From Lance McAlister’s blog:

Today the Reds optioned to Class AAA Louisville RHP Sam LeCure, LHP Matt Maloney
and RHP Robert Manuel; optioned to Class AA Carolina 3B Juan Francisco;
reassigned to minor league camp RHP James Avery, IF/OF Wes Bankston, 1B Kevin
Barker, IF Luis Bolivar, LHP Ben Jukich, C Chris Kroski, LHP Adam Pettyjohn and
RHP Jordan Smith…44 players remain in camp.

11 Responses

  1. nycredsfan

    At least Jacque Jones is still there. It’d be a shame for him to get cut without having a chance to prove how good he is at creating HAVOC.

  2. Mark in CC

    Must admit was I was disappointed in the performance of Matt Maloney. I thought he might be a viable starter candidate but it just didn’t happen. There just seems to be not usable starting lefties on the horizon.

    Pettyjohn falls into the same category.

  3. Bill Lack

    If you listen to the interview with Tom Nichols, he seems to think that Pettyjohn is as much veteran presence at Louisville as anything. I don’t know about Maloney, but I’m not writing anyone off after a bad spring training.

  4. Steve Price

    Baseball released their “future shock” bottom 15 (bottom 15 farm systems) today…the Reds are #19 after being #7 last year (graduating many that we know).

    Their comments:

    1) might be better than this…if the teenagers develop, Stubbs continues making better contact, and Valaika continues to hit

    2) why may be worse….if Alonso really can’t hit lefties, if Mesoraco is as “sloppy” as he was last year, and “is there a pitcher in the entire system worth getting excited about.”

    3) outlook: we get the #8 pick this year and system can afford a little patience after big 2008 prospect year

  5. Steve Price

    Baseball prospectus today said that Ryan Hanigan may be one of the best Quad-A players to step up this year (notice, not a prospect…he’s 28)…a catch and throw guy known to cover the plate and make contact rather than other reserve catch and throw catchers who use power as their typical offensive weapon.

  6. nycredsfan

    I think the significant offensive upgrade at catcher will be the biggest improvement we see in the team this year.

  7. Glenn

    I’m with Mark, I really thought Maloney would show better than he did this spring.

    Second thing, if Homer makes the squad, in the bullpen rather than as a starter, I’m all for that. I think the more that kid gets to pitch in the bigs, the higher his confidence level will be. I don’t subscribe to the theory that he’ll get more work in AAA.

  8. wanderinredsfan

    You “don’t subscribe to the theory that he’ll get more work in AAA”???? A starter in AAA would get at least twice the work as a reliever in Cincy. Not sure I follow the logic, unless you believe that he’ll master his trade better in the Reds’ bullpen, versus in AAA. Given his age, I would lean towards more work over better competition.

  9. Mark in CC

    Off the subject but,I know he has gotten off to slow starts in the spring before but at what point is there a concern about Harang?

    Bad second half and batting practice so far.

  10. Steve Price

    Homer Bailey needs to spend the year as long man in the Reds bullpen.

    It sure seemed to work for Earl Weaver and his future cy young Award winners in Baltimore during the 70’s…and it would sure do a lot for his confidence.

  11. Glenn

    I don’t subscribe to that theory in the case of Homer Bailey. IMO he’s been bounced around enough and its had a negative effect on his confidence. He’s done all he’s going to do in AAA. I think its time for him to spend some time on the Reds’ roster and learn what it takes to be a big league pitcher.

    At this point, I’m not even factoring in the amount of work he’s going to get on the mound. Once he learns that he can get big league batters out, I think he’ll blossom into the pitcher we all hope he can be.