2009 Reds / Havoc

“[A]stute Reds fans”

ESPN has their Reds season preview up. It’s written by Jerry Crasnick, and it’s actually a pretty good in-depth preview. Below the fold, check out the photo of Edinson Volquez, Joey Votto, and Johnny Cueto that was featured on the front page of ESPN’s MLB section.

I gotta tell you, though…you guys were ripped off by ESPN. Check out this passage:

But the Reds win out because of their surplus of arms. Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto, Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo and Micah Owings make for one of baseball’s best 1-through-5 starting contingents. As astute Reds fans and Scrabble devotees have pointed out, you can take the first letters of their last names and spell “HAVOC.”

Being called astute fans is a compliment, I suppose, but it would have been nice to see The Nation — by which, I mean YOU, the community here — credited for the HAVOC quip. After all, that originated with one of the fine commenters here at RN; remember this?

Well, we didn’t get a link from ESPN out of that, but either way, I urge you to go read the piece. It’s not bad.

9 thoughts on ““[A]stute Reds fans”

  1. Very nice analysis. Someone at ESPN must have ordered that they not destroy hope as they look at the hard and cold and disillusioning facts.

    I love baseball. Nothing complicated. I’d like them to win, but then years from now, I’ll still be here. Now that they will be training in AZ, I’ll get to see them close up. Ain’t it fun?

  2. SI puts us 4th at 80-82. They have the Mets and the Cubs in the NLCS. I guess we’ll find out what happens when two chokers meet.

  3. ‘The biggest drag on the team’s defense is Encarnacion, who hit 26 home runs last season, made 23 errors at third base and is starting to look like a player who’ll never quite live up to his early billing.

    In his new book, Dewan writes, “Encarnacion is to third base what the bull is to the china shop.”

    Or as one scout said of Encarnacion, “He’s got some ability, but less than he thinks he has.”‘

    Amen. AMEN.

    This is your favorite player Dotson? You complained non-stop about the Reds defense up the middle during the spring despite their glaring wart of a liability at third.

    Your analysis would hold a lot more water if you would abandon your mindless support of this catastrophe of a player.

  4. That is not a bad preview at all. If everyone improves it could be interesting. I’m still not sold on the offense.

  5. I read the SI preview also. They have Taveras-Gonzalez 1-2 in the expected line-up.

    I swear if Dusty does that….

  6. ugh, this is what kills me (i’m talking about the potential 1-2 combo in the lineup). There is some myth that people desperately believe in that you have to have fast guys at the top of the lineup. You need to have guys who are going to be able to take pitches and get on base. It can be beneficial if they’re fast, but only if they still take pitches and get on base.

    Unfortunately, I see few better options on our team. I just worry about who Votto and Bruce are goign to be driving in when people ahead of them in the lineup struggle to get on base.

    Willy Taveras has to have at least a .350 OBP for our offense to reach near its potential

  7. Fortunately that’s looking like it’s possible. (a .350 OBP for Taveras) Maybe not likely, but at least possible. It won’t matter as much though if Gonzalez is OBPing .295 in the 2 spot, then Phillips is OBPing .315 in the 4 spot. Bruce batting 5 won’t have anyone to drive in. Then at the end of the year Marty can complain that Bruce isn’t clutch and only hits meaningless home runs because he’ll have 35 HR and only 60 RBI.

  8. The only thing I take issue with is the scout who says we have no depth. Aside from Votto and Bruce, the entire lineup and pitching staff has a competant backup. You can’t say that about the Cubs or Brewers. Pujols is 20% of the Cards offense, if he goes down……. Just sayin’, it’s relative.

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