2009 Reds / Havoc


We all know the higher-ups want the Reds to create “havoc” on the basepaths this season. Maybe they want the pitchers to wreak a little havoc, too.

If you missed this comment by RiverCity Redleg, well, it’s just brilliant:

Did anyone else notice that our starting rotation,
H arang
A rroyo
V olquez
O wings
C ueto

Spells HAVOC!


11 thoughts on “H-A-V-O-C

  1. Saw that three Reds got plunked with pitches today. Any of those intentional?

    Too bad the Reds can’t take this grand slam frenzy into the regular season with them. Three in a week.

  2. Winning baseball brings in fans. For the past several years the Reds have been using their young potential stars as sideshows and bringing them up before they’re ready (Dunn’s defense, Bruce’s defense and overall game, Bailey’s readiness).

    How about we check some egoes at the door and develop some players…Bailey needs to be in the bullpen for a year.

    This is how we find out if the team really has a plan or a “I’m about to lose my job” way of running a team. A version of the Reds has been around for nearly 150 years.

    If they want instant fan gratification, go buy a star and let the kids develop. Or, if they “say” they can’t afford a star, keep buying Willy Taveras types, bank on Alex Gonzalez-injury types, and play them….then bring up the youngsters when they’re ready, not when attendance wanes.

    Yes, the fans will scream, “we’re out of it, play the youngsters”, but that’s more like running for election. There’s enough low budget players available to win 70 games while the youth develops rather than shortchanging us two years from now.

  3. @Y-City Jim.. Unfortunately, the RiverCity has produced alot more HAVOC than the QueenCity in recent years. The Bats had the best record in AAA last year and are perennial (sp?) contenders in the International League. For some reason it hasn’t translated up to the Redlegs yet. Maybe this is the year.

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