We’re Number Four!

Cincinnati is ranked fourth in the country…among America’s “Manliest” cities. Woo-hoo!

8 thoughts on “We’re Number Four!

  1. What makes one manly? What is the one common thread between those top cities? What separates us from San Francisco?

  2. I wonder how much “research” went into constructing that list… And by whom… Guess it’s a slow news period!

  3. No joke – a “manly city” is based on the number of professional sports teams, the number of hardware stores, and the number of monster truck rallies. There was one other, but I can’t remember what it was. Seriously, it was in the Enquirer last week.

  4. Number of sports teams? NY has more sports teams than anyone and they’re dead last. I guess they must not have enough monster truck rallies.

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