Bill and I discuss the state of the Reds at the two-month mark of the 2009 season. Topics include the ongoing Joey Votto saga, where the Reds can improve themselves for the stretch run, the return of Brandon Phillips, along with the latest on Jay Bruce, Edwin Encarnacion, Yonder Alonso, and many others. All in Episode 27 of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast.

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13 Responses

  1. GregD

    I haven’t listened to this yet, but I notice that after two months, Willy Taveras is only performing slightly better than he did in Colorado last year.

    In colorado – .251/.308/.296 (avg/obp/slg)
    Through May 31, 2009 – .266/.325/.335, which are below his career average in each category

  2. per14

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this:

    I was pretty disappointed yesterday, but as bad as last weekend was, on April 1, I would easily have taken 26-23 on June 1. (Of course that doesn’t change the fact that they could be at 29-20 or so if they hadn’t done so poorly in San Diego and Milwaukee.) So, let’s not allow the last three games to make us forget the Reds have made significant strides.

  3. GRF

    Amen per. Plenty of ball yet to be played.

    Greg, I will take the 18 point OBP and 39 point SLG perecentage increases over the year. It may not be a great performance, but it gets him to servicable from very bad, and I am not sure how much better we can expect.

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    Dickerson’s numbers are almost identical to Nix and Rosales, and he hasn’t even had a sustained streak yet. Methinks we gave up on him a bit soon. And yes, if he can hit for the same average as Tavares while keeping an OBP 50 points higher w/ a bit of pop, he should be part of a center field platoon w/ Hairston.

  5. BigRed Tube

    If we can continue to stay in the mix of the Central until we are completely healthy, I think will be in good position to make a stretch run. As long our pitching continues to stay strong. We need to keep Nix out on the field I like his play and think he deserves the time.

  6. GregD

    No way a 325 obp is serviceable for a leadoff hitter, especially one who has no other game (i.e. doesn’t hit for average or for power). His numbers so far are between his terrible 2008 (when the Rockies couldn’t even trade him for a non-prospect minor leaguers) and his career average.

    Many folks here argued that they could live with it if he was up to his career average, but he’s not even doing that.

  7. GregD

    Stats on the Reds from Lance’s 1530 blog – if they have a winning month just one more time this year, they’ll match a feat they haven’t accomplished since 2000!:

    The Reds have started the [2009] season with back to back winning months: April (11-10)/ May (15-13).
    *The last time the Reds began the season with back to back winning months was 2004:
    April (12-10)/May (18-11).

    *The last time the Reds began the season with at least three consecutive winnings months was 1992: April-May-June-July

    *The last time the Reds had three consecutive winning months at any point in the season was 1999 when they had five consecutive: May-June-July-August-September.

    *The last time the Reds had at least three winning months during a season was 2000: May, July, September.

  8. per14

    Sultan –

    Amen!! I wish Dickerson would get a look at the regular CF. I’m confident he could put up a .350 plus OBP with solid D and some power. I’ll never figure out why the Reds signed Taveras to a *two* year deal.

  9. Chris

    Dusty has enough tools to put together an okay, but not great LF/CF combination (Dickerson, Nix, Willy, JHJ). It will take a lot of delicacy, though. He needs to play the hot hand, and get away from guys when they’re ice cold (yet giving them some chance to get well).

    Unfortunately, the last couple years have shown us that Dusty is pretty reluctant to “give up” on a slumping player, even if the guy is marginal to begin with. “Ain’t no front runner” and all that.

  10. GregD

    To answer my own question from another thread, it appears that Dickerson’s playing time recently has been because Taveras has a sore hamstring (per player card.) Dickerson played mid-week, Sat & Sun.

    How long with they let this go without DL’ing Taveras?

    Taveras had
    a 351 OBP in April (8bb, 2hbp, 8K in 65ab)
    a 307 OBP in May (6bb, 0hbp, 18K in 108ab)

  11. GregD

    Taveras is out for a 3rd straight game tonight.