For what it’s worth, the owner showed up in Houston last night. Bob Castellini says it was just an innocent visit, but one has to wonder (as I did in last night’s game thread):

hen the owner shows up 48 hours before the trade deadline and meets behind closed doors for an hour with the general manager and field manager, you might take it as a sign of a shake-up.

But Reds CEO Bob Castellini said he was in Houston to lend encouragement in some rough times for his club.

“I was in Colorado,” he said. “It was a good opportunity to swing by, give everybody moral support. This is the time of year you can lose confidence. That shouldn’t happen with a team of this caliber.

“That Rockies series was rocky. It was the worst series that we’ve had since we’ve owned the team. These fellows are better than that and so are the managers and coaches behind them. We’re all better than that.”

The Rockies series was rocky. Heh.

Castellini showed up Tuesday. He met with GM Walt Jocketty, manager Dusty Baker and Jocketty’s two top assistants, Bob Miller and Jerry Walker, for about an hour in the visiting manager’s office.

“It’s discouraging and frustrating,” Castellini said. “We’ve got talent on this team, and we don’t want anyone to lose their confidence. We’ll take it one day at a time.”

Here’s my prediction: the Reds will be involved in no major trades before the non-waiver trading deadline. Maybe David Weathers will get dealt (dare to dream), maybe Jeremy Affeldt, but nothing significant is going to happen.

At the end of the year, the Reds are going to let Adam Dunn walk. Next year, the Reds will have an outfield of Jay Bruce, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and Ryan Freel/Norris Hopper. The mouth-breathers that call in to the radio shows on WLW will be ecstatic because of all the hustle in the outfield. Meanwhile, the Reds will lose 95 games.

Just my prediction.

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  1. daedalus

    The mouthbreathers! Ha ha! Love it!

    I don’t think they’ll let Dunn go. I think Castellini is in love with him.

    I wish to god they’d be able to get rid of Griffey now. He’s poison to a young team.

    I find the rumors about the Reds talking to the Rangers about a catcher interesting. I’d love to have Saltamachoweveryouspellhisname. More likely we’d get Laird who will return to his career Ross like numbers. What’s the point?

  2. Phill

    Someone needs to remind Castellini that this team has yet to show it’s capable of winning. This team is a bottom half of the division caliber team.

  3. Phill

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Reds get Saltamalachia although is he playing catcher for them anymore? I thought they sort of abandoned that to make him a first basemen.

  4. per14

    I think Dunn will be back as well, for better or worse. At this point, I’m almost hoping the Reds continue to struggle because maybe then the front office will realize that Dusty needs to go. I don’t blame entirely or even mostly for the wasted season, but he needs to go.

  5. per14

    Picking up Salty would be a great move in my opinion. He’s 23. He’s a switch-hitter who hits righties much better than lefties. So, if the Reds keep Ross (I still like Rose), they could use Ross against tough lefties. (Ross makes 2 million + which is a lot for a quasi-back-up catcher, but Salty makes peanuts.) I’d trade Arroyo, Affeldt, Weathers, and any combination of the three for him, unless a better offer can be found, of course.

  6. GregD

    Salty has appeared in 47 games for the Rangers and caught 44 of them.

    Dunn hit 3rd for only the 3rd time this season. I’d love to see him there for a full year. Hopefully next year.

  7. Brian

    I don’t think Hairston is going to be a starter next year. I think Dunn gets resigned and Bruce moves to RF and then Freel gets moved in the offseason.

    I also think that the Reds will make a move for a CF in free-agency. I haven’t really looked to see who is going to be available but I really think the Reds will look for a more typical leadoff hitter in that position than they have on the team right now.

  8. AnnapolisRed

    From the Newark Star-Ledger

    Should New York Mets pursuit of an outfielder be a Dunn deal?
    by Dan Graziano/The Star-Ledger
    Tuesday July 29, 2008, 8:15 PM
    Dave Einsel/Associated PressThe Cincinnati Reds’ Adam Dunn watches his grand slam in the third inning Monday against the Houston Astros in Houston.


    ADAM DUNN, Cincinnati OF
    Dunn is the man without a rumor. The Reds would deal him, but none of the teams out there looking for outfield help seem to be interested, and it’s one of the more confounding aspects of this year’s deadline.

    Dunn is 28 years old. He’s on track for a fifth straight 40-homer season. His on-base percentage is .386, which would be the highest on the Angels, White Sox, Tigers, Brewers, Marlins and Rays and the second-highest on the Mets.

    Negatives include his astronomical strikeout totals and the perception (articulated last month publicly and somewhat embarrassingly by Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi) that Dunn is a soft, unmotivated player who doesn’t come through in the clutch.

    But nobody’s perfect, and there are a lot of players drawing interest on the market who don’t put up 40 home runs and a .380 on-base percentage every year. Why can’t Dunn get a look? Wouldn’t he look pretty nice in left field at Shea? 

  9. AnnapolisRed

    I can’t imagine that Fogg does not get dealth. From Ken Rosenthal on Fox Sports:

    Around the horn

    The Rockies, searching for a starting pitcher, remain interested in re-acquiring right-hander Josh Fogg, who left the team for the Reds last off-season as a free agent. Fogg shares a unique bond with the Rockies’ players, drawing confidence from their confidence in him.

  10. Travis G.

    According to Tim Dierkes, this is the CF free agent market as of July 22:

    Rocco Baldelli (27)
    Mike Cameron (36) – $10MM club option for ’09 with a $750K buyout
    Jim Edmonds (39)
    Mark Kotsay (33)
    Corey Patterson (29)

    Pretty underwhelming, eh? Cameron is by far the best option (and a pretty good one, at that), but that’s assuming the Brewers buy out his option.

    As for Dunn, the bet here is that the Reds offer him arbitration (which is necessary to pick up compensatory picks), let him play another year at around $14 million and let him walk just as he turns 30. And that’d be the smart thing to do, really.

  11. Chad

    I’m certainly not suggesting anything, but I thought it was interesting…but fellow RN Editor Chris W and I saw Rocco Baldelli playing in AA this weekend. On the day I was there, Baldelli absolutely CRUSHED the ball every single time he came up.

    I don’t want to see him on the Reds, but if he were with Chattanooga, he’d be killing the ball.

  12. Relient k car

    I like baldelli
    and hairston will come back t earth next year or probably this year.
    and dunn needs to stay
    and some writer predicted Todd Frazier to be an option for the outfield next year

  13. Ike

    I think Dunn comes back, as well…Just too much production to let walk. And remember: the REDS must offer/ask for Arbitration, Dunn decline & sign w/ another team… to get the draft picks(IINM).

    I could see CF being manned by Freel, Stubbs or Dickerson(either of the last 2 being a better option than what we’ve seen from DustyBaker’son) w/ Dunn back in LF & Bruce in RF….Freel is still a ?, so anythings possible(he may be traded/DFA/who knows. Hairston(UTL OF/INF in 2009) has to be resigned, if he returns from injury & keeps producing. But if he falls back to earth..and his career avg…I wouldn’t useless it was TEAM freindly & #/options. He competes everyday & is a good clubhouse guy. He gives the REDS versatilty(as do Freel & Kepp).

    W/ a OF consisting of Bruce, Freel, Dunn, Dickerson & Stubbs…You get plenty of options w/o losing too much production(assuming Bruce makes some strides in his approach at the plate, the second time thru).

  14. John of Muncie

    Something tells me that the same quick-draw owner who fired Wayne Krivsky after about 20 games did not just fly to Houston to give them a pep talk.

    I think he went in steaming and Jocketty talked him down off the ceiling, which is what Jocketty does best. Not, you know, making roster moves.

  15. Travis G.

    But the problem is, what roster moves do you make? I mean, realistic ones?

    Griffey has no trade value, and the offers for Dunn have been less than the Reds (and many observers) believe he’s worth. Freel’s hurt and not all that valuable, and the same goes for Hairston, Hopper and Gonzalez. If they trade Weathers and Affeldt, who’s going to pitch those innings? It doesn’t make sense to rush decent prospects (e.g., Roenicke and Herrera) before they’re ready, and especially not if the ML relievers don’t net much of a trade return.

  16. Chris W

    I think Baldelli was 2-3 or 1-3 in the game with a homer. His outs were extremely hard hit balls. Of course this was Double-A pitching he was facing.

    I enjoy watching guys come back down, either on rehab, or to try and get back in a groove. You can tell that these guys are way better than the players around them.

    I saw Ankiel pitch after his debacle against the Braves. He was in the Rookie Appalachian League. You could tell he was a big leaguer, pitching against guys were just a small step above High School. You could see the same from Rocco in that game last Saturday.

  17. K-Patt

    I think I’m getting cut soon. Unless the Reds can trade me for some pinetar.

  18. K-Patt

    Anyone want to know how bad I really am?

    My 2008 OBP is lower than anyone else’s single-season average in the NL with 200-plus at-bats since 2003.

    I’m also proud to boast the second-lowest single-season batting average in the NL this season in the last six seasons.

    Here’s where I rank:

    (Worst single-season NL avgs. since 2003 — 208+ at-bats)

    2004 Borchard 0.174
    2008 Me 0.183
    2006 Bellhorn 0.190

  19. BC

    yeah, you are so bad you dont even know that your first name starts with a C, not a K

  20. Phill

    Corey Patterson is bad…we get it.We ALL get it.

  21. John of Muncie

    Travis: I’m not necessarily talking trades here. Guys like Coffey and Patterson, for example, have no value to other teams, so the Reds don’t need to value them either by wasting a roster spot. The Reds seem to have an awful lot of players that no one else wants. That should signal a need for some changes.

    Roenicke’s numbers have been good. While I’m not convinced he’s ready, he’s done well at AA and AAA so far. If you unload Weathers, barring obtaining a reliever in return, Roenicke seems like a logical choice to see what he can do. No one worried about whether Jared Burton was ready, and Roenicke seems to have a similar makeup.

    Why not just release Patterson? Surely Chris Dickerson can hit above the Mendoza line and bat leadoff. Take a look at Dickerson’s numbers. They’re not bad at all.

    The season is lost, so they might as well start dumping the deadwood they can and get a look at a few AAA guys to see what’s there, if anything.

  22. Chris

    “These fellows are better than that.”

    Castellini’s quote is delightfully old-timey.

  23. Jay Bruce for President

    Castellini better tell walt to do something before we all charge his office with pitch forks and angry gangsters

  24. Graham

    Griffey going to the White Sox would be a good thing for the Reds though I love the guy and hate to see him go. Still I think he should have returned to Seattle to round out his career there. This will help the Reds for the medium term and may give them the momentum to break out of the bottom half of the division where they have been cemented for some time. It would be foolish to get rid of Dunn in the prime of his career with his production numbers. Better to keep him for a few more and trade when he is on the decline and the Reds are on the way up. He’ll probably play even better on a better team and you’ll get more for him in a trade then. Guys like Patterson and others are liabilities and nobody wants them. It is much better to release them and free up space on the roster for someone who might deliver rather than keep them on. This is Dusty Baker’s and general management’s fault and if I were in their shoes I would tyry to turn around the situation quickly or they too may face a “release” situation of their own.