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Game Thread: Reds at Astronomicals — 2008.07.28

July is almost over, but there are still two months remaining in this interminable season.

More interestingly, the non-waiver trade deadline is looming, and the Reds haven’t been very active…yet. Anyone think anything is going to happen involving Cincinnati?

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37 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Astronomicals — 2008.07.28

  1. I really don’t see anything happening. You never know but it just seems like trades in general are kind of low this year. Only real talk(in MLB) is with Jarrod Washburn and Manny Ramirez and that’s about it. Don’t hear about anything else lately.

  2. Why would the reds do anything except “the same thing”? This team having a manager putting a sub .200 hitter two months into the season at lead off because that was the original plan. Of course I fully expect them to do absolutely nothing I cringe at the Astros as they seem to slaughter reds pitching. 😡

  3. Hey, remember back when Cueto made his major-league debut, and he was just untouchable, and it looked like the Reds suddenly had an immensely strong starting rotation?

    That was pretty great, huh?

  4. K-ueto! (as I call him lol) will be fine. He’s a rookie and he’s had some really good starts and really bad ones. I’m confident in his future. That said, he hasn’t looked too good tonight.

    And if you didn’t hear the news, ESPN is reporting that Arroyo will NOT be traded

  5. Trivia from Wikipedia – “1,500 J.T.M. ads aired during the 2006 Reds season”

  6. Griffey looks exhausted after running to first…Marty B could run better than him.

  7. Junior is still exhausted from the triple the other day. He is also exhausted from telling Brantley to go screw himself.

  8. Extra Extra BRANDON PHILLIPS TAKES A WALK!!!…Roy O. is not doing well and is being watched for pitch counts

  9. Get rid of him please, he can’t ever come through with runners in scoring position with 2 outs.

  10. Dunn did that so Junior could walk around the bases, which is only two seconds slower than Junior running around the bases.

  11. Jack–you just ate your words…and I love it! 😯 😆 😉 😛 😎 😀 🙂

  12. I cringe on routine plays hit to EE but then he’ll dazzle you on tough ones…kind of goes along with the team’s record vs. .500+ and .500 – teams. Go figure? 🙄

  13. Edwin will be fine. People need to quit overreacting to every error he makes. If this club wasn’t so lousy most of his errors would be meaningless.

  14. True, but as a team the Reds do nothing great except strike out batters…everything else they are below average as a team. I’ve said it for the last decade it seems…”maybe next year”

  15. Did George Grande have some special purpose for going to the Hall of Fame ceremonies or did he just go to annoy the crap out of people there? It would be interesting to go to a gathering where he was working the room to hear people saying stuff like. “Don’t look now but there George Grande. Try to avoid making eye contact or he’ll come over here.”

  16. “I’ve got a special purpose, I’ve got a special purpose”. That statement reminded me of the move The Jerk with Steve Martin…what a classic.

  17. I was thinking Dusty Baker could be his father…”Son, there’s something I want to tell you…that is SSSS and this is shinola”

  18. For some reason, Grande has been hosting the HOF ceremonies for years. Wish it were a full-time job.

  19. There must be a side to George Grande that we don’t see during baseball broadcasts.

  20. #16 I was kidding. I will be so close to giving up on the Reds if they don’t resign Dunn. Or at least do something special with the money they would have used to resign him.

  21. thats what mr black magic man looked like when he pitched with them.

    and george grande kills me
    he calls jockety, Jockerty

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