Doug Gray of joins Chad for this edition of the podcast. They discussed the first two weeks of the major league season, including the performance of Chris Dickerson thus far, and the guys also talked about which players in the Reds minor league system can be expected to help the Reds, this year and beyond. Adam Rosales, Yonder Alonso, Homer Bailey, Chris Heisey, and more, in the 23rd episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast.

You can listen with the player at the bottom of this post or right-click here to download the mp3 file to listen at your leisure. For links to all previous episodes of Redleg Nation Radio, check out the podcast’s home page.

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11 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    Rosales…I don’t know why the Reds couldn’t use him as a Ryan Freel like guy, he could play at different spots or give the good ABs off the bench. About EE in LF, do we want him trying to learn to play OF in the majors?

  2. jason

    Enjoying the podcast this week, good stuff.

  3. Bill Lack

    I wonder if Frazier blooms, if they’d put him in RF and move Jay Bruce back to CF?

  4. wanderinredsfan

    I wonder who works with EE regarding his hitting? Perhaps he could use some personal advice….away from Dusty and Jacoby. For now, I’d rather keep him at third, and give Rosales a chance to compete for the spot. Rosales could spell Gonzo and BP at SS and 2nd, with Janish, while Hairston concentrates on the OF. Unfortunately, McDonald needs sent down or let go. I think our current OF would be fine with Taveras, Bruce, Dickerson, Hairston, and Nix.

  5. Glenn

    Dickerson could be headed back to AAA if he does’nt get his head out of his #$#! real soon.

  6. Jay

    Dickerson had a .260 career minor league avg. what can you expect he is simply not a major league material.

  7. Glenn

    Jay, I agree totally. It seems like WJ based his team planning on a very short sampling of Dickerson’s ML experience.

  8. jinaz

    Hi Chad, Doug,

    Enjoyed the podcast. I follow the Reds pretty closely, but there were a few individuals that you discussed who I know almost nothing about.

    Minor suggestion for Chad on podcasts: if possible, it’d be really nice if you could turn up the volume for people on the phone. This was a bit less of an issue for Doug than it was for Chris a few weeks back, but there’s a huge disparity between your voice’s volume and the volume of the voice on the phone. I was constantly fiddling with my volume when listening…had to turn it way up to hear Doug, but then you’d come on and be painfully loud. I actually had to stop listening to the interview with Chris because my hears were hurting… 🙂

  9. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, it’s an issue I’ve been trying to get fixed. We’ve been having problems with our phone lines. The phone company is supposed to come out soon and hopefully that situation will be fixed.