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On Johnny Cueto

Everyone quoted in this article about Johnny Cueto’s “stiffness and soreness in the back of his right arm – near where the triceps tendon connects to the elbow” sounds optimistic, but forgive me if I’m very worried for the young guy.

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  1. Triceps inflammation isn’t a big deal, many times it doesn’t need a DL stint. I’m not worried. He might miss a start but with him nearing the +30 innings threshold (Will Carroll’s so-called Verducci Rule, even though it doesn’t completely apply across the AAA-MLB line) at this stage that’s not a bad thing to be held out and rested.

  2. I said this in another thread, but I’ll repeat it here…

    In this lost season, I think the #1 most important thing the Reds can do is protect the young pitchers. I see nothing at all to be gained by over-extending them, or even borderline over-extending them.

    Cueto’s career high is 161 1/3 IP.

    I’d shut him and Volquez down at 180 or 185. What’s to be gained by pushing them beyond that?

    (Pitch the hell out of Fogg if you want – he’s not part of the Reds future.)

    Pushing Cueto and Volquez to near 200 IP b/c Bob C. wants to finish 5th instead of 6th would be so stupid and arrogant and short-sighted that it blows my mind.

    I hope that isn’t what’s happening here…

    Anyway… hope it’s nothing but a little tightness for Cueto.

  3. I agree with Dan. There’s just no sense in being “cautious” with Cueto — just DL the guy and put someone else in the rotation. And I wouldn’t let Volquez go beyond 180.

    As for Fogg, in this lost season, all of his starts would involve him “taking one for the team.” I want the guy to finish the year with an ERA up around 16.00 if at all possible. It’s time these overrated, overpaid starting pitchers get their due.

  4. Bill what exactly is wrong with the Reds’ medical staff? I’ve never heard of people not liking a teams medical staff.Any specific problems?

  5. Not answering for Bill, but imho, the Reds medical staff has had way too many day-to-day injuries turn into season ending surgeries. From what I gather, Kremchek and company are excellent surgeons but below average medical directors.

    The final straw for me was finding that the Reds medical director was also the Nationals doctor the year of the Majewski trade.

  6. ps. regardless of quality of diagnosis and treatment, I’m concerned any time a Reds pitcher has to go see any doctor concerning arm pain/soreness.

  7. The final straw for me was finding that the Reds medical director was also the Nationals doctor the year of the Majewski trade.

    Wow, sounds like someone has their fingers in too many pies and trying to make too much green and was unable to pick up on an injury. That is bad…I think all would agree to be very careful with those $million arms of Volquez and Cueto. I say let Rick Sweet and the Louisville Bats finish the season for the Reds as they might win 90 games at AAA…can’t be much worse than the Reds! 😆

  8. Here’s what it is:

    Rookie Johnny Cueto will miss at least one start with an elbow injury, after an examination Monday by Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek revealed a posterior strain of his right elbow.

    Team officials said the injury was possibly due to a hyperextension of that elbow.

    Also, Homer’s hurt, too.

  9. I’m concerned any time the Reds medical staff looks at a pitcher’s arm.

    You have no faith in Dr, Frankenstein?

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