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Game Thread: No, Really, Are We Ever Gonna Win Again?

Five straight losses, the Reds are in last place again, on their way to yet another losing season, and Jack Armstrong is on the mound tonight. What are those reasons to stay optimistic, Mr. Castellini?

Discuss the game here if you can bear to watch it tonight.

(And, no, I don’t think Edinson Volquez is going to flop a la Jack Armstrong. I think he’s going to be a great pitcher for the Reds for many years. I’m just sick of Marty mentioning Armstrong’s name every time Volquez makes a bad pitch, so I’m beating him to the punch tonight.)

35 thoughts on “Game Thread: No, Really, Are We Ever Gonna Win Again?

  1. lol
    Volquez is young
    he can make mistakes.
    think of all the mistakes arroyo makes yet he is always forgiven

  2. does anyone else think that burton could possibly be our closer one day?
    he has strikeout stuff.
    i believe he has more k’s than coco

  3. 94 MPH fastball for Edinson on the first pitch…

    and on the second…

    and on the third…

    then a 95 MPH fastball on the fourth is dumped into left field for a leadoff single.

  4. Taking a suggestion from Y-City last night, gave lineup nicknames a shot:

    The Cincinnati Blues

    Jay “The Bossed-Around Blues” Bruce, CF
    Jeff “Makin’ What I Can Of It” Keppinger, SS
    Ken “Death Letter” Griffey Jr., RF
    Brandon “Prairie Fire” Phillips, 2B
    Adam “So Lonesome I Could Die” Dunn, LF
    Edwin “Steel Gloved Man” Encarnacion, 3B
    Joey “I Can’t Quit You” Votto, 1B
    Paul “Meat ‘N’ Potatoes Rag” Bako, C
    Edinson “Shine A Little Light On Me” Volquez, P

  5. Man, has Dunn been hot. He’s on pace for 46 HR, which would tie a personal best.

  6. Rick Sutcliffe on ESPN just said that Lincecum and Volquez should both be shut down by their managers because their respective teams aren’t going anywhere.

  7. Isnt that the 3rd or 4th back to back for Dunn/EE this year… they have to be leading the league in that category.

  8. by my count and using baseball-reference’s play index, I count that being the 3rd time this year that Dunn and EE have gone back to back. I don’t think there’s any easy way for me to see if that’s leading the league or anything

  9. Good grief, Keppinger is going to blow this game single-handedly. It’s now 8-5,and the tying run (named Lance Berkman) is on deck. And it’s just the seventh.

    Blew an 8-1 lead.

  10. Chad Tracy? What in the world would the Reds do with him? He is another lefthanded bat, which isn’t needed and last played the outfield for 51 games in 2005.

    These trade deadline rumors are ridiculous. I’ll be glad when it passes so we can get back to the acutal game on the field.

  11. Depending on the status of Tracy’s contract that might be something doable. Move Votto to LF, Tracy at 1B. If the Reds aren’t going to sign Dunn, and it doesn’t look like they are they need to start looking for solutions next year. Tracy isn’t going to replace Dunn, but he could be a part of replacing it and next year. Its going to help next year more than 2 draft picks would.

  12. Glad we stopped the losing streak, but I’ve seen enough of Keppinger at SS. No range and now this.

  13. im gonna have to edit your nick name for griff

    it is
    Ken Wiffey JR
    the rest are great!

  14. This rumor better be bogus
    Tracy is worse than Eddy at fielding
    except he cant even make magnificent plays.
    it had better involve some pitcher of high quality.
    but how can we replace dunn
    he has been driving in all our runs.
    reds are so dumb

  15. Tampa Bay and the Reds are talking about a Dunn deal since they likely won’t get Bay, according to ESPN.

  16. Good grief, can’t week keep Dunn and rid ourselves of Griffey? They better get a great return because despite his fielding that incredible offense is alomost irreplaceable

  17. 😯
    I said it once and I’ll say it agian, we need Pete Rose back and now.

  18. If Dunn goes to the Dbacks for Chad Tracy then I will have no hope for this team next year.

    I hope we do not move Dunn at all because we will not replace his production from anyone next year, but if we do have to trade him and he goes to Tampa Bay, we had better get some of their outstanding pitching prospects in return. (I know we can’t get the cream of the crop but they have a lot, we have to get someone)

    still if we get rid of Dunn, it’s going to be a mistake

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