold. It is bizarre, as usual. Willy Taveras is actually not leading off, with the Cardinals throwing a right-hander tonight. Don’t get too excited. Taveras is batting second (!), rather than playing lefty-hitting Laynce Nix tonight. Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.

It’s a sellout crowd at Great American Ballpark. Let’s hope they’re loud and that they get to go home happy. Discuss the game here.

Dickerson LF
Taveras CF
Votto 1B
Phillips Bb
Bruce RF
Hernandez C
Hairston 3B
Janish SS
Bailey P

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

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  1. Come on Joey!!!!

  2. I haven’t left the couch in 50 min.

  3. BP should be up with bases loaded right now.

  4. David-That is not a steal and it is the right thing to do. Takes away the force at second.

  5. Walk to Votto, grand slam by Phillips, BP becomes Face of the Franchise.

  6. what the hell is that thing on Franklin’s face?

  7. did the scorer give him a SB?

  8. Team BP

  9. ump got that one right

  10. Here we go BP!!

  11. Defensive indifference, according to Thom.

  12. You sure ump? Not a check swing strike this time?

  13. Greg-No steal.

  14. Why is that St Louis pitcher wearing a squirrel’s tail on his chin?

  15. Be the face of the franchise, BP!!!

  16. ditto – mike – what the hell is that thing on Franklin’s face?

  17. That was a ball

  18. BP Please!!!!

  19. If he hits a home run nobody is allowed to say anything bad about him for a month.

  20. Team BP = FoF?

  21. It’s a deal, Annapolis.

  22. Pujols 5, Reds 4

  23. That might be the worst swing in the history of baseball. Way to try to go for the fence instead of wanting to get a couple in.

  24. Thom: “A crushing loss tonight for the Reds.”

    I really don’t think I can do a recap….

  25. Crap

  26. I blame that loss on Dusty (with an assist to Janish)

  27. oh well… win the next one. Cards are now three up on the Reds. If the Reds take the next three they’ll be tied. Look mom I can do math.

  28. That hurt

  29. Chad. I will do the recap for you.

    Walk Pujols. Janish boots the ball. Those two plays were the difference.

  30. David-Not necessarily true because Milwaukee and the Cubs are ahead of us too.

  31. Positive = Homer Bailey. Struck out Pujols in the 1st inning. The first out of 13 consecutive batters. Hit a batter, then retired 7 more in a row.

    Perhaps he should been left in for another batter or two in the 8th?

  32. Actually I would add Arthur Rhodes four pitch walk should be in there as well. He doesn’t walk the guy in front of Pujols then we don’t even have to worry about walking Pujols or not.

  33. ugh

    everybody, defense, bullpen, and Dusty really let Bailey down
    Hey Homer, go have a talk with Harang, he’s use to this and has spoken to a sport psychologist (not making that up) about how to deal. And congrats on pitching a great game.

  34. GregD-On post #245 you wanted him pinch hit for.

  35. Yes, the Cubs passed us today. That just made my night better. X(

  36. the bullpen tonight pitch only 1 2/3 innings. It seems like they were out there forever
    They allowed 5 hits, 2 BB and 5 runs, 2 earned AND allowed the 2 inherited runners from Bailey. It’s so good to know that our best pitcher in the bullpen didn’t even warm up

  37. Yes, I did say that. Given that he was left in to start the 8th, I’m throwing that out there for discussion. No one (that I saw) had mentioned that option. Feasible?

  38. One more small positive = Edwin doubles in first AB back

  39. It was unanimous on the Baseball Network. All three guys said they would have walked Pujols in that situation.

  40. 5 relievers used tonight and the starter went more than 7 innings. Nice way to start the series.

  41. GregD-I thought Dusty took him out exactly when he should have. Rhodes sets the whole mess up (that has been overlooked a bit on here) by walking the guy in front of Pujols on four pitches (Rhodes has struggled lately with his control). Dusty screws up by not walking Pujolks, Weathers screws up by throwing a 85 MPH fastball right down the middle on 3-2, Herrera screws up by giving up three hits after two were out, Janish screws up by not making the play on the ground ball. Plenty of blame to go around. I would NEVER pitch to Pujols, but that is just me (unless I was up by five or more runs).

  42. Losing Massett really hurt as well.

  43. I agree with you Mike. Too many managers only use their closer to start a clean 9th inning. If they are the best pitcher, you’ve got to bring him in the 8th in that situation like the Yanks do with Rivera.

  44. I missed what happened to Masset. What happened?

  45. Mike-Got hit by a line drive. I think he’s OK, but had to come out of the game after one batter.

    GregD-I would have walked Pujols even if Cordero was pitching.

  46. Rhodes should have been brought in to face Schumaker at the latest, then you have options if Larussa still hits for Duncan.

  47. I am so sick of Dusty Baker. It is so hard to root for the team I love with him managing.
    I can’t stand him.
    So, even though I am screaming at the top of my lungs to walk him with bases loaded he doesn’t.
    Dusty has no balls anyway. But then, to pitch to him again with runners in scoring position in the 9th is just disgusting.
    I hate him. I mean I hate him.

  48. before today the Reds were an amazing 30-10 when they score 4 or more runs
    9 of the 10 losses were by 3 runs or less

    in 9 of the 10 losses it was a really bad start by the starter that didn’t really give the team a chance. 1 bad start from each of Bailey, Cueto, Arroyo, and Harang. 2 bad starts from Volquez and 3 bad starts from Owings

    Volquez had an almost good start 5 2/3, 2 ER, 7 base runners where the bullpen/offense let him down. That was that crazy 16 inning games which Owings pitched great for 5+ innings of relief.

  49. Just read this on

    “• Seeing Red: The Reds’ efforts to get DeRosa notwithstanding, clubs that have spoken with them say they’re still planning to tread water for a little while longer to see if they can hang in the race. And if they can, they’ll ramp up their pursuit of a bat again. But the Reds are one of many teams not really interested in taking on dollars.”

    It’s on the ESPN-MLB front page. The story about Manny.

  50. Still trying to work up the courage to do a recap. I have to think about the game again in order to start writing it, and I just don’t want to think about this game any more.

  51. If they think they are 1 bat away, they should move to get him at the beginning of July instead of the end of July.

  52. I am SOOO glad the Reds didn’t get DeRosa
    the only way he would have been useful to the Reds is if he could play SS (which he can’t I’m just not sure how well) or move Phillips to SS and play DeRosa at 2B

    our LF platoon is producing at a higher level than DeRosa

    I guess if he can play CF he could be useful as well….Nix would be the odd man out then and Dickerson and Gomes could platoon in LF

    all of this would be pretty much a pipe dream. Dusty would start DeRosa in LF and it really wouldn’t improve the team much.

  53. can’t == can

  54. The aftermath or aftershock
    Posted by JohnFay at 7/3/2009 11:14 PM EDT on

    The Reds were in a start of Albert Shock after the game. Albert Pujols can do that to you.

    “He beat us by himself,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He took the game from us.”

    Pujols is the most dangerous hitter in the world. But the David Weathers felt he had to challenge him with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth.

    “That’s a tough situation,” Weathers said. “If you pitch around him and walk him, you’ve got the tying run at second and one out. That the one situation where you absolutely have to pitch to him.”

    Baker said essentially the same thing.

    “I don’t know,” he said. “Then you’ve got the tying run at second base with (Ryan) Ludwick up there. He hit 37 home runs last year. It’s a tough call.”

    If the bullpen had held the lead, the Reds would have ended the night a game out in the National League Central. Instead, they’re in fourth place, three games back.

    “If you think you’re going to win the division on July 3rd, you’re kidding yourself,” Weathers said. “We’re 39-39, three games back. The bad thing is we should have won the game. Nobody feels worse that I do.”

  55. Weathers then came into face Pujols. Weathers threw a fastball down and away.

    “I got him to do what I wanted – to pull an outside pitch,” Weathers said of facing Pujols. “But he’s so strong.”


  56. The grand slam was with Pujols’ fourth of season. It was his 350th career home run and . It made him 10-for-18 with three homers and nine RBI off Weathers.

    Why put Weathers in that situation!!!!!!

  57. the answer to today’s game is RIGHT HERE….direct quote from our Mensa member and president Dusty @$%^#$% Baker

    ““I don’t know,” he said.”

    of course you don’t know….you are a @#$%#$% @#$%#$%

    just like you
    think BB are overrated and clog the bases
    aren’t a front runner
    and you haven’t had time to think about it

    simple, Dusty knows more about blues and old soul music than he does baseball…..straight up. Go back to DJ-ing

  58. Janish has 2 errors in 27 games. Gonzalez has 3 errors in 49 games. I was led to believe (mainly from RLN) that Janish was supposed to be worlds better defensively than Gonzalez. What’s the deal?

  59. Anyone else feel like they’ve been punched in the gut?

  60. Whatever. Janish blew that one tonight, no doubt about it, but he’s still a million times better than Gonzo defensively.

    Janish gets to balls every night that Gonzo watches roll into left field.


    Juan Pierre

    He’s been “crushing” the ball when Manny has been out but Manny is back so now he’ll return to the bench. He will fit right into Dusty’s convoluted, misguided, faith-ridden, bull-@#%#$%-W@%@$% ideas of what makes a good baseball player. He can then get completely off leading Willy off and batting Pierre 2nd and the Reds will finish in last

    The Reds under Dusty’s leadership has already had Patterson, Taveras, Bako, and Phillips now all we need to do is get Juan Castro back and trade for Crosby, Izturis, or Pierre and Baker will be in baseball heaven

  62. Dusty doesn’t even appear to enjoy managing – almost everytime he has to push a button he curses and paces (probably wishing Jacques Jones was on the roster)… And what’s up with Jocketty? it’s likes taken up the Bowden habit of dumpster diving. Well guess what? Nix has come back to planet earth and Gomes is next… How about WJ does his job and finds a real player; it’s complicated but it’s doable and it’s his job to get it done…

  63. Phillips? Gomes?

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