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Redleg Nation Radio podcast: Tyler Stovall Interview

We’re back on the air….


Right-click here to download the latest episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast (or click on the player above or below to listen as you read this). In this episode of the podcast, in addition to discussion of the Willy Taveras signing, we have an interview with Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Tyler Stovall. I’m telling you, this is a great kid and you are going to enjoy getting to know him.

Fellow RN Editor Bill sat down with Tyler at the Champions Baseball Academy recently, and had a wonderful conversation. I think you’ll enjoy the interview.

For what it’s worth, I wasn’t messing up Taveras’ name on purpose. It was a complete mistake every time I said it, but it was kinda funny, so I left it in.

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16 thoughts on “Redleg Nation Radio podcast: Tyler Stovall Interview

  1. This was my first opportunity to meet Tyler and (after he figured out who I was and vice versa) we had a nice conversation. He seems like another good guy that’s been willing to work with us here at RN, and we wish him nothing but the best.

  2. After reading Moneyball, I thought the game could be reduced to stats. But Adam Dunn, for all his numbers, is lacking in some mannter beyond stats. I think Jocketty might have seen it when, after Griffey was traded, Dunn went into a shell. He wasn’t much of a presence beyond stats. During all of the Dunn years, the Reds did not win. While it’s not his fault, he come sup short in the non-stat department – the intangibles. Jocketty did the right thing, and apparently Arizona saw the same thing.

    So you are very down on Taveras – no stats other than defense and stolen bases. I don’t know what to expect. I’m certainly no expert, but I’m hoping he brings some intangibles – the ability to mess up the other team, throw them off their game, excite his team mates … things we cannot measure.

    I only hope.

  3. They were traded 11 days apart. Hardly seems like enough time to go into a “shell”…

  4. Intangibles only go so far and they aren’t even close to being enough to outweigh good or bad play. If Wily Taveras doesn’t improve the rate he walks, or the rate that he strikes out, then he just won’t be of value for the Reds.

  5. Great interview, hope for the best for Tyler.

    In regards to Dunn’s shell…Griffey was gone less than two weeks before Dunn got shipped off. I never saw a shell put up in that extremely short time.

  6. The only thing that I need to know about Moneyball is that Billy Beane is being portrayed by Brad freaking Pitt.

    Also, I don’t think the trades had as much of an affect on Dunn as people think. Otherwise he’d be chomping at the bit to sign with Washington so he could be reunited with all his former Reds pals.

  7. Anyone know what is up with EE? I went to the Eagles site to check on his stats if he’d been playing winterball and I’m finding mixed results. Their website doesn’t have him listed on the roster or as having any stats but when I went to their last match stats it shows Edwin in the boxscore as the first basemen and him hitting .231.

    I’m more worried about him playing first base during the off-season than the offensive numbers.

  8. I just check the winter league stats on MLB.com. From that, I would surmise he quit playing after a couple games.

    Francisco and Alonzo seem to be doing quite well.

  9. All I’m saying about Dunn is that something is missing there … some intangible. Things don’t coalesce around him, he’s not inspiring nor a natural leader. For a small market team, with the kind of salary he will command, he needs to be a team shaker. He’ll do well for a rich American League team where he merely complements the offense, and where he isn’t expected to pull more weight than that. He’s a valuable player, but not the solution for the Reds. That much is obvious.

  10. Phil and Jim,
    Edwin isn’t listed on the roster because he only showed up for the playoffs. The team site only shows regular season stats.

    Alonso has been done playing winter ball for over a month now. Francisco has just simply destroyed the baseball. He is in the playoffs now and has hit well, but not as good, in the playoffs. He went 2-4 with a walk, double, RBI and a run last night though.

  11. Thanks, Doug.

    Is there a good comprehensive web site to keep tabs on what’s happening in winter ball?

  12. Tell me some player who others “coalesce around” and maybe we can talk. Presumably, these intangibles show up in some fashion for these other guys, right? As in, they make their teammates score more runs, or allow fewer?

    Because if a skill doesn’t do one of those two things, IT IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. Like Eric Byrnes’ hair, it’s just something for TV guys to talk about during the games.

  13. Chris – you should not so quickly dismiss what you cannot quantify. A player can some times get by on raw natural talent and be a great, great player. If you look just at stats you think wow what a player. But when you think how good the same player might be if he played the game like Pete Rose… Man. Dont think that teammates dont notice how the best player on the team approaches the game. I am not suggesting Dunn was such a player only that failing to understand the group dynamics that occur in team sports shows a real lacking on your part.

  14. Makes sense Doug, I had found a spanish written article that said something about him playing for the round robin tourney but I wasn’t sure if that had happened or what…either way thanks!

  15. “He’s a valuable player, but not the solution for the Reds. That much is obvious.”

    Right, because he wasn’t a pitcher.

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