Okay, so Ken Griffey, Jr., has been dealt to the White Sox. There is speculation about David Weathers being traded, and the Rockies still appear to be interested in Josh Fogg (then what’s the hold up? Trade him!).

More speculation centers on Adam Dunn; evidently, the Rays and Diamondbacks are interested. Will he be traded?

FYI: Adam Dunn’s 2008 statistics: 32 homers, 74 RBI, .385 OBP, .567 SLG, for an OPS of 952. He’s leading the majors in homers, and Dunn is on a pace for 48 homers and 112 RBI.

As Mike noted over on the Reds Listserv, this is the 5th consecutive season that Dunn has hit thirty or more homeruns. The only other Red to accomplish this is Frank Robinson, who did it from 1958-62.

Plus, Dunn has more home runs (196) and walks (511) since 2004 than anyone in baseball.

Will Dunn be traded? Discuss that, and any other rumors you have, right here.

UPDATE: From Jon Heyman at SI:

The Rays’ superb play has surprised them a bit, so they didn’t expect to be buyers at the trade deadline. They hoped to contend by 2009 or perhaps ’10. The Rays appear to be adjusting to their new role as trade-deadline buyers, but with Jason Bay possibly going to Boston in the Manny Ramirez deal, it appears that Adam Dunn may be their best shot. It is believed the Reds are seeking some of the Rays’ vaunted young pitching, including Jeff Niemann and Jeremy Hellickson. Tampa has refused to include big shortstop prospect Reid Brignac in the Bay deal. So presumably he’d be off-limits as well for Dunn, who’s lefthanded and doesn’t fit Tampa quite as well.

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107 Responses

  1. Mark T

    Trading Griffey addresses a weakness – having Griffey in the #3 hole. From a Sox perspective, unless other deals are in the works, it makes no sense.

    Unless Dunn has made it known to management that he does not intend to remain a Red, I think trading him would hurt the team. We’d be downgraded from our 4th place contender status to something lower.

  2. Ellis

    At worst Walt can go to Dunn and tell him that we’re trading him now but plan on resigning him in the offseason. I’d love to see us ship Dunn and Weathers off to Tampa for a package involving Reid Brignac.

  3. doug

    If the Reds have no intentions of resigning Dunn after the season (and they know whether or not they do or not), then they better trade him if they plan on competing next year. The draft picks would be nice, but they aren’t going to help us in 2009 or 2010.

  4. Ellis

    Can we also please ship Homer Bailey to Texas for Jarrod Saltalawhatever? Then he can hunt more and can care less about pitching than he already does…

  5. Phill

    That’s the big thing with me. I want Dunn to be a Red. I want him resigned. If they aren’t going to resign him or they truly think he’s going to walk away then trade him now.

  6. Phill

    Ellis that is a completely unfair character assassination.

  7. doug

    Do you know Homer Bailey? I highly doubt you do. So lets just stop with the ‘I know what he does and doesn’t care about’ crap. The kid made a comment when he was 19 years old that he didn’t love baseball as much as he liked hunting and ever since then he has been ripped apart for it by fans. Get over it.

  8. Ellis

    As a matter of fact my friend interns as a physical trainer for the Bats and knows Homer very well, along with many of the other players. In fact we were all at Wick’s Pizza Pub in Louisville last Wednesday drinking beer together. Jay Bruce and Paul Janish were there among others (Bruce was HAMMERED). Well, most of what has been written about him having a bad attitude, etc. is true from what my friend says. I believe her and you can take that for what it’s worth.

  9. doug

    What does a bad attitude have to do with pitching good or bad? What does hunting have to do with it for that matter either? Milton Bradley has a bad attitude, but he has been the best hitter in the American League this year. Talent trumps attitude.

  10. Ellis

    Attitude has a ton to do with pitching good or bad, are you kidding me? If you have a bad attitude and don’t listen to advice, think you know everything, etc. then you’re not going to develop the way you should as a pitcher. The hunting thing is mostly a joke. And Milton Bradley and Manny Ramirez can have bad attitudes, they are established MLBers and not an evolving 21 year old pitcher.

  11. RagTag

    Well, if an intern says he has a bad attitude, then I agree: Trade Homer Bailey!!!

  12. Ellis

    I’m assuming that’s a sarcastic response, but considering she’s around him every day I’m going to trust her opinion.

  13. Sultan of Swaff

    IF you’re sure you’re gonna lose Dunn, and that’s a monumental if, then any trade scenario is simple. You just have to ensure that whatever you get will trump 2 #1 picks. The silver lining in this disaster scenario would be that the guys you receive today would be closer to the big leagues than the guys you won’t draft until next year and wait for them to pan out in another 3 years. There’s no way Jocketty wants to wait that long.

  14. GregD

    Is Jocketty calling people or waiting for team to call him? The Reds have the most FAs in the past several years, and if Griffey is the only one to move, then he has largely failed in his job at this year’s trade deadline.

  15. doug

    Well, if we want to throw around what people say, then Homer has a fine attitude this year. Last year it was reported as bad. This year it has been reported as fine.

    It still has nothing to do with pitching ability.

  16. Ellis

    I guess if we alienate Dunn enough that he won’t resign then we can always go after Pat Burrell…

  17. Ellis

    His ability no, his performance yes. If you don’t think attitude has anything to do with a pitcher’s performance or maturation then you must have never played baseball before or understand it.

  18. GregD

    From the enquirer today:

    Jerry Gil, the outfielder/infielder, is now a pitcher.

    The Reds converted him recently. He’s now pitching for the Gulf Coast Reds.

    “They say he’s throwing 93, 94 (mph),” Baker said.

    Gil’s name came up when Baker was talking about the slider. But Gil isn’t pitching because he has a good slider.

    He’s pitching because he couldn’t hit one,” Baker said.

  19. doug

    So when Homer gets P.O.’d all the time on the mound, its not because he wants to win and succeed, its because he doesn’t get to hunt sooner? The kid cares about how he does and its evident when you watch him pitch. When he is taken out, he is upset. When someone messes up something, he is upset. So lets get past the ‘he has an attitude and doesn’t want to get better/win’. Its just flat out incorrect.

  20. Chad

    That’s interesting news, GregD. I hadn’t seen that, but this weekend, RN Editor Chris W and I were sitting at a AA game and we were wondering why more teams don’t do that (convert failed hitters into pitchers).

    Montgomery brought in a guy to pitch who was listed in the program as a catcher; it was his second pitching outing of the year.

    We agreed that it made sense to try some of these failed hitters as pitchers. Most of them pitched in high school, anyway.

  21. Ellis

    You might be the most obtuse person I’ve ever encountered. Never in my argument have I said that he doesn’t WANT to get better and doesn’t WANT to win. Everyone wants to win and gets upset when they fail. You’re allowed to have an attitude problem and care about how you perform. And it’s not flat out incorrect. I have more information about this scenario than you do. You can ignore the writings of Hal McCoy and the opinions of people who are around him all you want, but you are the one who is incorrect. Sorry pal.

  22. RagTag

    Actually, and I think it’s been reported here at RN, too, but every single published report this year says that Homer’s attitude has been great. I know for a fact that his AAA pitching coach was quoted as saying that, and I’m pretty sure his manager said it, too.

    Of course, I prefer to take the word of an intern over Homer’s pitching coach.

  23. doug

    I have less information than you? Hmm, you talk to a trainer. I talk to scouts (both in the Reds system and out of the Reds system) and coaches as well as the writers for the teams in the minor leagues. So I am not so sure that I have less information than you. I have talked with other players about him as well. Last year, the kid had an attitude issue. This year, it hasn’t even been close. That is coming from his coaches, different scouts and some of his teammates.

    As for you never saying he didn’t want to get better or didn’t want to win… you didn’t say it exactly, but what were you trying to say when you dropped the Can we also please ship Homer Bailey to Texas for Jarrod Saltalawhatever? Then he can hunt more and can care less about pitching than he already does…?

    That sure suggest to me that you think he doesn’t care about baseball, pitching or winning.

  24. Ellis

    She said he was fine before he got called up for the first time but started being a jerk again when he came back.

    And google Homer Bailey and attitude and you’ll get stuff like this:
    Additionally, according to Hal McCoy, who has been covering the Reds for 36 years, he’s a jerk. I’ll take McCoy’s word any day over anyone in the Reds’ organization. Here’s what McCoy said:

    “Two of his teammates, both in the rotation, took him to task for a ‘big-league attitude’ this spring and one said, ‘What he needs is for somebody to take him water skiing, without the skis.’ Somebody brought up Steve Carlton. No, he didn’t communicate with the media, but he did with his teammates and his teammates loved him.”

  25. RagTag

    If I get time, I’ll search for more, but here is something published earlier this year from the Reds farm director who says that all these things Ellis is talking about are categorically “not true.”

  26. Dan

    Hey Doug, back to the Dunn situation…

    If the Reds do trade Dunn today, and don’t get an OF back, what do you think is the best OF the Reds could put out there tonight?

    And then same question for opening day 2009?

  27. doug

    Hal McCoy, the prince (to the king Marty Brennamen) of holding a grudge talking crap about a player? Yeah, his word, and understanding of baseball for that matter, mean absolutely nothing to me.

  28. Chad

    Oh, Dan, that’s a horrifying thought. Bruce, Patterson, Dickerson?

  29. Dan

    I guess I mean this weekend, not necessarily tonight. Who are the best OF’s who you think are ready now?

  30. Ellis

    I’ll take the word of Hal McCoy, thanks. And a scouts opinion of Homer’s attitude is meaningless. The only people who can legitimately comment on a person’s attitude are people who talk to them. I will take the word of someone who is around Homer all the time and also around his coaches, fellow players, etc. If someone doesn’t have an attitude problem then there aren’t going to be dozens of reports saying that he does. It’s as simple as that.

  31. doug

    I would imagine it would be Bruce, Dickerson and Patterson for the time being. Potentially Rob Mackowiak in for Patterson, but with Baker at the helm, I doubt it.

  32. Chad

    Bruce, Dickerson, and Patterson would be the worst outfield in the major leagues.

  33. Ellis

    Hairston is rehabbing in AAA. I’m sure he’d be in there.

  34. Ellis

    Reports are that it’s unlikely the Rays will make a trade today. That kills one of the Dunn suitors.

  35. doug

    I talk to players and coaches among other people. He HAD an attitude issue. He does not HAVE one now. Note the tense. That is where you see the ‘he has an attitude problem’ stuff coming from. The past.

    As for McCoy…. you feel free to take the word of a washed up writer living off his reputation. Cincinnati has the worst writers in America covering the Reds (McCoy included). We don’t have a single writer that knows the game of baseball in this market that writes for a paper except when John Erardi has specials in the paper every now and again and he gets help from others on that.

  36. Ellis

    I don’t know who you are that you think you can comment on the validity and integrity of sports writers. I would take their words above yours in a heartbeat.

  37. Dan

    And do you think Henry or Cumberland could be in the discussion for contributing major leaguers in 2009?

    I’ve never laid eyes on any of these guys, but I sure do like the numbers they’re putting up (esp. Henry, though admittedly that’s at AA, and I think he’s like 5’10” also)…

  38. Dan

    Or what about Frazier for 2009? Too early? (Thinking of the possibility of Frazier at 3B and EE in LF.)

  39. doug

    I don’t know why you think that they have some special ability to know things that we don’t. If a guy wants to tell me what happened in a game, then I bet they can do a fine job. Once they want to tell me their opinion on it, they are just stating that, their opinion. Reading John Fay/Hal McCoy’s opinions on this team is plenty enough for me to say they don’t understand baseball nearly as much as most of the people who leave comments here on RLN.

  40. per14

    No reason to trade Dunn. Frankly, and I don’t want to sound rude, but the people who foam at the mouth, demanding that Dunn be traded, seem simply irrational to me. The man is leading the NL in homers and walks. He’s on pace to hit nearly 50 HRs and have a .400 OBP. Sure, his RBI totals tend to be low, but that is in no way his fault. (Maybe if the Reds’ managers knew how to construct a lineup, then he’d drive in more runs.) Some say he is streaky. All baseball players are streaky. And you don’t hit 40 HRs everyear, and maybe 50 this year, by being an overly streaky hitter.

  41. Ellis

    Commenting on the intricacies of a baseball game is different than commenting on the behavior and attitude of a player. One is analyzing and the other is reporting. While they may incorrectly analyze a game, I’ll trust their ability to report something.

  42. doug

    I think Cumberland and or Henry might be able to help in 2009, but the guy I like more is Danny Dorn. He would need to platoon, because he can’t hit lefties, but the guy can absolutely kill right handed pitching. He is in AA right now with a .971 OPS against righties. I think its too early for Frazier talk though. He hasn’t even seen AA yet, so I would venture that he doesn’t have a legit shot next year to begin the season at least.

  43. John of Muncie

    Sometimes I think the people who are clamoring for Dunn to be traded are actually fans of other teams who could use Dunn.

  44. Jared

    Wow, this thread is getting ugly.

    I think Bailey could definately be traded in a deal where the Reds get more out of the deal. But the trade deadline is not going to be when it happens, it would more likely be in the off season. Buyers aren’t looking for prospects, and that’s still all Bailey is.

    Also, I’d hate to see Dunn go. Assuming all other aspects lead to a 50/50 chance of trading him, you also have to consider that he’s more the face of this team than anyone. Ask any (very) casual baseball fan to name a single player for the Reds and with Griffey and potentially Arroyo gone, 95% of them are going to say Dunn. Who is going to lead the team if he goes?

  45. doug

    per14, if the Reds aren’t going to sign him to an extension, then they likely would do themselves a favor by trading him in the next two hours. Getting something that can help you in 2009 and beyond is going to be far more valuable than having him the rest of 2008 and getting 2 first round draft picks in 2009 that won’t help until the earliest, 2010 mid season.

    They are humans. They hold grudges just like everyone else. Heck, some sports writers are down right vindictive of guys. I don’t doubt that Bailey HAD an attitude problem. I witnessed it first hand a few years ago. However from everything I hear NOW, its not much of an issue these days. That comes from the mouth of his coaches and from a scout, who I trust about ten thousand times more than I trust any sports writer to tell me about how good/bad of a guy a player is.

    Heck, just today I have heard stories about Griffey being the best/worst guy ever. Who is right? Who is wrong? We don’t have a clue. I have met Griffey before. Dude was as nice as could be to me and to all of the kids around (about 5 or 6 of them). He didn’t have to be. Some people say Griffey is a huge jerk. I have seen nothing of the sort from my experience. Point is, you only go off what limited stuff you see. I will take the word of the guys he needs to worry about having an attitude problem with (his coaches and players).

  46. Dan

    Oh, right, I had Frazier at AA in my head for some reason. My bad.

    Dorn – I’ll watch for him. Hadn’t been following him much.

    And what do you think for Stubbs? He’s at AA, right? Do you think 2010 is realistic for him? (I’ve never loved his hitting numbers — all those K’s and not even that much power — but I hear his glove is as good as it gets. We haven’t had that in CF for a long time — since Cameron maybe?)

  47. Chris

    I’m still trying to figure out how these two sentences came from the same paragraph, let alone the same guy:

    1. I’ll take the word of Hal McCoy, thanks.

    2. The only people who can legitimately comment on a person’s attitude are people who talk to them. I will take the word of someone who is around Homer all the time and also around his coaches, fellow players, etc.

  48. Dan

    Holy cow, you’re right about Dorn, Doug:

    2008 season
    Dorn (vs. RHP) – .291/.378/.593 (182 AB)
    Dorn (vs. LHP) – .175/.294/.368 (57 AB)

  49. Ellis

    Hal McCoy talks to Homer Bailey and repeated what other people had told him about Bailey. Clean enough for ya?

  50. doug

    I think Stubbs is in Cincinnati next June/July. His bat isn’t a special thing, but his glove is absolute top notch. He will hit enough for a centerfielder to be a good guy to have while he is cheap. Hopefully he can develop some more power with his body.

  51. Chris

    Anyone check to see how ChiSox fans are taking this trade? It’s essentially a free player, which you can’t complain about, but I have NO idea where Griffey is going to play. A corner, over Dye or Quentin? CF, over Swisher? 1b, over Konerko? DH, over Thome? PH, over his own ego? None of it makes a darn bit of sense.

  52. Chris

    Hal McCoy talks to Homer Bailey and repeated what other people had told him about Bailey. Clean enough for ya?

    Not really. You dismissed Doug’s conversations with scouts, yet value McCoy’s conversations with . . . “other people? And I thought we’d all agreed that what a player says to the media is irrelevant to whether he does, or doesn’t have an attitude problem. (i.e., being rude to Hal McCoy doesn’t mean anything).

  53. doug

    The thing is, we don’t know why Hal says Bailey has a bad attitude. Is it because Homer stiffed him for an interview? Is it because he got surly with him over a stupid question? We also don’t have a clue who told him about Bailey’s attitude problem. There are a whole lot of issues with someone saying ‘so and so has a bad attitude’. We don’t know whats behind them saying that.

  54. per14

    Well, yes, if they have no intention of resigning him, then I agree trading Dunn makes a lot of sense. I should have aimed my comment at those who simply supported getting rid of Dunn because he is Dunn.

  55. Ellis

    They said they’re moving Swisher to 1B, Konerko to the bench and Griffey to CF. I guess we’ll be seeing a season-ending injury here in a week or so…

  56. Chad

    Last report I heard said that Griffey was going to play CF in Chicago. I can’t imagine that’s true.

  57. Dan

    Wow, do you all realize what Dunn’s done this month?

    Dunn (July) – .310/.381/.762 (97 PA’s)

    That’s insane! Of course, is it just a hot month or the sign of an actual lasting improvement? Who knows…

  58. Chris

    White Sox pitchers are going to be in open revolt.

  59. Chad

    According to the link posted above, John Fay says he thinks Homer’s problem is that he isn’t media-friendly, not that he has a bad attitude.

  60. Chris

    Frankly, I don’t care if Homer has an attitude problem. But his performance on Saturday was the worst thing I’ve seen in a Reds uniform since Jimmy Anderson was in town.

    /ignoring Majewski/

  61. Dan

    Hmmm… one of the writers on mlb.com thinks the Reds may be interested in Nelson Cruz (outfielder in AAA for Texas). He’s been the Brandon Larson of outfielders so far (absolutely mashes at AAA but can’t do anything at the next level)… but you know? That is a fairly clever idea if you ask me.

    If Texas has tired of him, let’s bring him in and see what happens.

    If he gets a shot somewhere, I would not be surprised for Cruz to wind up being next year’s Carlos Quentin (who I really wanted the Reds to deal for in the offseason… but I digress…)

    Check out these insane numbers at AAA this year…

    Cruz (AAA) – .345/.436/.716 (359 AB)

    Also 37 HR! And 24 SB!


  62. Dan

    Sweet! 61st post.

    Do I get an asterisk?

  63. doug

    Chris, really though, how much was that just bad luck and bad defense. 15 hits and 14 were singles if I recall correctly. It was ugly, but they weren’t exactly stinging the ball. They were just finding spots where we weren’t (or where our fielders just suck).

  64. Brian

    MLB.com trade deadline rumors has the the Rangers have been having talks with the Reds about Nelson Cruz (and Laird)who is tearing it up at AAA but with so much depth in the Rangers outfield hasn’t been called up and could be moved for one of the Reds young Arms (i.e. Homer Bailey). didn’t mention names just that they are looking for pitching which we all know.

    With Cruz in the outfield it would give the Reds two young and good outfielders in Bruce and Cruz going into next year.

  65. per14

    Bailey did have one of the most unlucky games ever on Saturday. Almost all those hits were seeing-eye hits.

  66. doug

    Cruz…. not so sold on him. 28 years old and in the Coors field (of the 90’s) of AAA. I wouldn’t mind acquiring him, but I am not sure I would give up anyone of true value.

  67. Travis G.

    Actually, I can think of a third Rangers outfielder who’d fit the Reds well. The same mlb.com article mentions that Texas might want to move Marlon Byrd, who plays CF and bats RH, to open up a spot for Cruz.

  68. Brian

    Yeah, I don’t know much about Cruz just thought it was interesting.

    Chad – great picture and I think we all agree with that.

    Also, I’m surprised that so many people have given up on Bialy already. I mean just look at Volquez and all his ups and downs and then at 25 he gets it and has been amazing.

    However, I also think that the Reds if not today then in the offseason have the opportunity to make some moves because of all the young arms in the minors.

    As for Dunn, just RE-SIGN him inless you move him for an all-star caliber/potential player.

  69. Joseph

    but we know that wont happen 66
    and cruz sounds good
    lets scoop him up

  70. Chris

    Re #63: I was sitting behind home plate on Saturday (lower view), and Bailey looked AWFUL. His pitching philosphy was simple: Get behind in the count, and groove one. The play-by-play calls seven of the hits line drives. Add to that at least a few of the grounders were hard hit.

    Granted, Keppinger has the range of a Sequoia, but the rest of the defense played well – they saved him 3-4 runs.

  71. Chris

    Marlon Byrd? The guy who was a big-time Phillies prospect about 8 years ago?

    I was going to bitch about his league-average OPS, but then I looked at the Reds roster. We aren’t hitting a lick, outside of Dunn:

    Our cleanup man has a 102 OPS+
    Our 1b is at 104 (granted, he’s a rookie).
    Our 3b is at 116, which is okay.
    Our “good hit, no glove” SS is at 82.
    Our former #3 hitter is at 103.

    Dunn’s at 143, FWIW. Yet he (and Griffey) were the ones “holding this team back.” (While Kepp and BP get slobbered on by the radio guys).

  72. Chad

    “Get behind in the count, and groove one.”

    Wasn’t that the Dan O’Brien organizational pitching philosophy? 😉

  73. Brian

    Well its now being reported not confirmed that the Rays have gotten Jason Bay for two top prospects. So there goes the only real trade option for Dunn.

  74. Travis G.

    I’m not saying Byrd is worth giving up much, but he fills a couple of needs (plays competent CF, bats RH, provides league-average OPS) as a stopgap.

  75. per14

    So, what’s the lineup now? When Hairston gets back:

    Keppinger (I guess…eh)

    That is what is should be. This is what it will be:


  76. Chris

    He’s certainly better than the free agent alternatives, such as Patterson, Kotsay, or Edmonds.

  77. Dan

    I don’t think guys like Byrd are scarce. I don’t want to trade something to get what we already could probably get from our own minor league system.

    I’d give Dickerson a chance to be as good as Byrd, Kotsay, etc.

  78. Joseph

    well im happy to see dun say
    i am excited if nelson cruz comes with laird

  79. Ellis

    Bay to the Rays for Brignac and Niemann. Blah. I would have loved to have gotten that for Dunn. Also the DBacks, the only other known Dunn suitor, are not making any moves today according to Olney. Looks like Dunn is staying put. Hopefully this means an extension is in his future…

  80. GregD

    Bay isn’t a free agent until 2010. He makes less than $6 million this year and $7.5M next year.

  81. Ellis

    The trade still hasn’t been confirmed by ESPN or CNNSI yet. Weird…

  82. GregD

    From the ESPN trade day tracker (which has had pretty bad coverage, IMO. Most of the other sites have had the breaking news ahead of ESPN.

    Many baseball officials think the trade deadline is irrelevant in the talks between the Yankees and Mariners regarding Jarrod Washburn. Since Washburn is owed $10.35 million next season, most officials think he will easily pass through waivers after today’s 4 p.m. ET nonwaiver deadline.

    If you were the Reds would you file a waiver claim for Washburn?

  83. Dan

    Pirates made a smart smart move here though. They got 6 years of a starting SS and 6 years of a starting pitcher (who was a former top-5 draft pick) for 1.5 years of a good but not great outfielder.

    Dammit… we don’t need the Pirates to start getting smart now…

  84. Chris W.

    ESPN must be waiting for “underground” blogs to post it and steal it as their own exclusive. At least that is what a book I just read claims they do! 😀

  85. Ellis

    Heyman at SI.com reports that Manny is going to the Dodgers and Bay to the Red Sox in a 3 team deal that will also send 4 minor leaguers to the Pirates.

  86. Chris

    Prospectus is reporting that Griffey only approved the deal after being assured that he would be playing CF. Unreal.

    I had read that he was considering “non-monetary factors,” but assumed that was “is my wife cool with Chicago for the fall?”

  87. Matt B.

    Manny Ramirez’s stormy relationship with the Boston Red Sox appears to be over.

    A baseball source has confirmed Ramirez has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, ESPN.com has learned.

    Jason Bay is going to Boston as part of the deal, Jayson Stark reported. And the Pittsburgh Pirates get four minor leaguers as part of the three-way deal.

    Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris, Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen will go to Pittsburgh, ESPN.com has learned.

  88. Travis G.

    Pittsburgh’s minor league system got a hell of a lot better this week. If they ever sign Alvarez they’re in pretty good shape.

  89. mhopp

    You must keep Dunn’s bat, regardless of his fielding unless you get someone with almost as much bat and more fielding. He’s produced and scored more runs in the last 4-5 years for the Reds than anyone else, his attitude is good and he’s an everyday player who doesn’t complain. Even if his BA sucks, he still walks to get on base. With a great CF like Stubbs (who can steal) or another one with good range and Bruce in RF things will be fine in the OF. Votto can work on his defense. Continue to improve pitching with strikeout pitchers like Cueto, Volquez, Harrang, and Bailey or Thompson and defense becomes less of an issue. For God’s sake this team couldn’t hit this year how would they have done without Dunn’s bat?

  90. GregD

    I had read that he was considering “non-monetary factors,”
    I figured it was playing time, in general. Not necessarily which position. i.e. is there another trade, and if not, where will he play. Given the White Sox makeup, the only real option for him was CF.

    Quentin in LF
    Dye in RF
    I don’t think Thome can play the field any more, so DH is out, too.
    Their struggling positions are CF and 1B, and their current CFer can also play 1B.

  91. Y-City Jim

    I think Dunn is dropping major hints that he would like to do a deal to remain in Cincinnati. Jocketty needs to abandon the policy of not dealing during a season. Let’s get it done so he can then plan on how to address the greater needs of catcher, center field, and the bench.

  92. GregD

    So, 2 of those prospects the Pirates received were Red Sox prospects. Boston traded Manny Ramirez, 2 prospects, and probably some cash to get Jason Bay?

    Did they get anybody else?

  93. Ellis

    They only got Bay. It looks like a bad deal for the Sox on the surface, but you have to think that Bay can produce similar numbers (Bay: .282-22-64 Manny: .299-20-68) and he’s under contract for next year at only $7.5 million. Moss is blocked in Boston and Hansen is a bullpen arm at present.

  94. Matt B.

    Is Masset taking Griffey’s place on the active roster?

  95. Dan

    And they got rid of Manny, who I think they’re sick of.

    (OK, I didn’t have much to add… I just wanted to have comment #100.)

  96. Phill

    I am so happy that the Pirates have gotten rid of Jason Bay and Xavier Nady.

  97. doug

    Don’t be too glad Phil. Andy LaRoche is a freaking STUD.

  98. Matt Steele

    well LaRoche has the potential to be, so far he’s struggled a bit. Maybe it’ll help being near his brother and on a team that’s not built to win right now

  99. Chris

    He hasn’t struggled as much as he’s been screwed around with.

  100. World

    Keep Dunn. I watched Greg Luzinski play left field for the Phillies for many years and he was just about like Dunn except that the fans loved him and put up with the things he could not do. He caught most balls, had a below average arm, and lumbered around pretty much. But he could hack at the plate! I think the big difference is that Luzinski hit for a higher average while Dunn is a prototype #5 hitter with good power and a good many holes in his swing. But no matter. Year after year, he provides the power that can win you some games. You need a guy like this in your lineup. Trade him away and you’ll soon find out.