Part 2 of Bill’s interview with Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Logan Parker, and Chad dives into the mailbag. Plus, another 10 second movie review…all in Episode 12 of Redleg Nation Radio.

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8 Responses

  1. doug

    Just gave it a listen.

    Bill, again – Great Job on the preparation for the interview and the questions.

  2. Bill

    Thanks…but more, thanks to Logan, Matt, and Tyler for their time in doing these interviews. I hope to have more interviews as the season goes along…if you have someone that you’d like to see interviewed, drop me a note and I’ll see if it’s possible.

  3. GregD

    “if you have someone that you’d like to see interviewed, drop me a note and I’ll see if it’s possible.”

    Dusty Baker

  4. Matt McWax

    Nice to hear his honesty even if is not what management would want to hear. Yonder’s such a promising player whose skill set is like Logan’s but with more upside. This would be frustrating for me too if I was in his position. Parker’s a quality minor league player who will likely progress to the majors. He needs to perform well this year and he won’t be disrespected.

    I would personally start him in Chat and Alonso at A+. Then, hopefully they will perform well and give the Reds some tough decisions. But if I was him, I would stress less over the Alonso issue and more over the way the organization pulls in vet minor league contract guys like Ward/Jones making it tough on guys like Dorn to get more serious looks (he did mention Dorn’s frustration).

    The organization needs to give the minor league talent votes of confidence. The bullpen is the best example where veteran signings have crowded out potential quality relievers from the minor league ranks. Parker’s opinions are evidence of the way the players end up feeling.

  5. Bill

    Greg…While I doubt that anyone in Reds management will talk to us (mere bloggers), it won’t hurt to ask.

  6. BenL

    That was really fascinating. Thanks to Bill and Logan. Nice work.

  7. randy

    i like a man that speaks his mind . once again thanks bill you do a great job

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