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20 thoughts on “Another Baseball Head

  1. rosie was there for at least some of the games last year.

    there were times in 2008 we had rosie, gapper, mr redlegs all standing in the right field camera cutout at the same time, during the game, trying to distract fans from how bad the team was.

  2. The Reds should include these guys for a mid-inning baserunning race.

    Think…speed would be winning most of the time

    Base clogger could intentionally stop him, stop and block the bases

    havoc could have all sorts of fun…toys on the bases, booby traps, blocks…kind of reminds me of Wile E. Coyote

  3. The Reds already have some nice eye candy, Deaner:


    As traditional an organization as the Reds have been, I’ve always thought it was odd for them to be one of the few teams with a cheerleader squad.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Just making an observation. 🙂

  4. If nothing else, the team could be the first to stage an all-mascot team…they only need to add a few more. Maybe Hustler, to go along with Y-City’s Speed, Havoc, and Base Clogger. I suppose we could add Veteran Who Plays the Game Right as an ninth mascot.

    Of course, our Yankee readers will say “wait, the Yankees were the first team to be comprised entirely of players with big heads.”

  5. Sorry, Steve, but sadly “Charlie Hustle” has been banned for life from all mascot competitions.

  6. Can we spell “Charlie Hustle” differently? Give it a different number?

    Even Rudolph had a “Charlie in the Box” instead of a jack in the box

  7. Chip,
    I remembered the MDX crew about the same time I clicked submit on the last post. I figured someone would call me out on it.

    I agree with you. As traditional as the Reds have been, it is slightly embarrasing to have a cheerleading squad. Then again… I’m not complaining 🙂

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