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Adam Dunn/Trade Deadline Open Thread

Okay, so Ken Griffey, Jr., has been dealt to the White Sox. There is speculation about David Weathers being traded, and the Rockies still appear to be interested in Josh Fogg (then what’s the hold up? Trade him!).

More speculation centers on Adam Dunn; evidently, the Rays and Diamondbacks are interested. Will he be traded?

FYI: Adam Dunn’s 2008 statistics: 32 homers, 74 RBI, .385 OBP, .567 SLG, for an OPS of 952. He’s leading the majors in homers, and Dunn is on a pace for 48 homers and 112 RBI.

As Mike noted over on the Reds Listserv, this is the 5th consecutive season that Dunn has hit thirty or more homeruns. The only other Red to accomplish this is Frank Robinson, who did it from 1958-62.

Plus, Dunn has more home runs (196) and walks (511) since 2004 than anyone in baseball.

Will Dunn be traded? Discuss that, and any other rumors you have, right here.

UPDATE: From Jon Heyman at SI:

The Rays’ superb play has surprised them a bit, so they didn’t expect to be buyers at the trade deadline. They hoped to contend by 2009 or perhaps ’10. The Rays appear to be adjusting to their new role as trade-deadline buyers, but with Jason Bay possibly going to Boston in the Manny Ramirez deal, it appears that Adam Dunn may be their best shot. It is believed the Reds are seeking some of the Rays’ vaunted young pitching, including Jeff Niemann and Jeremy Hellickson. Tampa has refused to include big shortstop prospect Reid Brignac in the Bay deal. So presumably he’d be off-limits as well for Dunn, who’s lefthanded and doesn’t fit Tampa quite as well.

107 thoughts on “Adam Dunn/Trade Deadline Open Thread

  1. And they got rid of Manny, who I think they’re sick of.

    (OK, I didn’t have much to add… I just wanted to have comment #100.)

  2. well LaRoche has the potential to be, so far he’s struggled a bit. Maybe it’ll help being near his brother and on a team that’s not built to win right now

  3. Keep Dunn. I watched Greg Luzinski play left field for the Phillies for many years and he was just about like Dunn except that the fans loved him and put up with the things he could not do. He caught most balls, had a below average arm, and lumbered around pretty much. But he could hack at the plate! I think the big difference is that Luzinski hit for a higher average while Dunn is a prototype #5 hitter with good power and a good many holes in his swing. But no matter. Year after year, he provides the power that can win you some games. You need a guy like this in your lineup. Trade him away and you’ll soon find out.

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