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Short Hops

–Corey Patterson and Paul Bako have filed for free agency. So has David Weathers. (I know I’m in the minority, but I’m tired of Weathers and I hope he isn’t resigned.)

Also filing were Jerry Hairston, Jr., Kent Mercker, and Javier Valentin. That’s a lot of free agents, but not a ton of talent in that group. Other than Jeremy Affeldt and Mike Lincoln (who already filed), and possibly Hairston (if signed as a backup), I’m not that interested in retaining any of the others.

–Are the Reds planning to upgrade the Great American Ballpark scoreboard in the off-season?

–Former major leaguer David Bell — whose father and grandfather both played for the Reds — will be managing the Reds’ AA affiliate in the Carolina League.

18 thoughts on “Short Hops

  1. You really don’t want both Lincoln and Weathers to walk because then the Reds will have a fairly inexperience pen. I bet there is a naive GM out there that will offer Hairston a multi year deal.

  2. Cool that the videoboard is getting an upgrade.

    A lot of free agents but in my opinion the only guys they should go for is Affeldt and Lincoln. I don’t see Affeldt coming back and Lincoln was pretty good although he fell off at the end but that could’ve been exhaustion from not having pitched a full season in a while. Hairston if he’ll come cheap.Serve as a back-up or maybe a platoon split somewhere in the outfield.

  3. True. But, what are the chances of a combination of Roenicke, Masset, and the cast of thousands at L’ville making 60-65 appearances without having some serious growing pains in ’09? I’d go with vets in the pen that are used to pitching in all kinds of situations.

  4. I mostly fear of Gary Majewski. Hope he can do well but it has yet to feel like that will happen.

  5. re: bullpen, it depends whether you are going for it in 2009 or building for 2010. They also have the option of converting to the bullpen some of the 5 candidates fighting for the 5th rotation spot. A lot of successful closers were previously starting rotation prospects.

  6. The Reds should pick up Cliff Floyd. The Rays didn’t pick up his option, and he’d be a much better option off the bench than someone like Valentin.

  7. I don’t know if he’d be very expensive given his injury history. If he’s available for close to the minimum, it’s worth exploring, at the very least.

  8. I agree let Weathers walk. We need dominating set up men. I really like Joe Beimel on the Dodgers, he did a helluva job against us when we went up against them. I think if we can shorten the game to 7 innings, with our improved starting pitching we become extremely dangerous. One good bat, and at least one good set up man is needed this off season.

  9. One sign of a good GM is the ability to put together a solid bullpen without wasting valuable resources (in the Reds case, $$). Krivsky obviously couldn’t do that, as evidenced by the Cordero signing. Let’s see if Walt can.

  10. Or the wasted money on Cormier, Stanton, Hammond, etc. They have 5 young starters vying for 1 rotation spot. Looks like an opportunity to see if anyone can help at the back end of the bullpen.

  11. Beimel is available via free agency. I really like that guy. I say sign him and between him and Burton and hopefully Roenicke we have tremendous set up for Cordero. I want this bullpen to be a strength… its been a weakness forever.

  12. Beimel has the stuff to be a closer, and will probably not only command that type of money, but I’m not sure he would want to be a set up guy. I think he would like to go someplace where he could compete for a closer’s job at the least. Tampa comes to mind.

    I agree his stuff is excellent and I would love to have him, but I’m not sure the money is there for an expensive set up guy.

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