Jacque Jones is gone:

Jones planned to stick around Sarasota for a while to wait and see if any opportunities arose with other teams. Another option might be to accept an assignment to Triple-A Louisville and continue working on re-finding his stroke, if there’s the chance for him to play there.

Hey, Bill and I discussed just this, among other things, on the latest edition of the podcast!

Also sent to minor league camp: Norris Hopper and Daryl Thompson. No surprises there, unless you think it’s a surprise that Dusty allowed Jones to be cut.

11 Responses

  1. preach

    feeling better about the season all the time.

    I do feel a little bad for Hopper though. He’s done everything everyone has asked of him and I hope he has much success.

  2. Bill Lack

    I think Hopper will be one of the guys that comes off the 40…not sure who the other will be.

  3. brublejr

    I am happy about this one. Now it will be interesting who gets those last couple bench spots and the 5th starter/long relief rolls.

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    Now maybe everybody can get their panties unbunched and concentrate on the optimism this year’s team offers.

  5. GregD

    So that opens the door quite a bit for Laynce Nix?

  6. Steve Price

    On Baseball Mogul 2010 (yes, I know it’s just a game), Laynce Nix is listed as the Reds third best player (by the Reds “in game scout”

  7. Glenn

    My guess is Jones will ask for his release, but it would be interesting to see if he accepts AAA. I don’t know what the situation is down there outfielderswise but normallly AAA starting jobs are for prospects not 30 something has beens.

  8. pinson343

    Hairston started in AAA after a promising spring.